Marienburg Castle

Marienburg - the original and still especially for foreign tourists a little-known North German analogue of "fabulous" Neuschwanstein Castle 

Marienburg Castle is located 20 km from Hanover - a good option for a trip for half a day.
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That's the way a little bit passing through the town (just a couple of streets) you get an idea of ​​where, and most importantly - how to go to the castle. Optimistic husband said "I laid on the inspection of the castle with the road 1.5 hours", and received the answer (from me, engaged in youth athletics and sprinting) that there is only 2 kilometers to the hills, and I fear that even and up the hill a good kilometer. What is typical - premonitions have not deceived me - when we got the same up to the castle at its foot was seen pointer, which states that "to the station 3 km." 

Marienburg - the original and still especially for foreign tourists a little-known North German analogue of "fabulous" Neuschwanstein Castle, built by order of the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the nineteenth century.

Neo-Gothic castle was built by the German architect Conrad Wilhelm Hase (Conrad Wilhelm Hase) in the 1857-1867 biennium. Interior design students do Hase Oppler Edwin (Edwin Oppler). The castle was a gift of Hanover King George V (1818-1902) to his wife, Mary (1831-1880) and was conceived as a summer residence of the royal family. 

Last autumn, the head of the family Welf, Prince Ernst August (the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco) held an auction in which were sold 20 thousand objects belonging to the family. Proceeds from the auction of 37 million euros fund was initiated by the sons of Prince - Ernst August Jr. and Christian. The Fund will preserving possessions of the princely family in Germany and Austria. For the repair of Marienburg was spent several million euros, the exact amount is not called.
Castle, alas, was closed (we were surprised not only, but also came along with us in three cars Germans), the outside view is launched, but also mysterious. Not to feel nothing came spared him around - on the wall, by the way, was put barbed wire. 

Climb up the hill (or down a hill) in two ways: first - it's just a walk along the road that climbs up to the castle serpentine (we went). The second way more extreme, but much faster and - go to "goat trail". If you decide to go down this way, then you need to go down to the foot of the castle wall to the left of the main entrance and see here the ladder:
Further usual trodden path, generously sprinkled with leaves. She brings to the very spot where the highway (second photo in the post) goes into the road that winds around the mountain snake (start to rise once the pointer to the castle).

Worth a visit?