Fresno - City of homeless people in California

Today visited the homeless in the city, where he found about a thousand California homeless, living in an impressive poverty, crime and destruction.

According to official statistics, the city ranks first in the concentration of the poorest people in the country.

If you drive from Los Angeles on 99-ke north of Bakersfield is located immediately after the town of Fresno has a population of 450 thousand. According to the Brookings Research Institute, poor concentration, this town ranks first in the United States.

Overview experts reported that 43.5% of the population of this region live below the poverty line. American-style which means that family income does not exceed 20 thousand dollars a year. But believe me, these people earn even less, although many of them manage to spend $ 50-100 per day for drugs and alcohol.

Here it is, the American dream - to live on the street and be the owner of a pack of purebred dogs!

According to the calculations of the above analytical center, in their poverty, the people of this city surpassed even the Negro areas of New Orleans.

Most California rogue live on the street, putting a homemade canopy or tent right on tratuar.

Many of these homeless city officials provide budget accommodation, medicines and essential commodities. Only for the year the city's budget is getting poorer by $ 19 million. Because of the costs for the resettlement of poor Americans.

Virtually all of the homeless carefully dodge the camera, afraid to get into the lens.

Royal Express, да ..

Drug addiction, prostitution and crime are continuous in the order of things.

A guy knocked me on the spot of his erudition: know who Putin!

Recently, Men's Health magazine has announced that Fresno - the drinking city in the United States. According to statistics, the largest number of Americans suffering from liver disease live here.

This city also has the highest number of deaths at the wheel and arrests for drunk driving.

But alcohol - it's not the biggest problem in the region. The fact that the route of the Mexican drug trafficking in North America, mainly passes through the 99th Freeway, so the dose of marijuana here can be bought for five bucks.

In addition, local police and drug control are increasingly discovering whole fields planted with marijuana, even in close to national parks.

Often occur arrests of clandestine amphetamine manufacturers. City have announced the capital of amphetamine in the United States. For example, recently sent one woman to the other world my whole family because the dose of crack.

Despite the extreme poverty, the most religious vagabonds here built a kind of church where every Sunday going wishing to listen to the sermon.

"Jesus saves!" - It is written on the poster, and all around - piles of garbage, unbearable stink of urine and cloying smell of marijuana.

"Do not judge .." - a favorite verse homeless Dave, who proclaimed himself the pastor of this church-bum.

And here are the service of the church. On Sunday morning, crossing 41 minutes on Highway 99-ke, slightly slow down - at the bottom of praying people!

How can local residents suffer a cesspool at the windows, you ask? From time to time the city police, of course, drives these loafers

but some NGOs are fed daily crowds of unemployed and provide them with food and clothing. The only thing you need these homeless - a five cans of beer, crack cocaine and cigarettes. It is possible to shoot at the nearest intersection. Or steal. Or make prostitution.

See the glass tube in the hands of this woman? And the gas burner on the ground? She even admits that smokes crack.

It is said that in the last couple of months due to the cold weather in California three people died in the shelter. They did not see Russian frost ..

Ten years the city authorities are fighting against the illegal settlements, the police waved her hand at them, arranging occasional raids to visual signals. On the prohibition of drinking alcohol in public places here have never heard of. City within a city, there is almost by itself, with its strict criminal laws and concepts.

And here is the local stokehold where melted copper wire.

Some homeless people collect old appliances, stolen radio, computer and pass it all on recycling. Sometimes dismantle stolen cars. For which he received a pittance.

Driving past a tent in my side window with sound flopped huge orange and raced Choice abuse. At a meeting with local philanthropists I will inform them of this intsindent. Let them be aware of what their donation goal go ..

According to estimates of the administration of the city is home to about a thousand homeless. Most of them, of course - Mexicans and negros.

Although sometimes there are white.

Only one trait inherent to representatives of any race - the reluctance to work and underdevelopment. Therefore, the next time a black guy asked me for change at the gas station, I definitely will reply: "No change, sorry!"

Close to the headquarters of the local branch of the "Occupy Uolstrit."

Camp political vagabonds who four months fighting for their civil rights and protesting against the greed of the American Bankers there are only a few people.

According to me one of the organizers of the protest movement to win two lawsuits against the eviction Camp of the park, which is located directly in front of the local court.