Autumn in New York province. Part one.

We all know what it looks like New York City. There's skyscrapers, Central Park, and Wall Street. But how many know what it looks like the state of the same name? Of the entire staff I have, of course, do not tell (it is very big and different), but some part will try to meet. Today, the story of how I lived in the outback. It so happened that this fall we will not have spent the whole family in New York, and the Catskill Mountains that are in the two-hour drive from Manhattan. 187 km. from the George Washington Bridge, if the handle is not the time and the distance. It is necessary to cross the Hudson to leave on 87 roads, including cruise control and a long ride to the north at a speed of 110 km / h. Until the terrain begins to change and does not seem on the horizon suburb of high mountains. Then it is necessary to leave the highway, turn left and start a slow climb upward. First, it will be rather flat, but after passing through a lot of sleepy villages the road get to the pass and begin to squirm between the mountain peaks. After the start pretty steep climb, overcoming that you will get on a huge plateau, situated at an altitude of about 600-800 meters above sea level. The temperature will drop to five degrees and you will find yourself in a completely different climate zone. If the bottom will be even flowers bloom, then the top will be a real fall in all buynostyu and a variety of colors, which is capable of at the North American nature. This geographical location has given us a very unique opportunity to enjoy this fall as much as four times. First, at the top of the mountains, and then down in the Hudson Valley, then after moving to New Jersey, and finally in New York. Autumn ran away from us towards the south, and we moved her wake.

In the mountains we were only by chance. In the summer, sipping tea in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, we have nothing like this could not even imagine. Then there was the Escape from New York (then had good reason), which turned into a bad move to Florida. We spent a week and realized that this option - not an option. Then we decided to go back, but there was nowhere to return. Therefore, at some point, we were in a car loaded with things and ideas without a home, where this house is. Obviously there was one - have to go to New York I will shift. We are waiting for thousands of miles of the road, in hotels overnight and completely uncertain future. In fact, we have become very real homeless people with a small supply of money, which would be enough for a month of nomadic life, we do not find a new refuge. It was funny, because as experience similar sensations in adulthood is brought is not for everyone. Then I wrote about it in Facebook and fate (in the face of good friends) brought us to a place called Hunter in New York. The result is a respite from the uncertainty and spent the best summer in my life. I did not even know that this time of year can be so beautiful. Then we moved to New Jersey, but that's another story. 1. Catskill Mountains is a very special place is not like that, literally, everything around. They live completely different people (I compare with New York), there is a different climate and atmosphere of its own. I can not call it particularly friendly. There I for the first time in America felt like an outsider. No aggression towards me one, of course, did not show, but somewhere deep inside beginning to emerge feeling that you're not wanted here. Behind him came the understanding that everything is so in his own way, I'm hardly ever here prizhivus. A completely different way of life, rather than in the city. People riding on other machines, otherwise looks and dresses. Otherwise behaves. Rest - please. To live permanently - the big question.

2. In so there, for example, the picture looks "girl on Ford came to the supermarket to shop." Its pickup roared wildly and whistled while driving. Above the trunk Confederate flag. On the back bumper sticker "miss princess." Herself was dressed in the style of "pink camouflage." After this meeting, I finally understand for someone here producing pink guns, rifles and pistols.

3. The central street of the nearby Tannersville. The population of 539 people according to the 2010 Census. Very cozy village lives by coming to the Catskill Mountains of tourists.

4. There's even a Starbucks and McDonald's. Pizza and Chinese fast food, however, is. All of the usual "good" American civilization must go down.

5. The local coffee shop (if you can call it) works four days a week. Many establishments operate only in the winter when the ski season begins.

6. Local distillery shop actively operates the main story of this region - the story of Rip Van Winkle from the novel by Washington Irving. It tells about a resident of the village, who had gone hunting in the mountains, there freewheeling vodka with unknown peasants and slept for 20 years.

7. local pharmacy. No you soulless corporations such as CVS or Walgreens. It's very home-like.

8. There are a library and two cinemas which in addition to Hollywood twist foreign films and independent cinema. And the piano museum.

