Moving around Hong Kong

I was surprised to learn that most of my readers prefer bogomerzkih Los Angeles to Hong Kong! Probably I ineptly describe the delights of Hong Kong and the PR machine of Hollywood too good at what he does. Well, I'll try again.

Today I will tell you how you can move on to Hong Kong, because it is bigger and more diverse than it looks!
Hong Kong is rich in public transport. So the quantity will be difficult to boast of other cities. Yet if you are in the heart of Hong Kong, it is best to move on it on foot. In downtown, along the coast of Victoria Bay, where all the newest skyscrapers and business centers, on foot it is necessary to go to the second floor.

Hong Kong's financial center covers the whole chain of transitions and bridges leading pedestrians above the ground (and above the traffic jams and transitions). This is such a giant flyover, which is so widespread that transforms ground level in a kind of basement!

This system is called the Central Elevated Walkway System. Her transitions and bridges connect almost all the downtown buildings. Here is a diagram of only one part of it:

The second floor are the continuation of the network - there are cafes and boutiques, but also open access for pedestrians, just walking through. Tourists here even photographed on the memory!

These transitions - the best way to walk the downtown. As far as I am opposed to the above-ground crossings in other places, the scale of this network makes it a new street level. Here you can walk kilometers without going down to the ground!

Transitions even connected with escalator street that climbs up to the Mid-Levels! It is possible to get out of the aero-express train, and going down on the earth's surface to rise half-way to the top of Victoria Peak!
So remember: in downtown walk better on top, above the traffic jams.

* * *
As you can see in the photo above, the main participants in Hong Kong plugs - red taxi. Bright red taxis in Hong Kong are one of its most recognizable symbols. It is also the most numerous participants of traffic on the central island. Sometimes other cars around at all is not visible.

Hong Kong taxi will take you almost anywhere in Hong Kong, even on some of the other islands. But they are not cheap - cost about as we have in New York: $ 22HK for the first 2km (almost $ 3), but still have to pay extra for luggage and pets! Though the central distances are often very large machines have a lot of wagging. The vast majority of them produces the Toyota. Front and rear in a green semicircle is written, how many passengers they fit (mostly five, but sometimes four).

Price - not the only thing that Hong Kong taxis have to do with New York. As well as their yellow counterparts, the red cars are incredibly photogenic, and paint any picture. It is a simple rule for the novice photographer - every shot will be better if you add to it the Hong Kong red taxis. Here's a look ... There is a taxi:

There are taxis:

According to my opinion there is a difference speaks for itself. Who does not believe that a taxi is much more beautiful, can first throw a stone at me.
By the way in addition to the red taxis in Hong Kong, there is also green. Here again a parallel with New York - green taxis operate only in the New Territories - Hong Kong is on the areas of the north, bordering with the mainland, due to which the British were forced to return to the territory in 1997.

In contrast, it is NY, Hong Kong taxi is slightly cheaper green red.

More are blue taxis, they go to the island of Lantau. But green and blue minority, somewhere 80% of the red taxi and go to the center.
Hong Kong residents do not want to use a taxi to yourselves private cars. Owning machine here rather expensive, so that the vast majority of them are cool cool cars. Which makes sense to buy a car deshovenkuyu if still have the full spread for parking permits and various fees?

Many cars are taxed in Hong Kong 100% tax, to reduce the amount of emissions in the city. That is why Hong Kong is very popular Tesla that such a tax can not be. Such a large number of electric vehicles, in Mid-Levels, I was nowhere in the world is no longer seen.

Tesla entered the Hong Kong market in just six years ago, but it has already become one of their most important.
* * *
And for us, the tourists, which the bakery on the taxi ride, there is public transport. The most famous of them, the double-decker trams - another icon of Hong Kong. They go only along the coast of Victoria Bay, but still connected with several popular tourist areas. Streetcar system for more than 110 years. Travel costs $ 2.30HK (somewhere 30 US cents), regardless of the distance - it's the cheap transport throughout Hong Kong.
Trams fully paste ads that partly allows to keep the prices so low.

Often you can see two or three tram row, have risen close to each other at the traffic lights. They are so close to a handful that you might think that it is single-ended cars. But double compositions here does not happen, and the triple and even more so.

