4000 Islands Part 1

There are in the south of the wonderful country of Laos is a wonderful place - 4000 islands, Si Phan Don (Xi Pan Don), as the locals call this place. 
At this point the path Mekong long - long blocked the exits hardwood, natural water holes found and eventually squandered them, but these holes appeared mgogo and now already not very narrow at this point of the Mekong spreads nearly 15 miles, but not clean water surface, and a plurality of ducts peremeshku with many islands, with many channels with very specific and quite beautiful waterfalls. Number of islands is heavily dependent on the time of year - the level of the Mekong jumps here about ten meters. For this reason, local zadolbalis considered the island, and decided that they just 4000, it's easier. Local generally love all rounded, especially exchange rates for them in the correct direction. Actually, equipped for white islands, ie housing, Bukhalkov buns and other islands of the 4000 is not too much, especially the wonderful island of Don Khon, rather, two islands connected by a bridge museum. Day local charge a fee for the use of this museum piece, but what is funny, to the value of beer. Include this is the beer in the cost of visiting, such as the Thais in their Bayoke-Sky, Laotians have not yet guessed.

To get to the 4000 islands can be trite and stupid at Lokhovsky from Pakse, on the bus, or just too isposhlivshis, by taxi. Unlike Europe and Cambodia, where many come to move back to the delights of the ancient design of Antiquities in Laos look poschti nothing, and the main features of interest are the local life, and this is not a zoo and circus, as in India, and an easy and fast way to learn the right to rest and live netoropyas, without bustle and nervousness. Taxi same, bringing you to the desired point quickly, all jokes environment you virtually isolates. You do not bet when watching movies on the very end, although it is faster. I would do all who rushes in any of our capitals, beeping in traffic jams and choking in the subway, to forcibly sent here, to the country of victorious socialism to Buddhism correctional rest, not on the reservation of "all inclusive" and right in the family to local, right directly into the center leisurely razdolbaystva, in at least a week. 

Actually here it is, North Bus Terminal in  Pakse, everything is simple and clear numbers, signs, route maps in Russian, yeah.
With our multiplied by driving their English, we should have been clearly be killed at the beginning of the trip, right in the morning, but good English speaking manager Tuktuk seems called, where necessary, and at the correct bus we have almost met with the orchestra. Generally, this point is very positively characterizes local service, they realize that the main thing - the solution of the whole problem, that is, do not take us to the bus station and throw it to understand, and there could not care less, and push us in the right bus, that's for sure left.
And, by the way on the grass. With Grass everything is good and the beer too, but more on this later, already on the island. Beer, local, bottles and very well imagine, at the bus station, of course, there, you just have a little poryskat. All other delights gently spread directly on the bus. That's a long, package - French roll, evil colonialists in their local time at this mess hoisted. Face saleswoman closed not because loaves long withered and poisoned, but simply sunbathe here for some strange reason unfashionable. But in general they are all here on the nature of dark, so I very doubtful that will be visible at least some difference. Interestingly, if the same zamatyvat day by day African saleswoman, she did eventually turn white? 

That's what I like about the local bus, so it's relaxed attitude to the fact of the presence of the baggage of the passenger. Think. my bike would not cause any problems at all.
Poproduyte immersed in a minibus that any volume, for example, is great in a case in the same Moscow. I somehow managed to cram as even two, but it was really difficult. 

Here it is - a typical passenger typical local bus with his typical modest bagazhikom. Our grandmothers with their baby carts on wheels children nervously smoking.

Local also smoke, but calm and melancholy. And they drink, but also sluggish and relaxed. Achё, no restrictions on the sale, moonshine vodka and allowed the store cheaper beer, stupid rush nowhere. 

Slowness of local transport annoying the first half, then imbued with the convenience of this approach - it is impossible to miss. We managed to walk, drink a beer, and then reset it to drink, and this despite the fact that the bus especially for us, as it were almost braked on the phone.

Hard to believe, but we're going. Stalls in the bus as many as three, Laotians slender and easy climb.

On the road with motorcyclists overtake umbrellas. Umbrella - from sunburn. I wonder if they understand the meaning of a typical European vacation - the beach and sunbathing on it?

A transfer from bus to the water wheel. Local taxis can not swim, unlike, for example, Nizhny Novgorod minibuses.
Yes, and it is important to discuss exactly the name of the target of the island. The island of Don Khong Island and Don Khon - different island, but at the local sound the same piece of paper with a pen to help you. In general, you want a flat island with bridges, railways and Paravozov rather than an island with the hill and the radio tower, which is slightly upstream. Our friends brought to the wrong island, they sensed a trick, on the go from the boat began to call a specialist in Moscow, and a good boatman stopped the engine, so as not to interfere with the important conversation. And when the conversation ended successfully, the boatman pulled the cord, and found him in his hands, a little surprised. A key to the 12 he, and our friends are not there. A boatman urgently vyzvonennye friends immediately went to rescue all, but the most optimistic of calculations it appeared that the flow can catch a boat to carry unguided waterfall a little earlier arrival of rescuers. Europeans would be in a similar situation would have uncovered cameras waiting for rescue personnel and steep waterfall with non-standard terms, our abruptly finished off all the booze, broke down the shops and dogrebli to the nearest shore, where he waited for a tow truck.

As well, and on land, the local "pedestrians" engaged in the business, and white with a camera do not pay attention.

Modest bushes near the water.

Almost all accommodation on the island called Sunset view and Sunrise view. We chose what more will come.

The most successful of view just buhalok, with beer.

On the contrary proved countless miniostrovkov, some with a small beach, we took a beer, threw clothes and swam in Bukhalkov sunbathe on one such small beach while the sun was still high. For obvious reasons of pictures and small beach with small beach, no, I did not learn to swim with fotikom and beer at the same time. The following footage is simply their Bukhalkov.

For at this point is weak, rowing thrust is enough. Local fishermen check the network for just any fish. This fish almost immediately will be available for eating in many restaurants on the island.

Separate eager fishermen (even Laotians are impatient, being fishermen !!!) rush the net swims in fish.

Mekong (which river) for beer is especially beautiful at sunset.

And just after sunset.

Diversity for the evening, we went to walk and eat at any other restaurant, with a flashlight. on the island of concrete the darkness.
As suddenly appeared, swimming with a beer on the neighboring island is not the norm for local vacationers, and the very first greeted the company already knew us in the face and called out to dine with them.
Here it is, our international company, clockwise:
One Russian unit on the other hand, the second sitting with a spoon, two Germans, two Swiss, Chilean, then another, the Scots were tightened, but the unit I did not get more, so it does not accidentally prodolbalsya.
And by the way, on the grass: 
Laos locally called LAO.
The local brew is also called LAO.
Tincture of local brew on grass called Lao Lao. It seems like there is more Lao Lao LAO, but recognize that it is and try I stupidly did not dare. Well, then there's a cold beer at all angles and you can drink it all day long.

For those who heroically mastered and is capable of more - the second part, which is a large waterfall here: