Visit the capital of Canada, I had the opportunity over the weekend in the Civic Holiday August 1st. The plan was this: to come to Ottawa from Oakville July 30 for dinner, settle, take a walk around the city at night, the next day to visit the Parliament, and on August 1 in earlier start in the direction of my new object in the field through the park Algonquin (Algonquin Provincial Park ). I have to say, the plan failed at 100% and the report will be in 2 parts: Day 1 and Day 2. And maybe in 3: A third unique about Algonquin Park.

So, Ottawa. The city is located on the border of two states - Ontario and Quebec. Ottawa became the capital of the Dominion of Canada in 1855, is located on the banks of two major rivers - the Ottawa and Rideau. This city by the decision of Queen Victoria was chosen as the capital of the Dominion, and not Toronto, not Quebec and Montreal. One of the arguments in favor of Ottawa (at that time a small town in the woods) was a sufficient distance from the US border. In general, the story is interesting enough in Canada. Not rich in the war, but it's for the better. So who are interested - I strongly advise just read about how Canada generally appeared on the world map. Country, compared with European countries, very young, but very interesting. So, the way to Ottawa was laid already known to me the highway 401 (to him I went from Oakville in Montreal). Yes, driving on the highway is not interesting, but very fast. I would like to spend more time to look around the city, so the way there was chosen on the highway. Top speed is limited to 100 km / h, but many are going about 110 (for 2-lane sections) and 120 (3-lane sections). They say, for the 110-120 is not fine, but I'm always for the safety, so that above 100-105 does not move. The roads here are excellent, I have no complaints for the summer driving in Canada. Initially, in front of me had a choice: to buy a ticket on the bus / train Toronto-Ottawa, or go by car. On car came out 2 times cheaper (only payment of gasoline), plus the freedom of movement, any route and schedule, but no sleep on the way :) I chose the car and made ​​the right decision. Definitely recommend to travel to Canada by car, if possible.

The road to Ottawa route 416
And here, by the way, the way of Canadian travelers. Do you think the photo below is a bus pulls a broken jeep? Certainly not. Firstly, it is a house on wheels, and secondly - it carries with it the machine in order to the camp, where they will be based can be on this car ride a narrow-minded distance. So here are very many do. And yet hooked caravans on pickups - very cool! I always buy myself a house on wheels. However, in Russia with our trucks, buses and chuchmeki same unfortunate planet carrier scary ride. And then - a pleasure!

Mobile Home, that is, almost every Canadian, in addition to the canoe
Path to 480 kilometers was reached in about 5.5 hours with one stop at the coffee and feed the machine. Stop for refueling and rest there is excellent - Service Center - a place where the same area there are dressing, and grocery store and cafe and toilets. Very convenient to everything and signs everywhere indicate when will the next Service Center. I note that on the track 416 (section 401 of the Congress and to Ottawa) is not a single service center or refueling on the road - you need to refuel either in advance or to move down the road and look for refueling in the settlements. Find your hotel on a pocket and taste in Ottawa is no problem, but all you need to book a long weekend at least a half weeks, if you want to save a little. I experience in Montreal (report will be), settled in the hostel University of Ottawa. The rooms in the hostel are available only in the summer during student holidays from May to August - the program Summer Accomodation. Reservations made ​​through the website, very convenient. Both here and in Montreal at McGill Unviresity (Victoria College Residence) places a lot, there are single, double and triple rooms. In my opinion, all facilities on the floor, but I did not bother. No air conditioning, it's a minus, but to sleep normally. The cost of living in Ottawa was $ 40 per night (+ tax) and $ 11 more per night parking (underground parking next to the body). Well, would add at once that the campus (I can vouch for the Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa) - one of the most beautiful areas in the city, but not most, of course :) So, nice to live there. And free internet, but you need a cable (in Montreal free wifi). The first to arrive in Ottawa tourists from the south meets the Rideau Canal.

Rideau Canal from the rear. From the center to the left can be seen the Gothic towers of Parliament. From the center to the right - the turret at the Chateau Laurier. Rideau Canal - a major construction is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its construction took place during the 6 years since 1826 as a response to the war on Britain and the United States in 1812. The purpose of the construction was the construction of a navigation canal bypassing the St Lawrence River (here for a better understanding of the need to look at the map and see where that is). On this channel you can go on and get out of Ottawa to Lake Ontario, through Kingston. In the construction was attended by about 6000 workers were working immigrants from Ireland, French Canadians and Scots. Below - a few pictures at the time of passage of the channel boats.  

The boat passes the Rideau Canal


The next stage. On one "gate" goes somewhere 10-15 minutes of waiting, depending on the volume of water required to raise katerochkov the desired level.  

On each boat sits on the nose and a special device girl clings to the ropes, which are located along the walls of the channel. Well, men rule. Or just watch :)

Late and everything - wait for the next opening.

Bridge Alexandra Bridge
Along the Rideau Canal and Parliament on the waterfront in perfectly equipped paths for cyclists and pedestrians. By the way, walking trails along the Rideau Canal to Kingston are very popular among local tourists.

View of the Parliament from the river Ottawa

Вид с Parliament Hill на Ottawa River

The Parliament Houses of Parliament (except the library building and the tower, ie the central, western and eastern blocks) was built in 1859-1866, respectively, after the decision in 1855 to Queen Victoria the capital of the province of Canada (the union of Upper and Lower Canada - current Ontario and Quebec) became Ottawa. And in 1867 it became the official location of the government now the Dominion of Canada, the first Prime Minister of which was John McDonald. Well, the Parliament I will devote the second part of the report, so that we go further.

The building of the Parliamentary Library Oh ​​yeah, I note immediately that the Parliament can be visited as part of a free tour (free guided tour), which I did. Anyone who is going to soon visit Ottawa and not wait the second part of my report about Parliament advise before traveling here to visit the official web site with detailed information about the visit. Tickets can be obtained on the day of the visit of Parliament. If possible, it makes sense to visit the Parliament in early August, when there have been no reprocessing sessions and can be found at most.

View from Parliament Hill on Ottawa River and Bridge Alexandra Bridge

Central Block of the Parliament (here placed the Senate and House of Commons and Library)

It is a question in the evening, and in Parliament all the time I expected the show Mosaika
On the evening of the first day in the capital city of Canada was scheduled to visit the show Mosaika. Interesting colorful light and music about the history of Canada's how it all began, as in this territory were the first inhabitants to the present day. It's great that the show is held simultaneously in two languages ​​- English and French. Of course, I once again convinced that it was necessary to learn French well and finish my studies, I did it! :)
Better place to hold for 15 minutes before the show, many come with their chairs, but to take pictures or shoot video better get up from behind the fence, then no one will block the shot.

Mosaika show

Mosaika show
That's so colorful it was the end of my first day in the capital of Canada. Glad I went to his room at the hostel University of Ottawa with a mood that I liked more Ottawa Montreal! But now, after the lapse of time, I can say that all of the city in its beautiful!