9. post office in every tiny village. Me is, for some reason, struck the most.

10. In the outback a lot of abandoned buildings.

11. Some simply fell apart from old age.

12. The most popular way to sell a vehicle in the province is just put it beside the road with the announcement of the sale.

13. The main local attraction - the Falls Kaaterkill Falls. He has several thresholds. The one in the photo is the most affordable, and most uninteresting. For the beauty it is necessary to climb a mountain or drive the machine on. But there the road is blocked and hanging announcement that the waterfall is closed for renovation. They write that the upper part was closed because of idiots suitable close to the edge and falling down. In 2004, one fallen, but, unfortunately, survived lady even tried to sue the state, relying on the fact that he, allegedly, had to think about its security and install the fence. The judge replied that the danger of falling down was so obvious that any other would have followed his instinct of self-preservation and not helpful to the edge. The point she lost.

14. The young calf is studying cats.

15. The cows on the farm.

16. Old wagon of the New York subway tram museum of New York, which is located in the town of Kingston. Administration of the museum invited graffichikov who painted the car in the style of the 80s. So what was once the vandalism was in art and history.

17. A local railroad that once served the surrounding farm, has now become a tourist attraction. Composition of four cars and an old locomotive rolling on the single-track branch back and forth.

18. One of the parks administered by the State of New York, where you can come with a tent. For $ 22 you get a place under the tent / camper, a table with benches and a fireplace. There are toilets and showers with hot water.

19. In the park are two lakes and magnificent views of the Hudson Valley. The height of 673 meters above sea level.

20. At the edge of the plateau once stood a large luxury hotel under the name "Catskill Mountain House" He was very popular among the rich and famous people of the time. Some of his guests entertained themselves that carved their names on the surrounding rocks. It took almost 200 years (the building was built in 1824 and stood until the 60s of the last century). The hotel is not even a foundation, and many of the names and initials on the stone read so far.

21. Surprised by the amount of old farm machinery, and especially the old tractors. Many not only on track but also in the whole exploited.

22. Calendar October, so at Hunter arrived a nice Oktoberfest. The celebration takes place every weekend at the ski resort. On this occasion included a lift.

23. Mater from the movie "Cars."

24. Groom with friends waiting for his bride.

25. At the top of the mountain undeveloped special playground for the wedding ceremony.

26. Aerial view of the residential complex in which we lived. It was built for guests ski resort. Part of the apartments for rent in employment there, and some bought. Basically, New Yorkers who come there as the cottage. We lived in one such apartment, the owner is passionate about skiing. Inside the living room and two bedrooms are located on two levels. Outside, the forest outside autumn air, and the night sky thousands of stars visible. After New York, it was hard to get used to the silence and sleep with the door open.

27. Residential complex with the surrounding landscape.

28. Advertising announces that it is the highest and longest ziplayn in America. The route starts at the top of the mountain and runs 180 meters.

29. Severe wheel-drive buses that carry customer ziplayna.

30. The view of the surrounding mountains.

31. Let us return to the ground, where vengeance is buzzing Oktoberfest.

32. Souvenir shop.

33. Surprised by a large number of American Germans, who went to the national costumes and danced traditional dances.

34. Grandpa is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

Some photos from the trip to the north in the direction of Utica. It was during that trip I came across a hoarder grandfather with deposits of military equipment. 35. Through this picture I have learned that in America, sell the Finnish Nokian Tyres (even remembered long-forgotten word Hakkapelita). In New York, they've never met. While it is understandable. In New York one winter tires on the car does not set, but the country already accounts. Spikes, however, in the state of New York banned. During this year I seem to have to remember what to have two sets of rubber. UPD. Then I made ​​a mistake. Using studded rubber in New York allowed from 16 October to 1 April.

36. The typical pattern for the New York hinterland. Throughout the farm, stables, barns and silos. Contrary to popular belief, not all barns and America red.

