Forest Hills Gardens, one of the best areas of New York

I've already talked about Forest Hills Gardens, but the place is so beautiful that I was ready to write about it at least every month. In fact, this is one of the few areas of New York, where I wanted to live. The quiet and cozy street parking at each house, beautiful architecture, good location. For those who hear about it the first time, I recommend to go to the link in my first post, where everything is painted in detail. The rest of the invite to enjoy the beauty of spring Forest Hills Gardens.

I must say that this year was incredibly lucky with the weather. In any other city this long and cold spring would be a tragedy, but not in New York, where the heat begins to tire in May and then forced to endure it until September, running from the air conditioner to the air conditioner. In the same year the street was fresh and cool. And most importantly, that through this in New York, there was a real spring. And it did not last week, as it usually happens, and almost a month. All slowly dissolved, nice and long blossoming, spring fills the air with unimaginable flavors and incredibly pleasing look. While this was the most beautiful spring in New York, one of those that I saw. Well, in such a beautiful time did not go to one of the most beautiful urban areas. 

Why I love Forest Hills Gardens? Yes, because this is the perfect urban area. So perfect that it seemingly does not exist in a city like New York. And it is. As corny as it sounds, but it is an island of unique beauty and tranquility in the roaring ocean and rapidly changing metropolis. On all sides it rolls the waves and colorful multiethnic Queens with the same type and, let's be honest, quite boring buildings. Nearby streets are overloaded car, and tenants of the house. Around buzzing city life in all its manifestations: beeps of machines, trains roar, music from the windows, food odors, stores, shops, restaurants and the endless crowds of pedestrians. The Forest Hills Gardens is peace and quiet. On the streets almost no cars, no people. A feeling that was in the past - a hundred years ago. 

The fact is that the Forest Hills Gardens is a private area which are different from their own urban policies. This includes parking, garbage collection, street cleaning, landscaping, construction of any and probably something else, which I just do not know. In fact, this particular street integrated into the urban road network. You can walk on them and drive a car, but to have to park to get a special permit, which is issued only to residents of the area and their guests.

For the external appearance of the area is strictly monitoring the management company. Each property buying is committed to strictly comply with all the obligations imposed on homeowners. Make any serious changes in the appearance of the buildings is almost impossible. Forest Hills Gardens finished and the area is very harmonious and harmony of this watch constantly. There are no homes that irritate its architecture, not houses, which do not fit into the architecture of the area and there are surface areas which are not regularly deal with caring hands of gardeners. For example, in Forest Hills Gardens No wooden house. All stone and without exception, with a tiled roof.

I decided for myself to formulate the advantages and disadvantages of the area. Why would I want to live there: - Location. District incredibly lucky with where it is located. Whether it is in Manhattan, it would have long ago eaten greedy developers are leaving no trace of the original garden city concept, but Forest Hills Gardens, Queens is in the far, where a building boom has not come yet and hardly ever comes. On the neighboring Queens Boulevard quietly grow high-rise apartment buildings, but before the madness that is going on, for example, in Long Island City is still very far away. This Forest Hills Gardens, not side by side with either conditionally disadvantaged areas. On all sides it is surrounded by a kind of buffer zones. 

Transport availability. Only 15 minutes (two stops) by train to Penn Station or 35 minutes by subway. The stations are located at the border area. The train is faster and more comfortable than the subway, but also is more expensive. On the drive to midtown Manhattan to go from 30 to 50 minutes depending on traffic. 10. Station commuter trains the Long Island Railroad. From Manhattan to two stops and only 15 minutes drive away. Once it is the presence of the station was a key moment in the purchase of land for the future construction of the village. The station was built in the same architectural style as the area.

Beautiful architecture. The area is built really beautiful houses made ​​in the same architectural style. Nothing hurts the eyes and non-irritating. For such a motley city, like New York, it's very unusual. 

Forest Hills Gardens using your own design street signs (and your font, and even the color in which they are painted). Well, the names themselves are beautiful - Puritan Avenue, for example.

Accommodation for every taste and budget. There are homes of various sizes from huge mansions to tidy cottages, there are 11 townhouses and apartment buildings. The problem is only one - the purse can be anything, but it should be a thick New York purse. State, it must be said, is very expensive. The former building of the hotel on the forecourt, which became an apartment house.

Empty streets. Parking on the streets is permitted only to residents of the area. If you come to visit, you will need to obtain special permission. Plus the area has many large detached houses with private garages and drayveyami (podeznaya road to the house). As a result, we have a very unusual for New York now, when there are no cars on the streets. So many streets seem Forest Hills Gardens.

And look the street, which are just outside the boundaries of the district.

Such is the sign of completely changing their appearance.

Such species in Forest Hills Gardens very much.

In many of the residents have their own "drayvey" (walking path to the garage) and take up space on the street there is no need.


At the usual New York street to park so does not work, and here it is possible.

Garage with tiled roof.

Lone Porsche.

Machinery, by the way, stand out from the usual New York.

The family has its black sheep (I'm talking about parking on the sidewalk). I would say that for New York Gelendvagen this kind of diagnosis.

Clean and well maintained. All issues of garbage collection and street beautification corporation engaged in the management area and financed from annual contributions paid by property owners. The amount of green space on the street here is much higher than the average for the city. In addition, tenants with great love and attention related to their own areas. Here there are no groomed homes and uncut lawns. Every year in the area are planted about 70 new trees.


The only garbage on the streets were the flower petals.

Parkland homes in strike accuracy of its forms.

Quiet and low crime rate. This quality of Forest Hills Gardens appreciated they may assess the residents of other boroughs of New York. For example, in Manhattan, where life does not stop for a moment, even at night. The point here, of course, in the inhabitants themselves. As adopted in the territory of the rules of conduct, and that in Forest Hills Gardens, a lot of dead-end streets and almost no transit traffic, which virtually eliminates the noise problem by visiting citizens. During the procedure on the territory of the clock monitors specially hired security company. Streets are patrolled, and the neighborhood is not troubled areas. Private park. Only residents of the area. Cycling, jogging, listening to music, cooking food, ball game, as well as throwing any objects - are prohibited.

Good schools. For many, this is the deciding factor when choosing a region. In New York City school level almost always depends on the district level. Forest Hills Gardens is no exception. One of the central streets of the district.

Now, why I do not would not want to live there. Although it would be better to formulate why I would like to, but do not live: Expensive. This is the main problem for me personally. For the region as a kind of filter that filters out a certain group of people. Here it is necessary not just to have money to rent or buy a house. It should also have them on its contents.

To the cost of ownership must be added the annual mandatory fees. They are not as great as it may seem, but they can not be called penny. A few years ago they were from 1500 to 2000 dollars at home. Now surely greater. 

More I assume that residents would like to have complete isolation from the rest of the world, but it will increase tax revenue and annual charges, so, apparently, the streets and the people will remain open from the outside.

Disadvantages also include the fact that all strictly regulated. Sometimes you want a little more freedom in certain things. For example, plant a tree wherever you want, concreted more space in front of the house, or oblitsevat something different facade. But then you either agree to the rules of the game, or buy a property in a different place. It's simple. 

A few more photos District.