Gili Nanggu or where to swim next to Bali

We love to wake up to the sound of the surf, the sun shines directly into the eyes, like when close to home is a good reef and turquoise water boils tropical life. It turned out that it was easier to start to get acquainted with the country of Bali. In search of a good beach only had that run east without looking back! 40 selected images under the cut.

The entire southern part of the island - one big lump of asphalt, luxury hotels and exhaust, strictly focused on non-stop wringing money from foreign nationals without a chance here. Unfortunately, people are always trying to turn any place with unspoiled nature into a tourist attraction, as happens to all the once unique places fit for tourism. When cheerfully and joyfully say that Pattaya was a poor fishing village, but now there almost charters fly me always feel sad, because neither I nor you do not have time to go there, and the beauty and uniqueness gone forever. As before in Goa, on the Tao, or in Sihanoukville Paglao ... Long nudet not planned, it just had to utter for the understanding necessary to us the atmosphere and overall motivation to go that far.

I do not want to offend anyone, but I do not know what this place is so excites the brain of our people. I think it's fashion. The only profit - waves, but what the hell - the airport, the city, traffic jams and the beach does not fit in my head. Spirituality can still be local, but we must always keep in mind that this is a spoiled Australian dollars and rubles Reserve, has little in common with the rest of the country. Volcanoes? Also by it to Java or Sumbawa. The main thing - do not hesitate to destroy invented image and admit it even to himself.

Balinese Hinduism is well known for its ritual offerings that are designed to maintain harmony between the world of gods and men. And how would you this nice not tell, do not let the local taxi drivers and impudent bully price. Port carrier with Balinese named Wayan happily informed me that he can afford to bring up three children immediately. For the most part pricing asked Australians here to Darwin's just a couple of hours flight. Bali this is the southern hemisphere and the water in the sink, according to legend, is twisted in the opposite direction than in the northern hemisphere. Tried twice turned in the opposite ours, from the point of view of physics refute-I can not prove.

The general feeling - in Indonesia dirty, in distant provinces very dirty. Plus, on Lombok and East Java, male Muslims everywhere to smoke cheap cigarettes, local, very smelly, absolutely not hesitate to do so, for example, in buses, immediately throwing cigarette butts on the floor. The taste of tobacco is very strong, for the sake of interest to smoke one cigarette completely I could not. The interested reader is this nonsense going to want to ask, what the hell are we doing here? In the photo port waiting room, pier Padang Bay, Bali. We're heading towards the Muslim island of Lombok, in the port are all very in Indonesian and quite a self-sufficient - industrial air conditioning, garbage, filthy toilet and tobacco smoke.

If Balinese bay there are no waves and a sandy beach, make sure you are boats. The guide about the bay and diving nearby were good reviews, apparently not impressed. Constantly hung over the island of thick white veil, I hope when the sun here enjoyable. Meanwhile, the promised hour before the ferry slowly turns into a half, and then in two. During this time I had almost everything in this life - got acquainted with all local Pomogalov (every second imposed some crazy tracks and prices, from Sumatra to Irian Jaya) and personally interact with all vendor port, one was able to soften us a bag of chips.

The best places on the ferry - the second floor overlooking the side of Bali, it's not full of smoke, blowing wind and maybe a chance to see the sun falling behind the volcano. The port produces a painful impression, just like any other. Details of the pier and ferry regularly in contact with sea water, quickly covered with a thick layer of rust, as artifacts of the lost civilization. All of this post-apocalyptic mood pumps and light horror of knowing in what we're trying to get a hole. A turquoise water here.

It is the first time I cheated, but then guided iron "a drop of Russian land to the enemy" (c) I firmly chopping off the shoulder "GIVE reel of Bloody chip price" and sometimes "Ouen Doll notes fakin mo", but less frequently. Despite the sneaky deception conscience granny is not tormented, until the departure of it as a thoroughbred race horse, galloped up the stairs two steps, and even with the delivery of distributed and open a bottle with one hand. But it could become a successful driver of the bus, was not enough to only thug Indonesian music.

The island location and developed ferry service along not weakly stimulate the development of amateur and sports fishing in the country. A few hours held telephoto ready, trying to capture the first meager fishing tears of happiness, but did not wait for trophies. Any qualified angler knows that trolling - one of the most promising directions and catchability of fishing, but today sportsmen anglers desperately unlucky. Nevertheless, I consider many hours of team performance as efficient ferry - a couple of times, mining escaped from the hands of the very last moment.

Promised by the same ticketing cashier three o'clock transition stretched for six, the day came to an end, and I still could not forgive himself for his grandmother's three rolls for 100,000 rupees and continued to blame themselves. Before sunset seemed Bali Agung handsome, slightly lift your mood. Then we crossed the line of Wallace, which is an imaginary boundary between natural areas in Asia and Oceania. In Oceania, the first was not, on this occasion I decided to start a new life and not continue to give all of descent, essentially trading for every rupee spent. Usually people date back to the top of one hundred and fifty breakfast. But we have something you already know that this money can hire four brawny peppers with Lombok and brand new, just gold-plated, double portable throne.

Even in complete darkness ferry moored in the port Lembar Lombok. Indonesian Muslims that all six o'clock jammed arak and roamed the ferry lurched cheerfully jumped up on their bikes and raced off into the night towards the north of the island. At the exit from the pier sat on his haunches skukozhenny Indonesian and relish sipping coffee slush, something like our 3 to 1. After hearing about the money, threw the coffee and in 15 minutes we grow together a small fishing boat to Nanggu. Those who sank at night in tropical seas will understand me perfectly. All this time I was trying to catch the excitement bright phosphorescent plankton particles, instantly leaving through your fingers together with sea water. Low double boat allowed to throw up in the warm waves and blissfully kayfovat. Night sea stunningly beautiful!

