Austria by car. How, where and how much

I want to tell you in detail about our car en route for Austria in July 2016, focusing on the organization of the trip and share useful sources. The theme of our trip were the mountains and, above all, we wanted to spend more time in them, taking, however, and several cities.

Our plans changed in the course of travel and some hotels we booked on the go. Just I want to note that we were not on long journeys in Europe since the rise of the course, and it's pretty embarrassing us. The prices seemed exorbitant, and the pleasure of them offer modest. But it seems to me, we were able to find a good balance between spending adequate and well spent time by planning much in advance.

The first day. Munich, the German city of Fussen, Neuschwanstein Castle
about flight nothing useful can not tell, we did not work on it save by flying a conventional direct flight from St. Petersburg to Munich. We knew that the first day we will have a lot of travel by car, so we decided to do without the frills type of flights from Helsinki, for example. We know from experience, after the economic and uncomfortable flight the entire first day of the trip falls due to fatigue.
Rent a car, we paid in advance in the company of Alamo. Previously, their services are not used, but were satisfied with the prices and quality. At the airport, a spokesman for Munich gave us the keys to a brand new Opel Corsa. Car personally, I was very pleased. She was photogenic, spacious inside, and knew how to play the Apple Music. The husband, however, the end of the trip noticed that for a trip to the mountains would be nice to have a car more powerful (in this only 90 hp).

From Munich we went to the German city of Fussen (Füssen), famous for the fact that there are close to locks strange Bavarian King Ludwig II. The city itself turned out to be a model with perfect Bavarian town houses, flowers on the windows and clean streets. We were charmed by the promenade, where we sat down to eat.


On the waterfront live ordinary locals. Their houses and yards adorable.


Also walked along the central and major tourist areas and streets.

In a couple of minutes away by car is a tourist Mecca: a huge parking lot, a whole street of restaurants, and towering over it all the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

We read a lot about these locks, know that they are good, in general, mainly from afar. Therefore the goal to get on a tour of the inside was not. To Neuschwanstein climb on foot or in a carriage drawn by horses (6 and 3 euros for raising and lowering, respectively). Of course, we chose the foot rise, so have fun and cheaper.


Everyone knows that the best view of Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrücke bridge opens. Probably the way it is, I can not confirm because The bridge was closed during our visit. But I can say for sure what to expect something unimaginable a visit to the inside of the castle or a visit to the area directly below the castle is not worth it.

But the view of the countryside we admired!


After visiting the castle we went to the place of accommodation in the Austrian village of Osten (Östen).
Second day. Austrian village Osten, Innsbruck
woke up early in a rather simple and cozy guest house Haus Gamsblick. Austen village consisting of three houses and a half and no shop, located in a picturesque valley between two mountain ranges. Later we learned that the mountains on both sides of the valley, are different in nature and relate to different types of the Alps.

Good early morning Tyrolean!

After breakfast, we walked over to the water source. Sources are everywhere. Water is the most mountainous of the streams that run from the top, forming a freshwater waterfalls.



In the background is seen the waterfall.

One and a half hours was enough to be happy, and even bypass the village to get to the neighboring. Thus, at 10 o'clock in the morning we will gladly hit the road to Innsbruck.

And to 11 were in place and were settled in "Hostel" Garni-Technikerhaus. Hostel in our understanding, it is difficult to call, because room in terms of rubles worth almost 5000. But it really is the cheapest accommodation in Innsbruck official that we were able to find. Apartments and kouchserfing not looking. It should also be noted that we have an extra 5 euros for parking.

Innsbruck - stunningly beautiful and atmospheric city in the middle of the mountains.

Simple snack in the square. Milk fat and very tasty - 7%.





Innsbruck became my favorite city on this trip.

Day Three. Stans, trekking, waterfalls, lake Achen, Salzburg
In the morning, having left the room in Innsbruck at 9 o'clock in the morning, we set off in the direction of Salzburg. On the way we stopped in the town of Stans, where there are many routes for trekking. We walked along the route of medium difficulty that lasts about 7 km. Along the way was a mountain river and waterfalls.




