Airport Kiev (IEV) in Juliani

I must say that this time I flew Vizzeyrom in the new terminal of the airport Kiev (code GDS) and was impressed. After these airports for low-cost (such as Lubeck, Bremen) - only positive emotions. This is not a hut with a banner stretched roof and wooden floors. Two of the main advantages of "Kyiv" - the location and the availability of low-cost airline. Where you will still find an airport located in close proximity to the city center? The only drawback - it is ill-conceived transportation. In the morning and evening there is formed a cork from a machine that is somehow connected with the ring road. As a result of that would go for a morning or evening flight, it is necessary to lay about 20 minutes that would overcome 2-3 kilometers to the terminal. At the same time near the old terminal has a ring trolleys and minibuses, and near the new - only the parking lot. And what would roll to it, you need to drive to the nearest intersection with a turn to the left. I do believe that it is necessary to prohibit left turns and all two-lane roads to put dividers oncoming.
Maybe isolation remake. The adjacent area laid a very good asphalt, curbs and good until enough space for parking. With the growth of passenger traffic, I think, put the parking of several floors.

There are separate schools of the levels (here, for example, that would need to enter the parking lot to drop on the curb):

Everywhere - a decent markup:

Convenient access to the entrance:

By the way, all over the city to put a metal footballs on the valve:

What I did not like at a location nearby, as is the abundance of booths valet parking, as if it was impossible to make a central entrance and exit. In addition, local know-how - it is actually themselves acceptors money for parking services. To enter you need to press a button and get a ticket and to travel - to transfer cash payment instead of valet in the machine, as in all normal countries. Tolley it all goes black, felts Aborigines kurochat parking machines - is unclear. Everywhere there are signs to the cost of parking. Divide by 10 - will be the price in euros.

The second surprise - small cells in the mesh-fence. Perhaps they need for what would runway did not penetrate the animals. But judging by the recent publications of all dogs and cats live in Kiev destroyed, so is unclear. As a result, these pictures go here:

Places like a thriller. Thieves romance:

Now it's time to go inside:

I must say that after reading some of the photos taken airports in Moscow, he was afraid of some bias on the part of the Ukrainian police. Nothing like this - guys calmly smoked around the corner, etched jokes and did not pay any attention to me or the camera. Inside the well. Icons and pointers made in the same style and more or less clear:

There where to eat:

Registration is not on two tables, as in the old building, and a large bar counter:

Customs has allocated a corner under their declaration. However, almost all the regulations on the stand - in the Ukrainian language:

Business Facilities:

Everywhere hanging board with decently decorated schedule of arrivals, departures, without sharovarschiny:

Login for inspection:

Information desk:

See the sky through the roof:

And, lastly, went to the favorite public place. According toilets can understand the general mentality of service and professionalism. Men'S:

And a toilet for the disabled:

Toilet for disabled people normally equipped and not closed. No need to run around the building and look for the key in any duty. Overall, I enjoyed it. There are some points, but I think they were a few months grind. While this is number one for me in the ranking of regional airports.