Ngapali, Myanmar

Morning. Waking up, went to the beach and saw a picture.

Absolutely deserted beach. Clear blue sea and white sand crunchy underfoot.   Come see what we have in our hotel. It turned out that it has anything even rent motorbikes that Myanmar is very cool. Truth and price sickly, something like $ 10 per hour. A small tour of the Amata. The main entrance.

Pass reception, library and go down the hall to the pool.

That's pool, and a restaurant around it.

Breakfast. The food is decent. Huge selection of tasty and cooked. Russian tourists have seen, I immediately recognized for their tracksuits and stone faces. For six days they never said hello, and welcome tried not to pay attention. Foreign tourists much friendlier.

Along the beach built a wooden bridge through which funny palm trees.

And here's houses, buried in greenery.

This is our house.

Two walls entirely of glass. Inside is simple and cozy. Condo, refrigerator, TV set, every day cleaning clean linen, towels and bathrobes. Bathrobes especially liked sorry not utoschili.  

Bathroom also student's record. Everything is clean neat and very peaceful.  

Garden at home.

Amata fleet.

After breakfast we went to the only street and walked toward the fishing village. House next door.

And a lot of places right on the shoreline. Soon it will all be built on hotels.

The main and only street.

Was hot, and the forces left us. Until we reached the village. Turned to the sea and again found themselves on a deserted beach.

Immediately showed a restaurant on the rocks. Drank juices. Chatted with the waiter. According to him in the evenings it offers a beautiful view of the coast.

Vodicka is very clean, even on the shore.

Rыbatskie boats.

Man in Krosno headdress, and not only him, every day wandering along the beach and collect garbage stones and shells, as a result of beach became unnaturally clean. 

Dogs waiting for the fisherman. Coming out of the sea, a fisherman on the shore to shake network and instantly dogs eat the small fish.

So we got to our beach, where a bamboo showers and massage booths.

The only drawback was cool Vodicka morning, noon, she warmed up to a comfortable temperature. Rest of the day lain on the beach. Luxuriated in the sun and splashing in the sea.

The day passed quickly. Evening came. Sunsets are not Goan, but still nothing.

We had dinner in kafeke on against Amato, called the two brothers. One finished, the second takes. Mental guys fed us delicious lobster, and with all inhabitants of the seas, and we taught them how to make a mojito. Very fun sat. The next day walking along the beach to the other side, but the camera did not take with them. We got to the rocks at the end of the beach. To the side of a tusovoe place dvizhushi more and more people in general. Once they took a boat ride to the islands, according to snorklili.

One day went to Thandwe, Ngapali nearest large settlement. We drove as usual in the back of the Toyota Dune. But fun and with a breeze! 

This bus is rotten through and through.

It was assumed that in Thandwe we get into the market, but was not that day, and the market was closed. Well, there is nothing to walk around, eat some canned food such as our sprats in tomato sauce. Then we went to learn from the private sector, to see how people live. Often seen drying fish. On a large pan fry dried on a small octopus. Under octopuses dormant crafty cat.

Once went to the temple, located on the mountain. The temple itself somehow in the pictures did not hit. Photos of the road to the temple.

In Ngapali, as in many provinces of the main means of transportation is a wooden cart drawn by cows. On the sand track is clearly visible from the cart.

Most of the time we did performed near water. Sipping cocktails and looking at the sea. Sometimes we passed by students returning from school.

In my opinion, it should look like a nice beach vacation. It is not overloaded with tourists Thai, Myanmar has few tourists and you can retire. Relax your body and soul. Other tourists we saw only at a luncheon where they disappeared the day for me is still a mystery.   

After spending three weeks in Myanmar, we do not have time to see everything we wanted. But we managed to have fun, meet interesting people and most importantly have a good rest. In Myanmar, it is definitely one of those countries where necessarily need to go and the sooner the better. The world is changing and places that have not touched much globalization is becoming smaller. Especially because in visiting Myanmar wonderfully exotic blends, safety and relatively high cost.