Tales of Buxtehude

Just 30 km from Hamburg is an ancient town of Buxtehude (Buxtehude). Known for his tales of how the city brought Wilhelm Schroeder. Even as a child he heard folk tale about how the hedgehog and the hare competed in the race. As an adult, Schroeder wrote this story unsophisticated in Low German and moved the seat of action on the field near the town of Buxtehude.Later tale recorded Schroeder, included in his collection of German fairy tales famous Brothers Grimm. Since then, it has become very popular in Germany.City Buxtehude is located on the edge of the garden plantations Altes Land, on the shore of the river Este, a tributary of the Elbe. This settlement has been known since the tenth century, in his name connected beech trees (Buchen = Buxte) and mooring of vessels (-hude). In the XIV century Buxtehude was a member of the Hanseatic League, it was a time of growth and prosperity of the city. There are lots of medieval buildings, tower city fortifications.

Builders from Holland left their mark, and some regions (such as embankments Ostfleth, Westfleth) remarkably similar to the Dutch city.

And here's another interesting story of Buxtehude. This -uniqueness city in Germany, where "the dogs bark tails» - «Hunde bellen mit dem Schwanz». This fun story began in the XIII century, when the Archbishop Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine invited Dutch masters to build canals and fortifications in Buxtehude. At that time, the German churches rang, striking struggling hammer on the bell. The Dutch, who were the most technologically advanced nation at the time, showed that much easier to call, swinging clapper for rope tied to it. There was a mixture of Dutch and German: «Hunte» (Gall.) - "Bell" taken for «Hund» (dog), «bellen» in Dutch means "call" and in German - "bark", worn out hands ringers rope looks like a dog's tail (Schwanz). That's how bad the inhabitants of Buxtehude knowledge of the Dutch language and led to what is now the dogs are "barking tails" ...

Until now race against the hare and the hedgehog - a favorite theme in Buxtehude. Figures of heroes tales greet you at the entrance to the city, they are also decorated with a fountain in the Bahnhofstraße. You will find them in many places on the walls of the city buildings, souvenir and flower shops - also present kingdom of hedgehogs and birds made of many different materials.

Some yards hit the groomed

Or well-groomed

The city has a lot of different sculptures

Rabbits and hedgehogs - everywhere

Town Hall

Traditional wine cellar at the town hall - also with the hedgehog and the hare

Buxtehude - the town is quiet, green and have to quiet walks. However, residents of the south of Germany do not believe in the existence of the town of Buxtehude and sending someone in the hearts «nach Buxtehude, wo der Pfeffer waechst», mean roughly "to where Makar calves did not drive." But these jokes do not interfere with the residents of Buxtehude fervently love their ancient city.