Vancouver Island

About the City of Vancouver, I already told you, and now show a little too Vancouver, but only the island.

As if not enough confusion between Vancouver and located him in five hundred kilometers Vancouver American, so there is still a third of Vancouver - a huge island, which in good weather you can even see the city of Vancouver ... in order that the Canadian ... well you get the idea ...

Getting to the island is easiest by ferry. There are also several airports, but steam - this is probably the ideal option in terms of price and quality.

Not only is the local ferries are very comfortable: with vayfay, armchairs, TV, coffee shops, and even so also you can take a walk on the deck in the fresh air and enjoy the smaller islands, passed by the ship. And with more luck you can even see whales.

The capital of the province of British Columbia, oddly enough, not Vancouver, and Victoria - the city, which is on this very island.

Victoria is remarkable that for the four trips I've never been able to catch it in good weather. All the time it starts to rain. So I even somehow fell off the desire to come back again.

Although it is believed that there is the mildest climate in Canada.

In principle, if not for my bad luck with the weather, I would call beautiful city of Victoria.

There is in him something European.

However, there has not been without a Chinatown.

But Victoria - this is only a very small part of the huge Vancouver Island.

Missing here and other cities or towns smaller.

For the most part it is a small fishing village, which over time have grown so complex that they proudly call cities.

they look like, are generally very provincial.

Although, in principle, here, as in the vast majority of North American cities, has everything you might need for life.

Except that the normal roads.

By the way, from south to north, from Victoria to Port Hardy laid a very nice highway.

But here, if you try to pull in a little inland, somewhere, say, in Tahsis, you have to shake for a long time along the muddy dirt road killed.

Tahsis, by the way - this is the town that calls itself the birthplace of British Columbia, as it is here in XVII century the first Europeans landed. Surprisingly, they were Spaniards. Turn history a little differently, and British Columbia would not British.

As part of those killed Tahsis roads is not an exception. Most of the roads on the island are routed to various places of harvesting and designed for the respective technology.

Forestry - a huge part of the Canadian economy, particularly British Columbia, so places like here very much.

Forest felled not randomly, but in a certain pattern, the individual sections, so it was restored due to proximity to unspoiled part. I hope that in Russia, too, doing something like this, but since I'm not a real lumberjack, for me, this approach was a revelation.

Very often in such places, you can see a sign that says, when this particular section was cut. Forest, which was mined in the eighties already fully grown and is not much different from the unspoiled.

Okay, the roads are bad, provincial towns, why go to Vancouver?

Firstly, it is the ocean.

Here amazingly beautiful coast.

Unlike the mainland, which is the city of Vancouver, there are very decent waves.

In fact, in Vancouver, no one has ever steamed about storms or tsunamis, precisely because this city covers a huge island, taking in which case the full brunt of the water element.


Here even for surfing people come to ride, although the temperature of the water, of course, not the most pleasant for sea fun.

So, if there is no desire to climb into the icy water, you can just walk along the coast, it will certainly not disappoint.

Secondly, they come here because here, as in all of British Columbia, a very beautiful nature.

Laid across the island hundreds of trails of varying difficulty, from the most simple with wooden decks and stairs to very complex multi-day, such as, for example, the famous West Coast Trail, which stretches for 75 km along the forests, beaches and hills along the wild Pacific coast.

Generally, on the island there are places for all tastes man who tired of stuffy city life.

Here there are wild animals, which do not always want to meet face to face.

But that always make a lasting impression, if we were lucky to meet them and do not become dinner.

And various caves.

On which you can climb for fun.

And wild rivers.

Which is not considered.

And the rain forests.

Where everything is densely overgrown with bright green moss so that determine the light side on it is simply unrealistic.

And, of course, beaches.

Next to that you can find bizarre rocks.

With trees growing on the stones.

In general, Vancouver Island - quite an interesting place which is suitable for road travel by car, and for long or short trips with a tent in search of unity with nature.

Here you have another miracle Vancouver - "The President's tree."

In order not to break the browser, I'll put a picture of him to the end of the story ...