Winter in Anchorage

Now, when it's hot, smoky and ashy, it's time to recall the best winter of my life.
In response to our enthusiasm, "Hurray, at last winter, snow and frost," some Alaskans longtime shook their heads, saying, you live here for more than three years, and then in another sing a different tune - short days, long nights, leaving on rabotut dawn and come home in a dark, bad roads, bored with the snow, which need to constantly clear, frost, bills for gas and electricity, opostyly house where you spend most of the time ... No, better summer.
But winter came, and we saw that is not so pessimistic. Many residents of Anchorage as if did not even notice the difference in temperature, it is continuing to lead an active lifestyle. Back in October, when everything is frozen, but the snow has not really dropped, people put on skates and moved to nearby bodies of water. Marshes with natural ice tracks between islands of grass and reeds are especially popular.

As anyone, and we delight in the snow. Still, twenty years have not seen this, snowy, frosty winter.

Already at this stage, I tell myself, even if no more snow falls, I'll still be happy. Snow will fall above the columns.

And it is far from the end of winter.

The road to work. I was lucky that the work begins after ten, would otherwise have to travel to the dark and skip all this.

One can argue which states the most beautiful, but the Alaska winter just in the first three.

Unformatted concrete house in our neighborhood. In the states, as a rule, all the homes of wood.

Cemetery in the city center.

Serge, apparently, was a military physician.

Anchorage kolhoznenky center, but in the winter it is itself distinctive.

Bar-witty profound called "Darwin's theory."

The neat, even in summer recesses of the city clean and tidy.

Snowplows for city sidewalks.

In the parking lot is best cope compact "trachki".

Only a small part of the "water-air" was on skis, the others are waiting for spring.

The secret of the beauty of winter in Anchorage: high humidity + frost + = calm thick layer of frost. This, by the way, Alaska does not occur everywhere.

The entire city has been turned into a white fairy tale.

In our area of ​​the park "Russian Jack" is a bicycle-ski track, lights on until ten at night. Two ski runs, a classic, which paves a special machine, and free-style, full-width of the road.

Rime three centimeters from a lamppost.

Dangerous at any time of the year - fall under the machines and sometimes attack humans - moose winter aggravate the situation that come for food in urban areas.

In the old private area somewhere else preserved original buildings and colors "Crazy Sixties."

Here Pushkin and Yesenin in the same yard.

Classic in every way.

Children's Library.

Now there are lessons in schools and kindergartens, so deserted parks. But the weekend here, in spite of the snow and frost, will be crowds of kids.

Hockey and ski sports are included in the school curriculum.

Unimaginable in my childhood gorgeous expanse: the real marketplace with light for everyone to play at any time of the year.

As has been said, Alaskans are not afraid of winter, on the contrary, enjoy it to the fullest.

I enjoy the winter and all the winter-adapted tailed brethren.

Almost every park in the winter, bring the barrel-stove and firewood.

Who wants to get high more serious going on a ski resort in Gertvud.

Here, serious and routes, and types.

Moreover, the route is not only mining, but also for running.

And if that was not enough, you can test yourself in winter mountaineering.

And to finish the winter paragliding. Once again, the Alaskans do not get bored in the winter.

And here I am on winter Alaska slowly I begin to get bored.