Vanuatu. The happiest countries in the world

Somewhere in the Pacific between Fiji and New Caledonia is the happiest country in the world, of which few have heard, and so hardly going there for happiness.

So where in the life of happiness? .. 
Once, in the course of determining the I index of happiness, based on population surveys, Vanuatu was named the happiest country in the world. For comparison, Russia has taken in this list 172 th out of 178.

At first glance it can be assumed that the country has no valid happy. Big world problems do not seem much worried Vanuatu.

People enjoy Xia ideal climate and eat fruits in abundance. Having bought mangoes for 20 cents, we soon discovered that clearly overpaid and, as mango here just literally lying everywhere.

Local dance right in the back of a truck to ride was boring.

Port Vila - Vanuatu main town, is a rather stuffy and dusty place, I do not think that happiness is somewhere here. 

Located in Port Vila on Efate Island, which is twice the size of two and a half less than in Moscow, and is practically settled, except for a small city.

Vanuatu - island nation of. Blizlizhaysh between them was moved smiling on small boats or small ferries, if you need to carry heavy loads.

The local children's hair-pru Zhinkov. =) Older girl apparently this form does not like it, so they try to straighten her. or roll up the handkerchief at the worst if straighten reluctance. 

Men with mean all very serious, maybe even a little gloomy, but I should be encountered with them look like they immediately spreads smiling child in a sincere smile. According to my observation, that smile has long been irretrievably lost, and persons with more affluent part of the population of our planet. 

People mostly live in villages. Urbanization I'm here in its infancy, I am personally very ponravilos s. These huts used as storage smiling. Sami people live in stone houses - samostroi.

The inhabitants of Vanuatu - very religious. We got for Christmas. So I look rustic church inside a Christmas ical night. Everybody sing! Women sit on the left side of the church, men - on the right. Hymns, apparently, the male part of the population are not popular, so it was difficult to navigate on the site and I showed complete ignorance of the subject, with an important air settled into the female part, but I just.

..a so the church looks from the outside.

Elec-operation with solar batteries and diesel generators x.

Move smiling on old -boevyh pickups, usually a large group.

Now I understand why dzhuglyah wear a pith helmet. There is always something falls from above, different sizes and shapes. Pineapples grow, they say, "in the garden."

Mango - right on the trees within dosyagaemos minute hands-tooth s. Once the fruit has fallen from a tree - crop is harvested. Local said that about 90% of the harvest mango Vanuatu rots on the ground. Bananas too much, but they taste good with wood, as well as very sticky. I barely hand laundered after them

Grapefruit s.

We lived in these bungalows. All organizova la one big family with this little island. Themselves all built and operated so. Well done.

Local well-controlled with a machete. Coconuts cut - chips fly.

That's how the local water is extracted through wells, courtesy of constructing the European Union.

Immediately right and erase that far from the water not to leave.

Children are always happy to meet new people.

Well kids, it is almost everywhere are glad, but the meeting in Vanuatu happy to adults. Decided to shake hands, and if you are lucky enough to meet a group of people returning, say, from the neighboring village home, you have to shake hands with everyone. Time is all there, no big hurry. Happiness definitely felt very close.

Vanuatu - an archipelago of origin of vulkaniches someone. Our island - is no exception.

Local resident Thomas. Stands on top of a volcano of their island. Next to him, the National th tree Vanuatu uyuschee symbolize peace, as they say.

Up pretty hard shove in the heat, and the jungle is quickly replaced by meadows with increasing altitude.
But it is certainly worth the rise .. Our guide. This is his island.

On the way back, he climbed a palm tree to get us a couple of coconuts. In seconds! I pozavidova l skill of 16-year-old boy.

This spider we had a long and cautious fotkali from all angles.

 ..a conductor then just "tore" it for us, so we take a closer look.

I was expecting a bunch of mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and other things, but the jungle were very welcoming of. No one was bitten. Even in the sea almost no jellyfish.

In the capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila, there are some amazing things. One of them - a monument to our navigator Golovnin right in the center of the city waterfront (Who would have thought!). Well, of course I was very happy to meet with compatriot. It turned out that the monument was erected on the initiative of Russian artist Nikolai Michutushkina who lives in Vanuatu for 50 years! At the time, he decided to push on the big issues of the world and come here for their happiness. We found him in his own shop nearby.

Vanuatu was once part of the French and the part of the British colony. The French influence is felt much sharper. People play petanque in the streets of Port Vila.

Just a great French baguette, without excess polyethylene portvilskom general store.

Capital Efate Island in a circle around 200km. You can go round it all day, visiting with almost all the beaches.

Needless to say, that the sea is very warm and clean, and five meters from the shore begins is unimaginable variety of different corals and marine life that you can easily spend a whole day in the water. Some specially come here just for diving.

Around the island a lot of lagoons, land around which prodaetsyaa granted, and many of these sites are already actively built hotels. I'd like to hope that despite this, happiness will not go away with these beautiful islands.