Hungarian thermal springs Heviz, Balaton and Budapest around 4 days

Our trip to Hungary began heroically - once we have passed the security check, both on the scoreboard came the announcement that our flight is delayed for five hours! It turned out that in Hungary strike engineers serving the aircraft. Went to look for, where to wait. Found a closing restaurant with very comfortable chairs and sofas, settled, the husband with the child lay down to sleep, and I decided that at 8pm life has just begun, free internet and found stuck in LJ. As promised the scoreboard, we flew half past night, flew on without any problems. In the hotel filled up at the airport closer to 4 am, has been plunged into a taxi, and saw that the hotel shuttle - very successfully. When we arrived at the hotel, when we visited people at the reception and Auntie asked with surprise that we really want to settle? We really wanted to. We were given a room, quickly brought a crib and we lay down to sleep the whole family. Hévíz and thermal springs on the day of arrival, as gathered, went to the Balaton. I chose a hotel in the town of Heviz (Heviz), which is famous for Europe's largest thermal lake. The lake hit three sources, two thermal and one mineral. Hot thermal springs, so that in the summer the water around the lake about 33 degrees, climb very comfortable in the winter, say, 26. Choose hotel right next to the lake. Evening settled, had dinner and went for a walk. Well bought mosquito repellent, in Hungary a lot of them. Means working fine - walking around people who badly plagued by mosquitoes, some we shared ours. That same evening, I decided that I like in Heviz and extended the hotel for another night - did not want our encampment somewhere else to move. The next day, took advantage of a voucher issued by the hotel, to visit the thermal baths. The cost of the hotel was part of a voucher for three hours every day. In vain we were afraid that we will not start with a child - perfectly allowed, but said they would not recommend it to bathe in the thermal water. Well, we knew it themselves. For malyshni The complex has a great splash. After the baby is plenty napleskalsya, we went to another part of the complex with all sorts of jacuzzi and sauna. In this part you have to buy an extra ticket, which extends the time spent in the complex for two hours. So in total, had been there for five hours, even going so long, but it was very good. In all basins, in my opinion, thermal water, so the type is super-helpful. Another unravel the mystery why people in the thermal baths came with inflatable wheels and foam sticks to the pool: nice swim in the lake a little longer, and long hold special perch is not too convenient. And I swim, personally, about 10 minutes longer I can not. A tetechki-uncle in their circles for an hour stuck in the water. The lake is due to the high temperature of the water are found only small fish and grow lilies. And since there are no other animals - it is written that the water has a slight antibacterial properties and any bacteria in the water do not live. In general, the lake because of the sources is updated every 28 hours, so that the water is clear. Only swim pieces of land, which, according to the brochures, and did not land, but terribly useful therapeutic mud, which together make wraps. I really wanted to try it, but the time was not enough, and in English the staff speak little complex, more likely to find a Russian-speaking.

Hotel in Heviz
But generally the most thermal pool I liked at our hotel - here you sit there and nose Do you hear - hydrogen sulfide and you know, that's it, good. We went in the morning and evening. There you can include water under pressure on the back, hydromassage. Water changes every day and is pumped from the thermal lake. But I do not really understand why the hotel so it smells like, and in the lake not at all. Back in our hotel, I found out, in case you go to receive medical treatment, you can buy a tour with treatment, buy, say, for 7 days, on arrival you examined by a doctor and prescribes treatment. The price includes two treatments per day + 3 hours in the thermal baths. It is recommended to go for days 20. You can be treated, but you can just heals and smarten up with all sorts of masks and body wraps. The hotel in Heviz was designated as chetyrehzvedochny. Basically clean, breakfast and dinner are rather weak, there is more to this place I would like to improving something more diet, but eat is what. The choice, of course, compared to the inclusiveness of hotels, modest pair of meats, side dishes and a salad of fresh vegetables, but do not stay hungry. In addition, the city is full of restaurants and you can buy a very good fruit. Overall had a great time, and on the evening planned to travel to the town of Keszthely (Keszthely) Balaton. Balaton from Hévíz Keszthely to go just about ten minutes. First of all decided to go to the palace princes Festetics. Very nice, and the outside and the inside. In the palace, as in some museums in Russia, issue felt slippers. Unfortunately, quite a stare that does not photographed, but the Internet is full of pictures. Around the palace - a wonderful park, as told to the guide, first planned as French, and then turned into English, which apparently can be interpreted as "overgrown". But very cute, beautiful flowers, there is a pond with goldfish, grottoes. In the palace is a children's music school, so when we sat down to drink coffee in a cafe palace, the windows were heard children's Exercise, very cute.