Entrance to the trams are always behind, and out - always on the front. Most certainly trump a place on the second floor in front of the conductor.

Payment is made at the exit.
* * *
In addition to double-decker trams in the city as well go double-decker buses, but it is somehow less interesting.

But I have never been to them.
* * *
The second is the cheapest transportation in Hong Kong - Star Ferry ferry that carries passengers across Victoria Bay, between the piers on the island of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon.

The ferry costs $ 2.50HK, and crosses the bay in a few minutes. On the way, a very good view of both banks opened.

The ferry is much prettier and cheaper than any other way to move from one coast to another ...
* * *
... the subway. Subway in Hong Kong usual, the Chinese. It called the Mass Transit Railway, or MTR. On it you can reach almost any part of the city, and it goes to the New Territories, very close to the border. The fare depends on the distance. Buy a ticket for one trip is very easy - in the machine just need to poke a finger in the desired station, and it will display you the price. Permanent residents are there cards Octopus, is the Japanese Suica.

The cars in the Hong Kong subway bright and spacious (but not in rush hour). And yet they are not separated, it is possible to pass along the entire structure. I love these.

As in Dubai tram there is a first-class carriage, fares are expensive. And once it was just an April Fool's joke Tema Lebedev ...

* * *
As I wrote at the top of Victoria Peak walks unique tram-funicular. This tourist entertainment, so it is not cheap. And yet, on the weekends it is not too shabby queue. If you go, you should sit on the right, there are much better views of the city. But if you do not want to wait for the tram to the top of the can and a taxi to get there.

Approaching the top of the Peak tram passes under the beautiful gazebo. Of course, it is multi-layered, in true Hong Kong style.

Why do I climb to the top? There's a large park, where guests can walk. There is a trail leading around the top of the peak, with it now and then with beautiful views down to different parts of the city. And yet here it is worth travel Peak Tower (Peak Tower).

The terminus of the cable car, tram just located in the basement of the tower. And on the square in front of it there is an old tram that went booth here many years ago. It reminded me Shibuyu in Tokyo, there is also an old car is worth.

On top of the tower is an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the city. I would even say unique! In what city can still look down on such high skyscrapers?

In principle, the form could be seen without climbing to the very top of the tower (and not buying a ticket.) This is an escalator leading up, goes near a glass wall through which all too evident.

But the tricky administration has stuck to glass areas near the escalator matte film with viewing advertising. Needless stares free! From the escalator can be seen well, so go take a picture of something in motion. But among them - already nifiga.

True, I'll open the secret. I kind of took no photos from the viewing and free. There's a tower there is Burger King, outside his terrace. On this terrace there is a cabinet with a height of human growth. If it climb, the view is the same. Although if you are in Hong Kong for the first time, and you can spend the observation (here I've been there three times, and I do not regret).
* * *
I have written that I have more people in their posts pictures. I'll work on it. Here's a lady with the dog.

* * *
After a day of movement of Hong Kong you might want a little break. To this end, in the center there is a special area - Lan Kwai Fong:

Here strolling tourists, expats and locals who want to get acquainted with them. (For Chinese minded people of Hong Kong do not go here.) LKF - it is three or four blocks of bars and nightclubs. Everywhere there are touts who try to invite you inside. Log almost everywhere for free, ticket office is on the bar. Of these places is booming music, and shines light to attract visitors.

But the most interesting dvizhuha just on the street. Here you can safely drink outside bars. The nearby 7-Eleven is doing good business on the sale of alcohol. Everywhere run group of drunken tourists (and tourists), all cheerful and willingly photographed.

In the neighborhood businessmen discuss the results of the working day.

After midnight, Lan Kwai Fong is filled with jam, it's not overcrowded on the streets!

From the crowd hangouts scale is difficult to estimate. Fortunately, this is Hong Kong. You can always walk around the block and look at dvizhuhu top!

* * *
After a stormy night in the Lan Kwai Fong, the next morning I advise to visit in one of the outdoor cafes on the central island, and wait for a hangover coffee mimosa and omletikom.

Such pleasant places in Hong Kong is full, it is one more reason to love him, if you suddenly little of my main motive.
* * *
Well, tell me, Is this not better than any LA ?!