Hong Kong in winter

An outpost of the British East indiyskyo trading companies, offshore financial one country be two systems, seamlessly merging into one. Hong Kong is still thriving and impressive. The last time I was here in the summer of 2011. It was hot, stuffy and humid. At this time came the winter.

In winter, Hong Kong is not as good as in the summer, but still fascinating.

From the airport to the city runs an express train, but it's expensive. There are significantly less expensive and a very comfortable double-decker bus, with which you can perfectly see the city, combining business with pleasure.

This time I wanted to call myself dilapidated Hong Kong Shanghai. Wealth came here much earlier era of high-rise buildings the economic miracle just old and a bit worn out.

Children are transported in such a bag on wheels instead of the strollers. I can understand. It takes up much less space that there is very important.

My early morning in Hong Kong begins with necessities. The best thing is that there are in Asia - a chain of convenience stores 7-Eleven. Even after many years I did not cease to admire the way they do put all the necessary things in such a small area. Here there is everything that a traveler needs to not be lost. Recent local dollars were naryty the pockets of the beautiful, nutritious, and most importantly, a quick breakfast. It also found kipyatochek, napkins, forks and spoons with even a small table with newspapers and a gorgeous view on the first line of the city center. Well, not a luxury it?

After breakfast, I bring to the market. It is on the market it is always possible to observe real life. In other places - as lucky.

Meat baked right here. Refrigerators eyes did not fall, before lunch there, apparently, do not lie.

Chickens are compactly housed in cages. On the topic of the rights of animals here is not hypocritical.

Pets or dinner? Probably in China perhaps both.

From a really cool in Hong Kong has a double-decker trams. This is something that transports people here for over 100 years. They trudge slowly and left the city more as a symbol. Ride worth it, because it's a great way to slowly and for mere pennies consider the main street of the island on the spot. Besides, I do not know where else in the world has a fully functioning two-storey tram line.

Inside the tram, it seems, has not changed for 100 years.

Local trams course seriously enjoy. They are too slow. If you want somewhere in time, then you need to get into the subway. Hong Kong subway, as always, clean and comfortable.

Colored bright soles now in vogue.

Skyscrapers entangled with bamboo scaffolding. It looks a bit scary.

Grilles on all windows, regardless of the floor - it is very Chinese. This window is the stairway 13th floor. I hope that the fire protection systems here work perfectly.

What distinguishes Hong Kong from Hong Kong winter summer - is no sweltering heat. Outside it was 16-18 degrees and local bundled up in jackets. But even with such a cloudy and cool weather, can be burned in the sun after a day on the street.

Limited space is well felt in the local parks. It looks like a general training on the system, "Who in that much." All have to share a small park, which is a bit unusual for an unusual sight.

On the waterfront is a Chinese emits alive, and apparently just bought shrimp back into the sea. What is it? Points can be earned in karma?

This time I was in Hong Kong for Christmas, which means a sale in Apple Store. Huge queues for a brand new iPhone (which there is now in a row?) Girded glass shop building. Entrepreneurial huckster outside resell freshly-purchased phones are not willing to stand in line.

Of interesting as it has been observed a huge number, apparently, Indonesian women sitting here and so easy on the street during the lunch break, and maybe on the occasion of the output. Girls who are placed where they have lunch sitting on pavements and surface transitions, undeterred by the rain. A similar pattern can be observed in Singapore, where the same Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers in this way "rest" after work.

Hong Kong's population is getting older and richer. Recent history proves that the second is always and inevitably follows the first.

Slowly but surely, Hong Kong merges with China, although many here do not want. The differences are still there. In of Hong Kong is still the passports and the Chinese mainland still need a visa to enter here. Government, too, officially different. Different currencies, economy and much more. British heritage is still felt, but weaker and slabee.Gonkong 2015 of two words - "A Matter of Time" ...