At the very north of North America. Next - only the ocean! Or the sky ...

And here is the village of Anchor, it - Anchorage, he - not the capital of Alaska.
The capital of Alaska - Juneau, the city which are not expensive and 6 times less Anchorage!

The modern American city. Huge w / train station, airport 3 (!) (Local, international and private planes) plus another military! Generally, small aircraft in Alaska developed very well, in the parking lot at the airport about 100 light aircraft. The city has skyscrapers, at 20 floors, huge shopping and entertainment malls, port with big ships, bars and restaurants in abundance. People committed normal and different . At the entrance to the city on our high speed overtook the guy on sportbike, wearing jeans, shirt and no helmet. I think that was falling at least 200! Behind him a police car. So sportbayker rolled through pesochnotravyanuyu dividing, slightly reducing the speed, and the police raced past)) Speaking of the police, there is a museum in Anchorage police and the main exhibit is a report about the arrest of Steve McQueen for driving drunk and his portrait.

At the bar, where we dine, people contact and responsive. Some military base inscription - Serve in Alaska - a privilege! Because they relate to their homeland. And at the airport there is even a special place, a part of the terminal only for the military. Blacks almost none. Homeless people, too, the severity of the climate and the lives of all makes work here in a cardboard box and a charity soup not live. Houses, incidentally, also sendvichpanelnye. But it is quite normal and not as in the north of Norway or Finland - windows of normal size, and the houses themselves are not very small volume. In Anchorage huge Air Force Museum, where there is even a Boeing 747! And what's Anchor Museum of Modern Art !!! Full interactivity and performance! And it's nice everywhere here and there appears the word - Russian, Russian. As a city, Anchorage looks very cute and richly decorated with flowers. Sometimes it seemed to me that the streets for tender Floristry - Hanging adorn every lamppost, an endless series are beds and flower beds along the sidewalks with red, blue, yellow, white. And the nice thing is that the terms of this beauty among young birch trees! Long winter affects the perception krasotischa. All this - Alaska! Our once land ... According to statistics, Alaska earthquakes greater than in California! Uneasy land. And she Alaska joined the United States only in 1959! Becoming the 49th state. Have Alaska and poetic slogan - "The Final Frontier", The Last Frontier. Since Alaska is called because of its remoteness from the main territory of the United States and the diversity of landscape and climate. And it is called the "land of the midnight sun" (well, almost country evergreen tomatoes) The Land of the Midnight Sun, because of the long polar days, but which did not ripen tomatoes)) And basically translated from the Eskimo-Aleut - This is a great land or place where a lot of whales. That's right, do not find fault. And whales are in place, and a lot of land. We go to the south of Alaska - Seward. Bays, fjords, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, glaciers and whales. And all of this background is decorated with livability and respect for nature. Many places reminiscent of a prospecting past. Then you and the houses, and even organized tours with little attempt to pan zolotishka. Did not try, why do we need it, gold is something we are practical ways to somebody ...

But the fact that there was and is now, of course impressive!
The road along the bay gives you the opportunity to go on almost oceanfront. Sensations - enchanting.
You're on the other side of the earth and at the same time close to our country.

Everywhere in Alaska nice to start with a cup of soup food chowder. He is always different in all obschepitovskie places I liked the smoked salmon chowder, smoked salmon. Probably the original has little in common, except for the cream base, but also very tasty. In addition, many restaurants have their own brewery and we tried the local Alaskan grade (good Alaskan stout).
Yielding to the hype of the population - they ate with gusto (just ate!) King crabs spend buckets - and we still have not given up his stomach. King crabs generally worth $ 33-45. The picturesque town of Seward is located directly on the Gulf of Resurrection. As a port site was discovered by Russian fur traders Alexander Baranov in the 18th century, but the city itself Seward established only at the beginning of the 20th. With the arrival of petrodollars city has grown, and then came another railroad Alaska Railroad. And all came to life! The city is actively grew and developed until 1964, as long as it is practically destroyed by an earthquake, which led to a tsunami and explosions of oil storage tanks. Seward was completely destroyed, the harbor and the railway system was gone. Then it was restored and the city remained the average American city - the port, with the smell of fish and square-cluster method of planning. Its main attractions are the fjords and glaciers. Full of natural goodies and being limited in time, we went back to Anchorage, where he completed his journey on a motorcycle. Now - Alaska with altitude steel birds.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip, who supported the road and at home, thanks to the Americans and the Canadians for mental attitude to guests and respect for their land!
Thanks dear for something that does not hurt!