The final point of the route - the Abbey on a ledge of rock.

Trekking routes highly recommend to anyone who is in the quiet parts. Despite the fact that it is physically tiring, but there is a chance to see unprecedented views and be close to nature. By the way, I, as a person, always a little afraid to walk the forests of wild animals, specifically asked their presence in the Tyrol. As it turned out, neither bears nor wolves there in these parts since the late 19th century. This fact, of course, is considered a problem, and they are engaged in environmental groups, but tourists can be calm.

After tracking, we went to the lake Achen. It is considered one of the largest and most beautiful in the Tyrol. Coast strewn Lake hotels and comfortable beach. Holidaymakers a lot, considering the high season. We also swam and were a bit disappointed: views are stunning, but the lake itself is too small and unclear.

Seven o'clock in the evening we got to the place of accommodation in Salzburg at the guest house Kolpinghaus Salzburg.
Salzburg, Innsbruck and how simply hit the prices of the most modest housing, and Kolpinghaus Salzburg - is no exception. It is almost a 30-minute walk from all the attractions, offers the most modest service in the form of working pupils and first-year students, but his prices were just about 5000 rubles for a double room. Of the advantages I can only mention a personal refrigerator turnkey and fully equipped communal kitchen.
Salzburg, of course, delicious, and we saw him that way, as in the photo below, turning off the streets in the park near the Mirabell Palace and saw hovering above the city castle in sunset light. Honestly, I screamed with delight.

Day four. Salzburg
We had a whole day in Salzburg, so we quietly went for a walk around the city. The Hohensalzburg Castle can also climb on a cable car or on foot. Here the rise is really quite steep and exhausting, though short. You can climb on foot, and on the purchase of tickets to the museum has come down by cable car. It might be interesting, for example, if it is new to you or if you are with children. Descent lasts seconds 15.


The museum in the castle, I would not call very interesting. For example, a room of torture devices includes devices that have never been used in the walls of the castle. Many expositions, in my opinion, far-fetched and made to occupy the empty space. However, this is a good opportunity to see the city from above with the castle wall.

The entrance ticket for € 9 includes the same audio guide.



By the very nice city to wander, and we did the rest of the day. We had a very Austrian, very high-calorie and tasty dinner in the national cuisine restaurant Paul Stube. Order grostl - roast potatoes with beef and pork belly, cabbage and fried egg.


Fifth day. Lake Wolfgang, the village of Hallstatt, the road to Vienna
on the fifth day we left Salzburg after breakfast and went to another alpine lake called Wolfgangsee. This lake was one of the best places to swim in my life. Pure transparent water depth decent, comfortable temperature and, of course, memorable scenery around.

I liked that the lake convenient access directly from the main road Wolfgangsee strasse, turning on the road adjacent to the parking lot near the hotel Haus Seehif. On the beach at every meter has benches and locker rooms, just for travelers like us, had not planned for a long time to sunbathe.
Holidays by the lake took us less than three hours, but at this time we have thoroughly burned, recklessly underestimating the Alpine sun. Closer to lunch, we headed to the famous village of Hallstatt (Hallstatt).

Village this touristy par with the castle Neuschwanstein. On its examination it will take less than an hour if you do not plan to dine here. The village is famous for the fact that people here have lived for more than seven thousand years, engaged in salt production. This is one of the oldest known settlements in the world. Today it is a popular attraction of tourists from around the world, especially from China.
Location is actually very crowded in the summer, and I personally reminded of the feeling of Venice: just charmingly beautiful, but it is impossible to concentrate, so to speak, stop a moment.


Of course, you should definitely get to the edge of the village, to see the famous skyline.




