San Francisco in blue tones and other pleasures ...

Hey there. I then something had stayed in hiding. We must go. Single I continue to write about our trip to the beetle along the Pacific Ocean from the Mexican border to Canada. In this article, I'll tell you about San Francisco. A little unusual to remember travel impressions of the city, when it is already live in almost 3 months. But I'll try ... Until this visit I was in SF for 2 times as a tourist (not counting a few races "just-so", when we lived in the Valley). And every time new experiences. I'll try to write as a separate post about life in San Francisco. This time we decided to look at tourism, but controversial areas of SF. There are several of these, but the leaders, of course - Castro - famous gay district and Haight and Ashbury - the birthplace of the hippie movement.

Perhaps I'll start with the boys :) most gusto is precisely on Castro Street. Literally 1-2 quarters. There are shops with "special equipment", cafes, cinemas with a specific repertoire.

In fact, I do not understand the persecution of homosexuals in other countries. America is very cool to know how to identify your true nature. Show you how tolerant you are or not, you're a racist in the shower or everything is OK, how are you ... Even notorious not all of America, and specifically San Francisco.

Not to say about everything else, but I was not homophobic. Damn, well, it's so cool! Watch as the guys go by the handle. Moreover, there are those who are well read orientation, and there are those on which you could not tell. There are certainly shocking and personality. Without it anywhere. And funny, when Starbucks barista you cute smile and you know that a smile is not on duty, and very with overtones :) Anyway, for those who will be in SF and has no prejudices about homosexuality - must watch! Good mood guaranteed. And before that, I strongly advise to see the movie "Milk".

Here, on the area where it is very fond of sunbathing "boys" - sunbathing in a literal sense and without bikini, ie naked, originates tourist tram line. In the City of two. One goes to the cable tram, he is better known, and is a symbol of San Francisco. It's very, very tourist. On it was a great place and he goes elsewhere.

The same is less known, but also very interesting. Along this line, the old trams run from around the world. Can you imagine that? Buy trams from around the world, to restore them and run to the line of urban transport? That is, this tram is part of the overall system gortransporta and it is subject to fees and transfers to buses and the metro. The route runs along the main street of Market Street. Street, by the way, very wonderful, I really want to somehow take the picture. She cuts the downtown into two equal halves and abuts the bay and the clock tower. From Twin Peaks, where we live now, it looks amazing!

Well! Move on to the hippies. Unlike Castro, the area seemed a "museum". If Castro - really living area, there is a hippie can be found rarely. And they have more like a parody of the ancestors.

All my impression of the district and the heritage of the former hippie, I would express one here this photo ...

Here you can find more creative and just do not understand the poor people, which is difficult to attribute to someone in particular. Or did not hang down to the end of hippies and hitchhikers, whether well-preserved tramp ...

Although the "straight" photography here expanse. A lot of interesting characters. As a matter of fact, and in the whole city.

A steel in many souvenir shops thematic. Bob Marley, sign pacifists and other attributes are present everywhere.

Mark on the famous Lombard Street and take a walk around the neighborhood, we have moved towards the bridge «Golden Gate».

Since this day was celebrated event - 75 years! This is not huhry-muhry!

All the celebration was expressed in widespread festivities and various exhibitions. True, most of us were late and found the only piece of the exhibition of unusual vehicles in the face of one car. And it was only because he could not go because of a dead battery.

Once again I was surprised the Americans. Probably be so relaxed and calm, we will never be ...

In the evening was the main action - fireworks !!! There is no need of words. Just picture.

And the next day we took off the car at the famous for the American automotive advertising spot - near the bridge «Golden Gate» and drove further north ...