Here we go

We drive to the famous park Gros Morne

Do not shoot (c)

Beware of moose

This year has already recorded four collisions with moose


St. Lawrence Gulf Coast

Native vegetation



Go further

Comfortable in these parts means of transport 

Trees have turned away from the wind from the ocean

Fishing village

Icebergs seen in the distance

A little closer

Closer to the north of the island the sun was over, began the thick clouds

In this part of the island is almost always the fog

My car - rolling Dodge Journey. On local roads often long you go all alone, without meeting any oncoming or passing trucks.

And here people are working

Along the road are often caught moose

Zoom in

If near Losyash slow down, he usually gets scared

And escapes

And hid behind a bush, suspicious glances at you out of one eye

Running back. As one moves from north to south the weather improves again


Local discordant, standing in the middle of the bridge pickets. Caption: "Quebec rape us"

Because political activity protester mostly ignored the already rare drivers drove past, I stopped to talk to dissenting citizen and listened to political information about the problems of fisheries and under quotas to fish between neighboring provinces.


There is fresh, quiet and calming.

Warm, not hot. And almost deserted.

Trees grow bizarre way. Inside - interweaving dry branches, through which not proberёshsya. And on the tops of spreading carpet of red-yellow-green leaves. And all this construction is growing waves away from the ocean, with its harsh winds.

Throughout stoniness. And on stones trees grow (c)

Look before leaving the neighborhood of Gros Morne

In the following three reports: icebergs, fjords and Vikings

Town of St. Anthony (Saint Anthony) on the very tip of the island Nfaundlend. Go in search of icebergs Our boat

Preparing to release a

Temperature behind - 6-8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of water - 2 degrees.

In St. Anthony live 2500 people. And every year more and less

Houses of fishermen

Foggy. But we were lucky: if the fog was very thick, access to the sea would be abolished

Course - in the open ocean

Go almost touch. Sound from the speakers Irish songs about sailors.

Hour's journey and while none of the iceberg. Feel ourselves Titanic passengers and staring intently into the fog. 

Suddenly, in the face of the fog he appears. To make the cut in the severity of the time captain in columns theme song from the movie Titanic

Here he is handsome. Above-water part of the iceberg has a small strait

Slowly go around on all sides

Everything, in short, I liked it

Come on. Little fog dissipates. Straight ahead is another iceberg

This a very different form. Icebergs migrate here from the north, a breakaway from the glaciers of western Greenland. On one of these icebergs and ran Titanic

A square, and also magnificent. Reach these latitudes iceberg takes at least a year (moving at a speed of one / two km / h). Ice Age of icebergs is 15 000 years.

Icebergs come in different sizes, but in these places (already fairly melted) they weigh 100-200 thousand tons. Surface part is about 1/8 of the entire iceberg. Some of them run aground, and go on their way when a little podtaet.

Yeah, and iceberg. Iceberg barely visible

By constantly break off pieces of the iceberg: the large and smaller.

Catching floes iceberg-called phishing (fishing iceberg). Ice - the purest. Some restaurants in the city put in drinks ice iceberg that seems particularly cool. 

Goodbye iceberg

Leaving back

PS If someone thought that in this report too many pictures of icebergs, it is not so. The remaining two hundred pieces of pictures (the same) ice blocks I clenched teeth are not included here. :)

In the village of L'Anse aux Meadows (L'Anse aux Meadows) in the far north of Newfoundland at first I was not going to go. To examine the remains of the archaeological site, where they found ... a nail? Sounds like something nevoodushevlyayusche. But it turned out that it is absolutely Soul Plane place.

I still reeling after a little boat voyage to the icebergs on the restless ocean, when I arrived in this village, which is in combination with one of two on the island of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (In Ontario, by the way, there is only one object of the UNESCO s our glorious Ottawa Rideau Canal, watch and Click map)

There I met a charming museum with a minimum of visitors, where they told me what was happening and why, and showed a film about Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad. And behold, the whole savvy newly acquired knowledge, I went out into the fresh air.

The weather was decent: calm, slightly hazy and somehow serene.

Then somehow quickly realize that the Vikings lip was not a fool. They settled in a very picturesque place.

For some time there was perched a tiny fishing village. Name of L'Anse aux Meadows was like first Gulf Medea (Greek), then it was the Gulf of jellyfish (in French: Meduses), and finally transformed into the bay meadows (Eng. Meadows). More here fifty years ago it was impossible to reach by car. Before the construction of the highway in the sixties of the last century, access to local villages, it was only possible by sea.

