Scottish backwoods - Valley Fairy Glen Lyon

A few years ago realized my dream - to go to Scotland.
My wife and I drove the car almost the entire country, except for the most northern part, but with the arrival on the island. One of the most vivid impressions left staying in a small pension Milton Aeon, which Located in the heart of Scotland, in the valley of Glen Lyon, although we spent a couple of days. According to legend, this valley along the river Lyon, takes the traveler into a fairyland fairies. Fairies of the way we, unfortunately, are not met, but became understand why this legend is easy to believe - the atmosphere in these places is really charming. We went to Glen Lyon from Edinburgh. On the road passing the small town of Aberfeldy. Where, however, produce an excellent whiskey of the same name.

According to the original idea, we deviated from the route and went to the north, Lake Rannoch.
On the way, is a monument to the Black Watch - Scottish police, created in the 17th century by order of King Charles 2 to maintain order in the Highlands - the mountainous part of Scotland.
Black Watch were called for black color tartan - a traditional material from which made ​​kilts.

Near Aberfeldy we saw beautiful old bridge, and decided to go down to the river.

At the river we found a herd of ducks. Ducks decided it was time to leave, and headed up the road.

Cross the road, ducks marched across the golf course towards the village.
However, the dog jumped out of the village and chased ducks. They had to flee home.

Further along the route was examined castle clan Menziz 16c. Special experiences castle, frankly, did not produce.

Finally, we reached the lake Rannoch.
It is a beautiful lake in a picturesque valley was the first of the Scottish lakes that we saw.

Water is clean, and despite the warmest month of summer in Scotland - July, very cold.

Not far from the lake - a memorial to the fallen in the 1st World War.

Walking by the lake, we went to the goal of today's journey - a boarding house in Milton eon of the valley of the fairies, Glen Lyon.

At the entrance to the estate on the territory of which the pension ruins, as it turned out, the old mill.

Near flowing stream with a picturesque old bridge.

And here is the night - the house in which there are rooms for guests.
It also lives a family, which owns the estate - a wonderful couple with two charming daughters.

Small kitchen

Lounge with fireplace. Given the cool evenings and bought in Aberfeldy whiskey, fireplace came in handy.

Throwing things at once, we went for dinner to the south, in the direction of Lake Tay (Lough Tay), enjoying the magnificent views all around.

Dinner was scheduled at the restaurant The Courtyard Golf Club Kenmore. Unfortunately, the dishes for some reason I do not photographed.


The next morning we met in the courtyard of the friendliest dog in the world.

Come explore the surrounding area. This is an old millstone.

We host a small farm estate, have pets. Here are the sheep.

There are pigs

In the greenhouse, the girls show us their harvest

Just 100 meters from the house flows the river Lyon.

A little higher, right on the estate there is a spectacular waterfall

On the other side of the cows and bull breed "Angus". Bull, by the way, after some time crossed the river and began to approach us with unknown targets had to be distilled off.

We go for a walk along the river, enjoying the peaceful tranquility and stunning views.

Master's dog, by the way, went for a walk with us

As we were told the owners of the boarding house, the pile of stones folded mistress grandfather, who loved to catch salmon in the river, and put in a pile of stone for each caught fish.

River Lyon

Valley Glen Lyon

In the Highlands of Scotland such stone fences fenced private land since ancient times

House at the foot of the mountain