Hong Kong. On the sunny side.

On the main picture to the post - Stanley Bay, in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. Those who have never been to Hong Kong, as well as to me before this trip, this place seems a sort of metropolis of some skyscrapers, with an incredible amount of cars and people, very often in advertising and smog. Naturally, such a naive delusion is easy to dispel, one has only to expand the map, which shows that the areas of the city occupies only a small part of the territory of Hong Kong, the rest - lush tropical greenery and numerous sandy beaches.
It is worth noting however, that is hardly a resort destination Hong Kong, despite the huge number of beautiful beaches. The thing is complicated this climate. Summer (May to September) is very hot. Not so much because of the heat, but because of the huge humidity. Also at this time, the frequent typhoons, during which traffic does not go, do not work shops and offices, and people sit at home for three or four days previously to restock food and a video library. Winter is - is dry and pretty cool. Normal temperature for January - about + 15º, but telling, that two weeks was kept below ten last winter. Heating in homes is not provided (although all provide air conditioning), so that all have tight! Speaking of air conditioners ... We natives to him a peculiar, strange love: air conditioning everywhere and always included on the absolute temperature minimum. Refrigerators in the shops seem to only want to order, and getting off the bus, there is a feeling that was in the hot shop, even if the street is twenty degrees.
The most the best time in Hong Kong - it is a short period from late September to December, when the heat subsides, and reduces the amount of precipitation, although the present dry weather set in November.
Unfortunately, the ten days that we stayed in Hong Kong, too little to explore all the interesting places, so I have to limit ourselves to a short run on three corners of the "sunny side" of Hong Kong.
Discovery Bay.
Located on Lantau Island, in the eastern part. A place inhabited by mostly Europeans - expats or just wealthy people. There is everything for a leisurely life of a respectable home, boat, golf, etc. Golf cart, by the way, is the main means of transportation, they can take on hire.
Ferries go here here such.

Again Chinese tourists at his favorite pastime.

Oh, it's under our feet? Here's what, Macau branch?

Clean, neat, beautiful!

But the local beach for some reason it seemed the most uncomfortable in Hong Kong. Perhaps this is a purely subjective ...

Or just bored ... Besides, the only place in all local, with pretty dirty water.

Through the haze visible to ships and skyscrapers. Middle tower ICC.

There are practically no Cupet, only from time to time any gentleman rolling out one of the many boats parked here and is sent on a sea voyage.

Or a pair of gentlemen smaller ...

Repulse Bay.
At least respectable, but much more comfortable and democratic place, located in the south of Hong Kong Island. They say that the summer here is the number of tourists that are not overcrowded. But in November, despite the very warm weather, there is almost deserted. A name that pervod as "Repulse Bay", this place is named after the British warship participated in numerous battles with the pirates that once held sway here.

This extraordinary building is called - "a house with a hole." Legend so ... The building stands right between the sea and the mountain, under which the dragon lives. Generally here almost under every mountain lives on the dragon. So, the dragon you need every night to go down to the sea, as well as the dragon - this being a particularly fine mental organization, it can only go in a straight line, like a chess rook. Therefore, especially just such a loophole left for him.

And again, the Chinese aunt ...

Lifeguards on duty and on the towers and on the water.

Not hot, but the water is quite warm.

At the eastern end of the beach there is an open-air temple, dedicated to the gods Tin Hau and Kwun Yam.

Their statues are surrounded by a large number of other statues of various deities and sacred animals.

Unfortunately quickly darkens and pictures become noisy.

Very cozy place, where you can relax to the sound of the surf. Despite the fact that there is everywhere hang signs prohibiting fishing, many locals every evening after work, come here with fishing rods. Apparently feeling the invisible protection of the goddess Tin Hau much stronger prohibitions.

On the left in the picture - "longevity bridge". Everyone passing by it gains an additional three days of life.

Marble statues zapolirovat hands to a loss of form.

Walking in the dark along the path along the beach, we noticed a tent in the dark under detevyami. Apparently someone decided not to spend money on a hotel or hostel. Basically, if you live like this, no one interfering, then why not .. Moreover, there are all conditions: toilets, showers, drinking water - all for free and available around the clock on every beach.

Stanley - detached area of ​​Hong Kong, in fact more like a small independent town. It is located on a narrow isthmus between two bays: Tai Tam Bay and, in fact, Stanley Bay. Population bitty thing - from the fishermen living right in the boat, to the owners of luxurious mansions, dissecting on gigs in the picturesque coastal route. As for me, so here's a feeling of comfort just rolls! Hence it does not want to go anywhere. Here are some in provincial calm and not fussy. During the day the streets not crowded, only small swarthy Filipina with blonde master's children (unusual at first the picture) and a dog on a leash, are walking the other or go shopping, and even old men, old women met at the bus stop, next to the police station, fun Gulden , exchanging news. In the evenings numerous office employees filled cafes and restaurants on the waterfront or jogging after a tiring day of sitting at the computer. In the local market there is everything that can be of interest to tourists: from small magnets and t-shirts with Bruce Lee prior to the terracotta warriors in full size.

Two attractions: Pier Blake (left) and Murray House (right). Both of these old buildings used to stand in the center of Hong Kong, but were moved here. In the same place Murray House now stands the Bank of China Tower.

Stanley has a great beach town on the part of Tai Tam Bay, but we are much more like a small beach in the southern part of the Stanley Bay. From the city to and within walking distance of Wong Ma Kok Road for fifteen minutes or take the free shuttle bus that goes to the Regalia Bay residential complex every half hour.
The beach is near St. Stephen's College, and has the same name - St. Stephen's Beach.

Despite the fact that the beach is quite small, it is equipped with all that is necessary, including two rescue rigs and barbecue area. By the way, the indigenous Hong Kong people go to beaches mostly for the sake of a barbecue, swim and sunbathe, they do not like.

The water here is clear and very salty!

The famous junk under crimson sails Aqua Luna, also became one of the symbols of Hong Kong, went to the pier Blake.

At this until all. And I still have one more story about Hong Kong Island Bicycle and fishing boats Chhonchau.