37. And, as I mentioned, a lot of abandoned and destroyed. Not on every corner, but found. It is surprising that abandoned facilities are almost no traces of looting or vandalism. Everything just slowly collapses.

38. Fields with agricultural machinery.


39. Birds pulled to the south.

40. Jordanville wafted homeland.

41. The Holy Trinity Monastery, founded in 1929 and owned by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

42. Before the start of the service.

43. Compound. In the complex there is a seminary, where people come to study from all over the world. I chatted with a few novices. One was from Serbia, two from Australia, three Americans. It's very good-natured, open, and speak in Russian with a funny accent. The one that Australia wants to live and serve in Russia, but he refuses to let the Metropolitan. He says that his place here. He is very upset about this.

44. The monastery cemetery.

45. Interestingly, the monastery using pre-reform spelling of the Russian language.

46. ​​Farm which bred alpacas. Very funny animals. It looks like a sheep spree with ostriches :)

47. A street of a small town.

48. Silos.

49. The region began active firewood. Many homes are heated by them. The farther away from New York, the lower the price. I buy firewood for $ 10 for the three large bags. In the area of ​​Jordanville for the same amount requested for 5 dollars.

50. Roadside cafe trying to be very American.

51. Landscapes.

52. In the sunset.

53. Frostman Castle, built in 1916 by German immigrant Julius Frostman for a country holiday. Frostman amassed a huge fortune in the production of wool. In the 50s the estate was sold Frostman Christian organization YMCA, which has equipped it is not summer camp.

54. Opposite the castle horses graze.

55. On the calendar, it was September 29, and the trees have just started to turn yellow and blush.

56. Another Town - South-Fallsburg. It is not nice.

57. Rivoli Cinema, built in 1923.

58. Suddenly came across people whose form so familiar in Brooklyn and is quite unusual for the American heartland.

59. Then came the synagogue, and signs with the word kosher.

60. It turned out that there lives an Orthodox Jewish community, and around the mass of Jewish summer camps and resorts where the summer come to Jewish kids from Brooklyn.

Vacation in the Catskill Mountains was once very popular among the Jewish community in New York. There were many schools where families come to relax for a week or sent to other children in the summer. The reason for this was not a special love for the beauty of the people here, and the usual anti-Semitism, which flourished in the US until the 60s. Here the New York Jews feel relatively comfortable, which can not be said of other places. In the mountains, there were many summer camps, hotels, bungalows and rest houses with three meals and entertainment. For this area is popularly nicknamed "Borschev belt" or "Jewish Alps". The analogy with the Alps is less clear, but found the name of a friend from childhood soup was somehow unexpected. It turned out that the soup at the time primarily associated with Ashkenazi Jews, who brought this dish in the United States from the Russian Empire. They serve it in all local schools. The plot of the film "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze just turns on one of the Catskill resorts, where the rest came from a Jewish family in New York. 61. Pioneer Jewish camp.

62. The dirt road.

63. Abandoned house. The sign states that no entry and video surveillance, but there is even no electrical wires. Zoom.

64. Ellenvil town.

65. Abandoned Diner.

66. Road works. Laid new asphalt on the road connecting the two villages.

67. The roads are excellent, and there are practically no cars. The ride is a pleasure.

68. A snack story about how I used to buy eggs. The process is very, very simple. On the side of the road stands a wooden shed, next to which there is not a living soul. It reads: Free range eggs. Chicken type contained in natural conditions and not sitting in the cells and eggs have various sizes. And the price is: $ 4 per dozen.

69. In a small house on the shelf are containers with eggs and a bunch of empty - people bring from their homes, to the farmers did not have to spend money on their purchase. You take a container and put the money under the stone. All. Eggs yours. At the time of buying a stone lay 18 dollars. I said to them and took their five surrender one dollar.

70. The eggs themselves are not at all similar to the shop. Even those that are expensive and are called buzzword "organic." These real village: colorful and variegated, feather and litter spots. Label inside it recalls that before use it is necessary to wash them. Yet here also sell vegetables and firewood. You take yourself too, but have to throw the money in a metal box with a lock and a slot.