Actually, I thought that Keszthely - very musical city. On the main pedestrian street girls standing violinist with the town hall instead of the striking also played music.

From the palace on a pedestrian street through the park we went to Lake Balaton. From all of Keszthely, and indeed the Hungarian trip, got the feeling some absolutely tranquility and relaxation. You walk down the alley around the rotunda - beauty. Park alley gradually transformed into coastal restaurants and shops and rests on the lake. As we have come a little late, and nakupalis that day well, a paid beach did not go, and went to the pier from which the boats sailed cute. Chose a trip to Lake Balaton at sunset, waited for our steamer sailed. Trip lasted half an hour, very nice, on the ship all give a glass of champagne, but for the extra money a grill. I have long found out that for the grill, as it is necessary to pay for it even on the beach, but happiness is not ordered - turned burgers and sausages. Well, he was pleased sunset on the lake, especially the abundance of a variety of little ships that are beautifully slid over the darkening water.

Fortress Sümeg
The next day we left and went to Hévíz side of Budapest. On the way, necessarily decided to call in the fortress of Sümeg (Sumeg), and then how it goes. Leave your car in the parking lot and decided to make use of the bus, otvozyaschey visitors to the fortress. The road, in principle, for long, but would like to climb on foot. Fortress - one of the most famous in Hungary, built in the 11th century. The fracture, the recovery site. Climb interesting. The castle spend any costumed presentation, ride horses on the children. It is cute. From the walls overlooking the red roofs of the town, coming from the bottom of the hill. Near the castle is a very good restaurant Var Csarda. As promised a guide, the restaurant is small and it is absolutely wonderful sundeck. The food there is excellent, and indeed the Hungarian cuisine has made ​​me a very good impression. As I understand it, it is famous for meat dishes. All of the restaurants menu was quite summer: goulash soup, stew, or a variety of grilled meat. In the hotel for breakfast gave us delicious sausages. It seems to say that everything is very fat, but if you catch a potato with meat fat (waiter stared in disbelief at such a mockery of the dish) - wonderful.

Veszprem and Szekesfehervar
Before Budapest, drove back in two cities on the way, Veszprem (Veszprém) and Székesfehérvár (Székesfehérvár). In Veszprem reached the monument Istvan and Gizella over a cliff, stared at the wedding and drove on. The town, like, and ancient, but nothing special to watch. But again, just wander around - great. Still, I fed up with the wagon European cities attractions. I'm getting old. In Veszprem, as we walked down the street to a monument Istvan and Gizella, we caught up with watering machine. Just some childhood memory move. And when she traveled - there is such a wonderful feeling of freshness that we sat on a bench and just sat rejoicing. Then they went on the last plan Szekesfehervar (totally unpronounceable names and often impossible to guess how to read). Too cute, very interesting monuments grandmother with a trolley and a harlequin above the street, but the forces have been enough, and dusk, so go get a hotel in Budapest.

Budapest Hungary, as I understand it, love the water. In Budapest almost every second hotel with all sorts of water complexes. Chose the one in the center, and right in the morning went swimming, I pootmokala in thermal water, but somehow after all this is Hévíz quite impressive. Although all the columns, and stained glass basins, of course, the beautiful, and the hotel itself is quite monumental. There are separate thermal pools for men and women and the general outdoors. If you do not live in a hotel, you can buy a ticket and come to rest in, and many seem to do so.

After water treatment went to see a little of Budapest. Even the night before we traveled a bit around the city, and in this day decided to call up the hill from the citadel, and then went to wander through the old town. Like, slazit the catacombs. Old Town cute and spooky catacombs. They are called the labyrinth, you run without a guide and go, anywhere. That is, as I understand it, is not there do not you come, which is not necessary, but still somehow unpleasant. Very dark and sometimes arranged sculptures. You are almost at the incident, and if the incident is not passing by and the feeling that someone is standing next to. Unpleasant. Even in the catacombs have rock paintings, some stones, as I understand it, all real. Well, the author of the exposition joked in one part of the catacombs spread mobile phone, some traces of shoes and tires, stopped all the "age-old" dust and wrote that all this type excavated through many hundreds of years and that the descendants found no trace of something or or spiritual, solid wealth.

On this cheerful note our visit to Hungary over, once again drove to his friends and left in an airport hotel. Flight home was early in the morning. Once again I decided for myself that we had planned a trip - it was very correct. Capital and largest city is already pretty fed up, but the small towns and places for relaxing me now very pleased.