The Vikings were actively engaged Island Hopping (ie traveling from island to island) back in the 10th century and earlier. So, after moving first in Iceland, then Greenland, then in Labrador, they finally came to Newfoundland. Iceland understandably so called Iceland ice - ice. But Greenland, as legend has it, called "Green land" to attract other settlers promising them green meadows. A kind of immigration advertising campaign. Labrador failed to catch even accustomed to the rigors of the Vikings. But Nyufik completely fell to their taste.

Scandinavians found land called Vinland because, apparently, somewhere here found grapes. 

Whether there once grew grapes, whether they have been more to the south, who knows now. In short, L'Anse aux Meadows - the only proven ancient Norse settlement in North America.

Thank Norwegian scientists (upomyantomu above), who in the sixties climbed all the east coast of America - from Labrador to North Carolina, and suddenly came across the remains buried in the ground huts that local fishermen believed the former Indian village.

Began to dig. Among other things found nails, which indicated that lived here obviously not native Americans.

Houses excavated and reconstructed

As they say, close to the original

Excavated and a Viking. Now he thoughtfully heated by the fire, remembering past trips to the northern seas.

Sometimes goes outside to breathe salted sea breeze

Of course there are still a lot of versions of the first Europeans who "discovered America." Whether Irish monks, or the Basques. But then everything is unscientific fantasy. Visit also the Vikings quite inconclusive. Although they held out here for long. Nostalgia, you see, torment.

Oddly shaped sculpture, the meaning of which is difficult to understand without reading the detailed description.

It symbolizes the meeting on the Elbe  two branches of humanity. Our ancestors came from Africa. Some moved to Asia, slyly slipped in North America until the Bering Strait temporarily dried up or icy, well and began to settle in the New World. Others moved from the Mediterranean to northern Europe, and not calm down, sailed to the West and also reached the shores of the New World - presumably, it is here - in L'Anse aux Meadows in the area in 1000. The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  They say, potsapalis that descendants of African forefathers when they met in earnest, and it may have played a role in that as a result of the Vikings here screwed together, leaving the Native Americans for five hundred years alone. Whatever it was, one part of the sculpture symbolizes the tradition of land (Asians, Indians, eksimosy), the other - European explorers of the seas (from the Greeks to the Vikings). But from what side which tradition - without a bottle of Norwegian aquavit not understand.

Then I went, in fact, the village

Take a walk

View fishermen

Breathe the sea air

Admire the scenery

Snack (as was the time a very late lunch or early dinner in the restaurant so I was the only visitor). Tasted the stew from the local salmon and cod. I ate something similar - salmon soup - in Svalbard in Norway - there it was good.

About this restaurant (Norseman Restaurant) on tripedvayzore legendary. Dine zeds praise it so that I do not even know whether there is such a delicious meal at all, as they're written. In general, pozhramshi, I drove on

And once again plunged into the cool mist

While walking on the rocks in the fog, you feel nothing less than the Vikings. Pretty tipsy from wine vinlandskogo.

Well, good enough is enough. Go back to the light and the sun. The next report - about the fjords.

Where are the fjords? Usually form the sudden change in the movement of tectonic plates on the counter with the opposite (hell knows what that means). And sometimes - when the glacier, sliding down to the sea and crushing their mass over time forms a deep cut on the terrain. At the end of the Ice Age is coming off the ice and, voila !, in its place remains the fjord.

Usually found on the shores of the fjords of Norway, Chile, New Zealand (South Island) and North America (from Alaska to Washington State), there is still somewhere on the little things. There was one unsold fjord and in Newfoundland. Maybe there are more, but I just met this one. It goes fjord path / trail.

The path itself is picturesque. And ennobled so that you can even drive a wheelchair.

But if the soul asks this hiking, you can continue your journey on, wherever seniors in wheelchairs have not reach (but it further in this picture until normal path accessible to all).

Actually, the fjord has not even fjord. Conventional fjords out into the ocean.

And this eventually separated himself from the ocean strip of land

Very swampy strip of land

And now this has become a common fjord lake. Although very scenic

Two ships, which are now used on this lake were brought here in unusual ways. One dragged through the snow in winter.

The second brought the parts and assembled on site.

We go to explore the beautiful fjord

Suddenly I caught a boat  zyalt. Or a person very similar to zyalt'a. 

Match close

Began charm.

Waterfall (of which there are, of course, a lot)

Well, Che, not worse Norway


Composition plane (small such as a white strips)

Your attention was presented to Western Brook Pond - one of the most decent places Park Gros Morne