The transport system in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, by itself, has a highly developed transport system with an emphasis on public transport type. It is only natural that more than 80% of all trips are made ​​by public transport it. The transport system includes probably all possible, except air traffic, everything else is: rail transport (MTR), which unites the subway, commuter and intercity electric (KCR), bus, ferry, two-storey tram, taxi, and even a cable car escalator lift. So a taxi. It's fairly inexpensive and common form of transport. Machinery though look unattractive, but in reality they are no more than three years, and then changed to a new one. Traveled from the airport is by taxi, the driver was worried about "traffic jam", but he is not familiar with these Moscow traffic jams and it took only 45 minutes, which can be considered a good result.

For vehicles built large and comfortable roads and interchanges, but in general, travel by car quite uncomfortable. No such spacious sidewalks to park her his iron wagon:-)

The cheapest form of transport - tram. The first thing that comes to mind is why these rattletrap not replaced by something more modern. Indeed, this type of transport is a very different era. In addition, he did not for a high white people who are in it bent or beating his head against the railings. But on the other hand the price of travel such that you can and forget about the inconvenience.

A pointer to the tram stop.

Immediately it should be said about pedestrians. Because Hong Kong - a former British colony, then there is movement, respectively, the left. Therefore, at pedestrian crossings can be found such reminders, as in London, but in addition to words in English characters.

Even signs for pedestrians on the sidewalk repair areas are the same as in the UK.

And this is a purely authentic pointer, the essence of which remained unsolved.

The bus is comparable to the popularity of the tram, but it is much more convenient.

These different stops.

For quick trips over long distances there is nothing better than the subway. In Hong Kong, it is clean, beautiful and comfortable. Pointer subway quite interesting.

Entrance to the subway.

Machines to purchase tickets and recharge cards. By the way, it is best to use replenished cards. They can be obtained at the box office, leaving a small deposit that is returned in exchange for the card. Name cards also invented uncomplicated - Octopus, by analogy with English Oyster. Borrow the best:-)

Navigation is such that it is difficult to understand or do not get lost.

And this is the world's longest outdoor escalator Central Mid Levels Escalator, which daily transports about 60 thousand. Man and passes through the fashionable areas of Hong Kong, among the expensive shops and restaurants. Its length is about 800 meters, and it can lift 135 meters up. For comparison - the longest escalator Metro - about 128 meters and lifting height - about 63 meters, is located at the metro station "Victory Park" Moscow metro. The escalator is not continuous, it is divided into a plurality of sectors, crosses the street, in a few places you can go and get into the city. Every morning this street escalator descends residents to work on the place of residence, but at a certain time changes its direction to the opposite. This is one of the measures to combat the city authorities with traffic jams.

Water transport is mainly used to move between the islands, but you can reach further. For example, the water we arrived in Macau - another autonomous territory within the PRC. About Macao is a separate story.

That is all. See you in the air! The next post will be dedicated to Macau - Asian Las Vegas.