About four o'clock in the afternoon we drove out of the village of Hallstatt in Vienna and by seven o'clock already settled in the Park Inn. It is this Park Inn we really remember their phone numbers on the first floor with a patio, where we had tea in the evening and crawled on the Internet.

Day of the sixth and seventh. Vienna
As I wrote above, this post I cooked longer in order to share the organizational moments of our trip than impressions (of which I'll explain later). However, in the silence of the Vienna want to apologize separately. This city can be a lot of talk, write and take pictures of it, but nothing that I just did not have time to do properly. We only had a day and a half, and we pursued the tiring heat. In Vienna I was determined to come back sometime in the fall, and diligently study it.

Она очень напомнила мне Петербург, и много раз я слышала такое же сравнение от знакомых людей.

Вена нарядна, светла и празднична.

Мы обошли пешком все самые известные места в городе в первый день. А во второй успели посетить музей Естествознания, который меня просто потряс! Там можно было ходить целый день. Если все музеи в Вене такие же интересные, то я вернусь сюда минимум на неделю.
День восьмой. Чески-Крумлов, городок Мондзее
Вечером седьмого дня мы выехали из Вены и направились в чешский город Чески-Крумлов, где и ночевали в очень милом гостевом доме Penzion Weber.
Город, который, пожалуй, совсем не вписался в нашу поездку и изначально был воспринят мною очень спорно. Недалеко от границы Чехии и Австрии этот, можно сказать, город-игрушка, город-аттракцион создан для привлечения туристов со всех ближайших стран Европейского Союза. Все в нем такое ненастоящее, туристическое и завлекающее.

In Cesky Krumlov come because of a medieval castle with a moat around which is built and "mothballed" for any changes to the old town.


Much like Tallinn or Riga only, I would say, even a little less well-groomed.

We took one evening and time to lunch the next day to see all that we found interesting in the Czech city. The night before we realized that the city was chosen somewhat vain, and we wanted to go back. Initially we had a plan to go to German Ingolstadt, but some disappointment in the Czech Republic has made us change plans.
We decided to stay one more day in the Alps and then headed towards Salzburg on the way to drop into a resort town on the shores of the Mondsee lake.



It was not in the city and had lunch at the lake. The weather was unsuitable for swimming.



Last night we were in the Alps in the village of Werfenweng in the guest house Wenger Alpenhof.
The ninth day. The village Werfenweng, Zamogoi Hohenwerfen and the way to Munich
Werfenweng ski resort turned out to be a classic. As such, we spent the winter holidays, and love them very much. In the summer they turn into a happy hunting ground for mountaineers and trackers.


The weather this morning was chilly and foggy. But my father said, "Go on trekking!", Then go for tracking.


I am very glad that we spent the last night in the mountains it is in this village, and that was just such a cloudy weather. The beauty and grandeur of the mountains, we saw a new side.





By the afternoon, however, it has again become a very hot and sunny and we had time to return to Munich. On the way we stopped at the castle Hohenwerfen. Again, up to the castle on the mountain path, we concluded that the castles better viewed from afar!



Summing up, I want to point out what mistakes we made. Going on a trip and planning to spend the night in very different places, should not take a lot of clothes. We have a situation where the day we went through the mountains, drove two hours per machine, then walked a few more hours on foot. In the end, we even had to buy new clothes because there was no place to wash and no time.
I have often complained that did not take disposable dishes, because products in Austria, high quality and inexpensive, and plastic utensils were somehow very difficult to find. In the photo below the food basket cost less than twenty euros. With this set, we had dinner on the lake.

Of course, the obvious conclusion that we chose too many places to explore. Rather, it would be necessary to exclude from the route a couple of cities and leave time for leisurely contemplation. It is necessary to calculate the forces that still break in the journey, not tired.
And the final conclusion. Our trip cost about two thousand euros for two. At the same time we do not have much time having dinner in restaurants and most hotels were selected rather modest. I think these figures can be considered starting with the planning of this route.
Thanks to those who read to the end of this long story =)