I do not understand people who go to the city, feels full of mushrooms and to smoke marijuana. I am very glad that survived the age of doubt "pervootkryvany" and was able to discover this city is not as frantic teenager, eager for adventure. And, in general, all these freedoms are advertised Dutch tourist gimmick rather concentrated in a few blocks in the city center, where you will be given a weak smoke grass and stare at the prostitutes who have pulled out all the money before you see at least a boob. The true spirit of the city is revealed in his endless embankments and in the eyes of its residents in this city want to go back and look at those eyes forever.

Prior to the Netherlands in my own scale notorious standard of living, social motivation and overall ideal being in the lead the Scandinavian countries. Netherlands showed me how well a separate group of people on a separate part of the land can organize your life. Responsible boldly, Netherlands head and shoulders above other countries in the matter of humanism, architecture, organization surrounding human space ecology of human activity, etc.

We were in Amsterdam for three days, during which time of course is impossible, at least superficially acquainted with all aspects of life in this city. Here and want to get back. The city is interesting for its multiculturalism, and multiculturalism in everything from skin color to street art.

In the Netherlands we have come straight from Belgium, Amsterdam and evening ordered us to stand in a traffic jam, was rush hour, and all went to work. Amsterdam plankton sits in a beautiful office glass, such as ours, but here everything is done with a twist, and looks in better times, well, not in vain in the Dutch architecture ahead of the rest. Actually, these office buildings and became the first impression of the city, I even planned to go back and shoot all day, but in the end did not have time.

I believe as an architect that it is necessary to transport students here at least once a year and show "how to", a place where trends in contemporary architecture. By the way of modern architecture in Amsterdam will be a separate post.

About the red light district did write, although we were there quite a bit and nothing particularly interesting is not there. Red light district takes a couple of blocks in the city center in the evening everything is illuminated merzotnoy red or pink lights. On the first floor there are windows with prostitutes who tout tourists, but their eyes were sad most. They say that such work is sufficiently profitable and students come to earn extra money on a vacation, in fact the classical prostitution here a little something left. Battered ladies will cost about 100 euros for 20 minutes, younger and prettier will cost 300 euros, I think for tourists here are their prices, and are likely to have to pay for every single action marlezonskogo ballet. Well, of course, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, ladies even pay taxes, undergo a medical examination, it was good.
Even here it is full of sex shops with colorful storefronts, as you come to the supermarket, amassed just what you want, no embarrassment, the seller will tell you where to insert it. Could not resist and bought a couple of interesting things. Priplyusuem erotic theaters, where the scene fuck people, a cinema showing porn, here's the way everyone's favorite red-light district, which, by the way, in Amsterdam three. In general, anything interesting, enough for 20 minutes, shooting is strictly prohibited, and contrives with a hidden camera, I did not. The most beautiful here - white swans that swim through the channels.

Amsterdam is a very safe city, and it's a gut feeling, there is no police on every corner, but this is not necessary, the crime rate in the Netherlands tends to zero. Maybe it is because the feature Gollancz - tolerance to anything whatsoever? Once we went to a small tavern, where there were some negros, it was a little uncomfortable, but no one really to have paid no attention. And may the good and tolerance instills people freedom, because freedom has not annul the responsibility?

Amsterdam comes alive at night, crowds of tourists dumped on the streets, drinking, smoking and having fun, they themselves residents of Amsterdam lozhatsja early hours of ten o'clock in the street are some tourists and police. If you have touched too much and are going to fall into the canal, these policemen will save you, drive you home and was packed bed. Tram stop on advertising, children learn bush cannabis?

A little about transport. Cars in Amsterdam do not like, do not even attempt to try to get to the center by car, parking there is very little they cost 5 euros per hour, Masha is an excellent magnet for thieves, as warning signs. Furthermore often parallel parking on the quays dangerous parking spaces are located directly on the steep embankments and often does not protect curbs on the water side, a failed maneuver can easily fall into the channel.

Scoundrel on Jaguar parked on the spot for a taxi, and even bent the pole!

Amsterdam created for cyclists in Amsterdam is home to 800 thousand. Man, and I'm sure that everyone has a bike. For cyclists there its lanes, its markings, lights and signs, strumming a bicycle bell - the familiar sound of the city. Mopeds are also very popular and they, too, need to move around the lanes for cycling. It is hard to imagine the landscape of Amsterdam without a heap of bicycles, they either are in parking lots, or tied to a tree, and sometimes lying in the channels or piled heap in the corner.

Local chase.

However ride bikes can not everywhere in Amsterdam bicycles are prohibited on the Central Station and along the streets Leidsestraat, Stationsplein, Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, Waterlooplein, as well as Dam Square.

Bikes here carry all loads and children. Children are usually put in a special box, which is located in front of the three-wheeled bicycle cart.

Typical Amsterdam scenery.

