Scandinavian holidays. Two Fjord Cruise

We walked around Stavanger, visited the oil museum, and it's time to inspect the city. This is best done, of course, from the water, so we go on a cruise along the two arms of the already familiar Boknafjord - Högsfjord and Lüsefjord.

02. The ship on which our boat trip will take place.
High-speed ferry, launched in 2012, port of home - Stavanger.

03. Lower deck.

04. The cruise begins.

05. We leave the Vogen Bay.

06. There is a stone's throw to the open sea.

07. From the water it is clearly visible that the oil museum is similar to an oil production platform.

08. High-speed ferry, launched in 2009, home port - Stavanger.
High-speed ferry, launched in 2014, home port - Stavanger.

09. Unfortunately, the vessel on the right could not be identified.
The ferry launched in 1978, the home port is Kristiansund.

10. Yacht parking.

11. Security vessel, launched in 1971, home port - Esbjerg.

12. The ship belongs to the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.
Yacht launched in 2018, port of registry - Georgetown.

13. We are approaching the City Bridge (Bybrua) opened in 1978.

14. Would you like to live in one of these houses?


16. On the left side are the islands Grasholmen (Grasholmen) and Sølyst (Sølyst).

17. We leave in Høgsfjorden ...

18. ... and we find ourselves in the municipality of Sandnes, whose name from Norwegian translates as "sandy cape". The emblem of the commune in a green field depicts a leirgauk or clay cuckoo - a primitive ocarina or flute, which in the 18th century was made in pottery workshops as an advertisement for its products.

19. In the distance on the shore you can see the village of Hommersåk.

20. Islet Fladaskjeret (Fladaskjeret).

21. The village of Vier.

22. Fish farm.

23. Tingholmen Island (Tingholmen).


25. The length of Hogsfjord is 23 kilometers, and the maximum depth is 170 meters.


27. Another fish farm.


29. High-speed ferry, launched in 2007, home port - Stavanger.




33. High-speed ferry, launched in 1990, home port - Stavanger.

34. We turn off at Lysefjorden.

35. Here we are met by the commune of Forsand and its administrative center of the same name. The name of the commune can be translated as "sticking out" or "protruding beach." Heron in a green field depicts a heron - a bird typical of these places.


37. The ferry, launched in 1999, the home port is Stavanger.

38. The length of Lucefjord is 42 kilometers, but the maximum depth is already 422 meters.

39. We pass under the Lysefjordsky bridge (Lysefjordbrua), opened in 1997.



42. We go around the island of Bergsholmen on the right.



45. They also have a tour of the fjord, only more extreme.

46. ​​The so-called gigantic cauldron is a hollow carved by vortices of water moving clastic material, usually boulders.


48. On a small piece of land, surrounded by cliffs, is the restaurant "Lysefjord-Helleren", which can only be reached by water.


50. The cave of Fantaholo (Fantahålå), whose name can be translated as "wandering." At one time, all sorts of criminals loved to hide here, and now this is another tourist attraction. Upon examination, the captain must include the composition of Edward Grieg "In the Cave of the Mountain King."


52. Waterfall formed by the river Revson (Revsåna).


54. On a small piece of land, which can only be reached by boat, local farmers bring their goats to graze for the summer. Animals do not experience a lack of food, because they are constantly fed by teams of passing ships.


56. Do not share your lunch with a seagull :)


58. The 604-meter-high rock Preikestolen, also known as the pulpit. I will tell you more about it in the next post.

59. The extreme, but not the final point of our route is Hengjanefossen waterfall.

60. The height of the waterfall formed by the Hengjandå River is 400 meters.


62. Well, we turn around and go back.

63. The ferry, launched in 1978, the home port - Pray.

64. High-speed ferry, launched in 2009, home port - Stavanger.



67. Support vessel, year of launching unknown; port of registry - Stavanger.

We go ashore in the village of Oanes, so that after a short break we go to conquer the pulpit. But I’ll talk about this next time, so don’t switch!
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