Grand Canyon National Park

The biggest hole in the ground and the most famous park in the US. At the Grand Canyon, I was the third time, but the place attracts the fire, the canyon can be admired forever. In the fall I'm going to finally go on the north side. 1. The scheme of movement in the park. On the left side (to Yaki Point), we used the shuttle to go there by car impossible.

2. Just a couple of photos from Las Vegas made the previous evening.

3. We stayed in the hotel Bellagio. Like any other hotel in Las Vegas, she was terribly hectic, wild crowds of people in the hall, rushes back and forth. A huge area for registration queue. Suddenly free Valet parking and internet. The building has a huge number of restaurants, unrepresentative Cirque du Soleil and of course, endless casinos. We play some machines, roulette, drank khalyavnykh drinks. Nothing is won at this time.

4. For dinner we went to a restaurant Picasso (at one time he had two Michelin stars). The restaurant has a terrace with excellent views of the dancing fountains. On the walls hung with original paintings from a private collection.

5. In the morning we went to the Grand Canyon, the road passes through the famous Hoover Dam. Remember the recent film "San Andreas Fault"? Yes, it all started here. When we were here last time, construction of the bridge was in full swing. The dam was the hottest point of the journey, the car go was physically hard. Before the dam was a through passage, the movement now takes place just across the bridge. On the bridge you can walk up on the observation deck.

6. Through the middle of the dam the border states of Arizona and Nevada. On the left and right sides of the dam are small tower with a clock indicating the time in the appropriate state. Summer time in these two states is the same.

7. From the dam to the park to ride 400 kilometers (about 3.5 hours). On the night we stayed at the Lodge in the park, Kachina Lodge. It is very convenient, the evening will not have to hurry. Actually settlement called Grand Canyon Village is quite busy, there are many hotels, restaurants, shops. For lack of time, the last time we are in the village at all out of town, so I went and was surprised when it all "ponastroit" time - it turned out that already fifty years as a ... Windows overlook the lodge right on the edge of the canyon and the pedestrian trail along the edge.

8. Part of the park around the village is closed for the passage of cars, but in the territory go free shuttles (three routes). In the evening after arrival we went for a walk along the trail Rim Trail. Throughout the 13 kilometers of trails, we also went to the length of Hopi Point, where he met the sunset. Shuttles run for some time after sunset.

9. Trail Bright Angel Trail leads deep down the canyon to the Colorado River. The length of the trail 16 km, height difference 1.3 kilometers. Such an approach is that only in the plans, to go down the path of a single entertainment.

10. The park is pretty cool, even in mid-July. Very nice contrast to the baked Las Vegas.





15. Meet the sunset at Hopi Point.


17. lucky to see half a rainbow sky. Sometimes it was even visible to the second parallel rainbow.

18. Uncle fun with a tripod - two of the three legs he set exactly-exactly on the edge of the stone. One movement - and the whole structure will fly down. In general, the whole trip we watched various eccentrics, who took pictures (and especially self, including the group) in the different life-threatening postures.





22. Go to catch the shuttle back to the village. Walking back is not desirable.

23. In the morning we rode the shuttle on the yellow line between the points of Yavapai Point, Mather Point and Yaki Point.





28. It is extremely rare photo with me.

29. What do you know about loneliness?

30. Proteins are my favorite. This one I photographed at the wide-angle lens. Practically shoved a camera in the face, and she could not care less.

31. I noticed that animals, too, is not alien to the sense of beauty. We have long watched this squirrel that was sitting on the edge of the cliff and apparently stuck in the landscape (since anything useful at this point it was not involved).

32. But this protein hardworking, equips its hollow (or where she lives there):

33. The remaining points on the route can and should be inspected by car, driving on the road Desert View. Stop Moran Point:


35. The last stop, Desert veiw. From this point the river is clearly visible. Just behind the observation deck is leaving the park.

36. On the lookout mounted a memorial plaque telling about a plane crash in 1956. In the sky above the canyon we encountered two civilian passenger aircraft, killing 128 people (the largest catastrophe in the history of aviation at the time). One reason for the clashes was that the pilots had more freedom of control of the aircraft at flight level and they often commit unnecessary maneuvers in order to show the passengers the beauty of the canyon. After a disaster, the regulation of civil aviation in the United States were significantly tightened.