That's how chained bicycles. Repair and rolling velokontory thrive, one such semi-underground veloservis we found in the territory of a flea market, about which will be a separate post.

Inexperienced person scary to move to Amsterdam on the bike, so if you are from these, feel free to choose the tram, they are here and the new blue tram ride to almost anywhere in the city center.

Daily travel costs seven euros and sold her aunt, who is sitting in a booth in the center of the car. One-time travel can be purchased from the driver for more than 2 euros. Wacky turnstiles is not here, all the conscience, you just need to make a ticket to the gray scanner input and output.

At the very narrow streets is just one lane rails for trams, streetcars and counterclaims are leaving in their pockets, which are arranged near the stops, taking into account the fact that the Amsterdam trams run to the nearest second, no problem.

Amsterdam Central Station - an incredible thing, standing on a pile piles and three artificial islands. The station building in neo-Renaissance separated downtown from the port side. From Square Station is convenient to begin exploring the city, there are several endpoints tram lines.

Dine hallucinogens in Amsterdam can be smarshopah, smoke marijuana in coffee shops. All this is more popular among tourists who are on their joy sell soft drugs "of harm's way." The number of coffee shops has decreased in recent years doubled. New places do not open until you close any of the existing ones, in many coffee shops do not sell alcohol, and of all such places do not look very nice and spend time there would not be desirable. There is a paradox - coffeeshops have the right to sell marijuana, but does not have the right to buy it. Heard somewhere that this year the entrance to the coffeeshops will be open only to residents of the Netherlands.

The youth sat down on the stairs, tied JDC and smoked it, developed society. If the nurse know, of course, narugaet.

The futuristic design on the waterfront.

What else is good in Amsterdam, and in the Netherlands as a whole? Flowers, especially tulips. We came upon a flower market where you can buy a variety of seedlings, or already grown flowers. Tulips at 10 euros for 50 pieces, we would have such prices, by the way, tulips - my favorite flowers =)

Shoot in stores poemu something is impossible, that I was surprised me, because the ban on filming I've never met in developed Europe.

Guys with utretsa buy flowers, and it's not March 8!

Some roots.

Seller. I could not resist and bought a pair Paet with tulip bulbs, let's see what they will grow in the spring.

Amsterdam canals can not be imagined without "vonbotov" - houseboats, which were organized from decommissioned barges and other plavstredstv, first it was the decision of the post-war housing problem, later this way of living like hippies, today this type of housing is considered prestigious - a house in the center of Amsterdam. put the stove, lounge, and enjoy the views of the old town. In the Netherlands, is not accepted to hang curtains, so the evening is very interesting to look at the windows of houseboats, obtained a small theater.

Stickers are very fond of, plastered all.

Now about gays, although Amsterdam is losing ground and is no longer a "gay capital of the world", a lot of them here, all sorts of themed places hang rainbow flag, they say, go, gays. NU and gay parades are held here, which opens mayor, in general, all tolerant and peaceful.

Fire station with beautiful logo, I would have been a fireman, proud to wear this emblem.

Local monumental street art.

In Amsterdam, be sure to ride on the canals, it's beautiful.

Hundreds of miles of canals, bridges and more than 1,500 islands about 90 allowed Amsterdam to receive the title of "Venice of the North". The city has four main channels: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

Today, the government banned install new houseboats in the canals, so as not to overpopulate main water artery of the city.

The most amazing thing in Amstedame - is skewed "model" houses, almost all of Amsterdam stands on stilts, under water, they can stay forever, but the water level drops in Kanakh happened, and this naked pile starts to rot. As a result, many homes rickety, but there was no danger, since all regulrno inspected and strengthened.

In the evening and in cloudy weather channels footage obtained dramatic and a bit dreary.

Dancing houses.


On Site.

In this frame is particularly well illustrated skewed houses.

In principle, one hour walk through the channels, you can create a visual representation of the city.

A couple of pictures to Twitter.

A man walks orange van.

Bicycles everywhere, I think so much else at the bottom of the channel.

To the building on the water is a multi-level Bicycle parking for 5,000 bicycles, where they most often stolen.

The weather was changing often, the rain is replaced by the sun, then the sun was hidden behind the clouds, and so several times a day.

More open waters of the city, there are plenty of court.

This center for children "Nemo", about him will be a separate post. In short it is something like the Polytechnic Museum for children, where everything is possible to touch, our Polytech should adopt, I myself was delighted, and the children there are worn foaming at the mouth.

The capital's roads.

Single-Blade drawbridge of Amsterdam lot.

New year ended.

The dead of winter in Amsterdam looks like.

I recently sat down hard on vinyl, bought a good player and confused on the price of vinyl and its absence in Moscow, in Amsterdam all gorgeous, a lot of record shops, leaving with a suitcase records, prices for goods plate in good condition 10 euros, modern and fresh albums can be bought for 20-40 euros.

That's the way we will have deigned fellow Amsterdam for three days in January.