Upon arrival, of course, no one ever met. Fisherman killed the engine and the boat gently nuzzled coral sand. After jumping as Jack Sparrow, a little mandrazhiruya, I went to the light somewhere closer to the center of the island. The entire staff gathered in the restaurant and enthusiasm pouted cards - lived on the island, only one couple that was leaving early in the morning and our appearance for all was an absolute surprise. "Perhaps, eat today will not work, sir." Who knows, maybe better to book in advance and place of hibernation, and maybe not worth it. In case of refusal could see the neighboring island Keddis or sleep on a wild beach under the stars, which is also in itself is not bad. Socialize, settled, opened a couple of bottles of Bintang ... And life is getting better! That's how we became briefly budgetary Robinson.

Morning walk on a thin layer of volcanic sand, the ocean reclaimed a regular coral. Two or three good waves and no longer visible traces, sand again black. After cloudy weather Bali is a place definitely seemed like paradise.

Man with a fine spiritual organization perceives the world differently. He is more vulnerable, sensitive and receptive. He will consider it for hours, by which all others will be finding the object of his observation indescribable charm. It is easy to offend, because it is emotional beyond measure, but these strong emotions will help him better understand or feel that others are not available (c)

Ta-tadam tatatatatata-tadam suddenly came boat with snorkelers. The interested reader should always remember what to take with bikini in Muslim Indonesia is like a stick doctoral sausage in cattery and swim naked definitely can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Local good-natured, but for some reason they do not bathe a kilometer away from us, but only a couple of meters in principle? Courageously accept the fire itself, distract local camera and here we have found a great Kompashki jump off the pier.

A gymnast is not it? Without removing the jacket parry - not a gymnast! A little later brought another boat Indonesians, snorkelers and a couple of European grandmothers in a restaurant. From now on the balance of forces of good and evil on the island broken.


Tyts tyts!

Tydyts! He would be in Cirque du Soleil!

Peace! Patsantrэ igraэ!

In Indonesia, home to nearly 230 million Muslims and only about 4 million Hindus in Bali. Thus, it is the largest Muslim country in the world.

It's hard to believe, but near the island of Lombok, a little higher in the mountains, the night temperature can easily drop to five degrees. It would seem that the equator! And no, Indonesia is full of surprises.

It has long been brewing question, but as a Muslim provinces with strong alcohol? Use these good guy? In my opinion, Indonesian arrack especially for local fans, the smell worse Turkish anisette. Local wine disgusting, Bintang beer is also not particularly impressive. There is also a local brew called TUAC rumored found near Toba and in Kalimantan, there is not seen.

Almost complete absence of the legal and other constraints gave rise to an unprecedented level of violence and lawlessness of destructive forces. Vector of evil not only disturb the harmony of the island Nanggu, but also affected the rest of the world!

Post-apocalyptic pier on the basis of the foam boards, and easily stand for another hundred years. The attentive reader will certainly mark for myself that it is from this pier jumping those lovely gentlemen. About an hour later they sailed and we were alone again.

Fish on the reef here is not prohibited. Can often be found dangling network entangled in coral gardens or what was left of them.

Equator. Some trees. It was the third day of our trip to Indonesia. How amazing is the world, damn it!

Bungalow with a towel on the second floor - our house, windows face east in the morning and the sun is shining. Beneath bungalow - arbor and shower. All are thoroughly imbued with the sun and sea air. Rooms are bright, from the furniture just an old chest of drawers and a huge four-poster bed.

No one suspects that by the evening sea thirty meters away, exposing the green algae and sea urchins. This, of course, not Pangan tides when you can go to the sea good three hundred meters, but the beach is significantly transformed.

Happiness is!

Starfish not zagoryayut coral beaches, but sometimes throws surf. This Blue Link, can live at depths of up to 60 meters.

Continuing the theme of marine animals. Clam ate avid trigger triggerfish, ocean and shell caught and brought to shore with surf.

Towards evening, the water goes and you can try to get around the island in a circle, it is enough to twenty minutes.

Pathetic attempt to copy the ad poster of corporate magazine AirAsia. Let the reader not to confuse the picture, with Indonesia, it has very little to do and is no exception. Good bathing places in the central part of the country can be counted on the fingers. North Sumatra, Sumbawa, Irian Jaya - not a joke, is not always pleasant and comforting.

Sometimes, you get up in the morning, go out on the balcony, and there is a palm tree growing on the ocean. And used to go out - dark, cold, and a crowd of 1500 partially neat resin local Indonesian shag, if not sing songs.

Hello everyone!

Living under a rock the whole herd of huge crabs. Evening light on this side of the island to be very good!

After twice evaded the island in a circle, get bored and want to go rather watch what waterfalls, volcanoes and Muslim heartland. Be patient, the reader, will soon go high-quality photographic material!

Strongly suspect that the black sand is fractured by water and wind lava. Looks like an ordinary Siberian black earth, nothing special.

And then we left and beautiful beach pictures over. Then there were the northern and Gili (you can not arrange a coral islands, they were simply a pity), Lombok, Bali all around and East Java, but most of these luxurious beach beds are not met. Nearby there is a very steep island Kedis, general statements about him not, by types out there about the same plus live corals recovered - nowadays it is almost a rarity! Close to Nanggu and a little closer to Lombok was a floating house, could live in a hut on the turquoise water than not a dream? Do not hesitate to share the good places! Thank you for reading!