The northernmost city in the world

In 2006, the case of man-made disaster (nuclear war, asteroid strikes, etc.), mankind has created a special "ark" to plant seeds. On the 120-meter depth under the ground there are 4.5 million samples of crops all over the world. The project, worth 9 million. Dollars was made ​​at the expense of Norway, and is on its territory. Storage marked out in the village of Longyearbyen on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard Arctic Ocean. It is the northernmost settlement in the world with a population of over a thousand people. In August, I went to Spitsbergen, and the first place from the beginning of my journey was the same village ...

Longyearbyen - the capital of Svalbard. The village is home to approximately 2,000 people. Near the city is the airport Svalbard - the world's northernmost airport with regular flights:

The village is located in the valley:

Part of the village is spread over the sea, part of it goes into the continent:

The terms "first sea line" is not here, near water are extremely economic and warehouse buildings. In the year of Longyearbyen is visited by about 70,000 tourists. There are two seasons - summer (now) and winter when people come to ride a snowmobile. In summer, cruise ships often come:

From the port stretches paved street with shops:

In parallel, the walking (300 meters). We can not say that it is in Norwegian clean and well appointed, but the houses in very good condition:

In the middle of the street is a monument to the miners Geologists: in fact, began development of the archipelago due to the coal industry. To this day, it employs coal mines:

All the people in this picture - the tourists:

In the distance, the house of the Norwegians, who live on the island:

There are several cafes on the street:

There is also shops with everything you need on a journey to Svalbard. The most chic is the clothing of the Swedish company "Fjall Raven". I immediately bought himself out of his pants - very comfortable and processing:

Museum of the conquest of the North Pole. I went inside, there is nothing particularly interesting is not found - just newspaper clippings and old photos without much explanation:

Four years ago in Longyearbyen arrived Chinese from Hong Kong, which began to engage in the development of Chinese tourism in Svalbard. Norwegians cool attitude to this idea, especially the young lady did not give a break. However, it has already established a huge red box Santa Claus, writing this fantastic hero to Svalbard (although, as we know, his place of residence all the way was Lapland):

The local hospital. Here first aid, and if you need to do some serious operations are sent to the mainland:

In Longiyre located University Centre in Svalbard. It was founded in 1993, and there are lessons on Arctic biology, geology, geophysics, and everything related to the Arctic. Educate in the short-term seminars for three months, 5 years in a row here do not learn:

There are a few hotels, there is even a Radisson Blu:



The remains of the first coal mine, which began with the city. Today, working in Other, far from Longiyra. On her drive to work in shifts of two weeks:

Another abandoned mine. Why then all the mines that I've seen on Svalbard, are high in the mountains. In general, it is strange: after all, coal - is a former timber, and it is unclear where it came from here in untold numbers. There is a theory that Svalbard is a "breakaway" a piece of Africa:

View of the city. In the foreground is a sundial with a bear:

View of the port of the city:

Multicolored houses - downright impossible beauty. True, it is difficult to imagine a more organic coloring that would have combined with the island:

While walking along the residential areas, he went beyond and decided to climb the hill. And suddenly I see - a deer!

It was found on the island of their livestock 10 passes for 000 special breed: they are less conventional approach deer and goats to their size. Hand is not at all, no one involved in animal husbandry. This grazing committed without fear of man:

If you look at the building in the middle, you can see a lot of white spots. It snowmobiles:

In 2000 people who live in the city, we have 3000 snowmobiles. However, a third of them rolling to tourists:

Insanely beautiful clouds.