Bright Angel Trail

Walk into a certain path of the Grand Canyon "Bright Angel Trail". The aim of the campaign lookout "Plateau Point", to which about 11 km to go down and if more or less just, then lift it a real test. Especially if you go this distance in the summer in 40-degree heat.
Top offers this kind of note, Plateau Point is located in the center of the photo, it is the projection, which leads the longest path (thin light line on a green background)

April 2, 9 am. We start the descent. 2 invigorating, penetrating wind and light icy.

From the very beginning of the beginning scare: "Down to descend at will, necessarily upstairs ... more than 350 victims per year ..."

"A student, athlete and simply beautiful ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, but then died from dehydration"

"Do not try for a day to get to the river and back, otherwise you will look like the guy in the picture." By the way, I have to work have a colleague who calmly reached up to the river and came back alive and colleague for 60 years already! So afraid of nothing.

So persistently scared that I began to doubt their abilities. Half an hour passed, and the purpose of everything as far.

Tunnels, my weakness, I can not pass and do not take a picture.

View of the trail with some another warning sign.

Civilized approach, 11 km done with 3 points recreation places for drinking, toilets and emergency communications. However, on the top 2 points water froze and naturally I noticed it only when I have finished water.

There are riding tours with an overnight stay at the ranch by the river, it is necessary to book them in advance, because despite fairly solid price ($ 500) they go like hot cakes. The golden rule, saw a column of mules - to give way.

Without any complications after going 1.5-mile and 3-mile basis, reached the last intermediate base, a small flowering oasis "Indian Garden". Here we have to make a choice, either to go to the river or to the viewing platform. I go to the site. Between times, trying to scare again, this time showing the temperature inside the head. Indeed, it has become significantly warmer in mind pleasant 24 degrees.

More 1.5 miles, for a variety of absolutely flat and now he Plateau Point. Not too many tourists reached him!

Climbed to the 5-meter stone. Top climbed easily, but somehow descended heavily. Climber from me obviously failed.

Views from the site. Feeling somewhat different from similar species from the edge of the canyon. Well see the river, but not the main thing. One thought that for the sake of this kind you took all day to try to make to enjoy the moment. Although it is possible in this case, the path is more important than the goal.

But it is time and again. Clearly visible Indian Garden (green spot in the center) total hike took about 9 hours and went surprisingly easy.