USA: Oregon Coast

Continue begun to Portland and not finished the story of Oregon, especially now that our village was covered with snow, and there is nothing better than to dive into the sea with old photos. We begin in a small town - Astoria - on the border of Oregon and Washington, and we'll move on the 101-th highway to the south. Astoria border between the states of Washington and Oregon (well as the border, just a road sign "you moved to Oregon") takes place on the river Columbia and here in Astoria, it just flows into the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, here in her mouth spanned an impressive iron bridge Astoria - Megler length of 6.607 m.
Oregon elevated portion of the bridge for the passage of vessels, Washington also rests on a sand delta. Therefore, go for it no less exciting than watching from the sidelines.
Many of the 9000 residents of Astoria literally live under a bridge, or at least we can find an angle.
In addition to those who live in the old mansion, of course.
Flavel House Be that as it may, the city center is very bright, in the best traditions of the west coast, even with some sense of California's air.
Garbage bins, stylized cans (is still a port and fishing town) - perfect.
As in Portland, there is especially a lot of vintage stores.
And indeed the whole town - where the Lewis and Clark expedition was forced to stay in the cabin - some vintage.
Take, for instance, rich historical artifacts promenade.
The remains of the boiler cannery White Star Cannery, burned down more than 50 years ago, along the pedestrian promenade of vintage rides ...
... vintage tram.
Most interestingly, the Astoria has never been trams - this train №300 (1913) borrowed for 5 years for $ 1 per year at the museum in San Antonio, and allowed him to own generator on railway tracks.
Ecola State Park
Further south on the 101 freeway is a park Ecole, where you can have a picnic with the most breathtaking views of the coast.
From here you can see the famous beach Cannon with no less famous Kamenyuki Haystack Rock.
All these basalt boulders in the sea including Heystek - nothing like the pillars of lava submarine volcanoes 15 million years ago, when the Yellowstone hot spot was 500 km closer to the coast..
In the park are also conducted excavations of the Indian village, was situated here from 1100 to the 1700s.
Even the park has a good network of trails with the most famous - Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail - 10 miles in length, along the rocky coastline along the entire length of the park. Cannon Beach is obvious that because of ecological - just a stone's throw the cult Cannon Beach with a massive, 72-meter Heystek. Fact, Cannon Beach - this is not a beach, and the town name.
The place is terribly popular, so the beach is protected at the level of "nothing is impossible". Collect shells or any other seafood can not climb on a rock above the high tide level - it is impossible. Bonfires, fireworks, vehicles on the beach - I beg you.
Maybe that's why the beach is littered with millions parusnits.
Many people confuse them with the Portuguese ships, but it's not the same
Wikipedia says that unofficially Heystek - the third largest in the world of the object with access only at low tide - but this is not true and provocation, at least two more objects are in Normandy - for a moment, the monastery and the fort.
But definitely it is the most photographed attraction Oregon, which can only compete Multnomah Falls waterfall.
Stone was chosen by birds - migratory and not. Even with such removal unturned seen many white dots - mainly - gulls.
But a closer look at a stack can consider the set of nesting toporopkov (tufted puffin). Toporopki usually gray and is not remarkable, but in the spring during the breeding season, they appear bright colors, making them one of the most striking birds on the west coast.
Of course, with so many nesting birds, Heystok competes Vancouver White rock.
Incidentally, bird droppings well-marked entrance to a small cave system in Heysteke.
Well, about the nature of the volcanic origin of the stone islands I told above.
Each protruding from the water stone - is the trunk of an underwater volcano 15 million years ago.
Neahkahnie Further south 101st highway passes through a small ridge ending cape formed Niikani mount (512 m). According to legend, there is hidden treasure from a Spanish ship of the XVI century, which tried to find hundreds of people with the use of heavy equipment. So now on Nikanov mountain forbidden to dig treasures - after all, America is a great country. And free, yes.
Yet another treasure can be found here - views of the coast from the observation deck, and even better - from the top of the mountain, which is the trail.
Dryahlenky wooden town - a living illustration of one-storey America.
I could not not stop here and grab a glass fishing buoy on the tree in memory of the trip in one of the vintage shops.
But there are, of course, nothing. Rockaway Beach Another city with the word "beach name" - Rockaway Beach and another volcanic formation - Twin Rocks (Stones twin).
They say that the natural arch can fly a helicopter - I do not know, I do not know, I have here is something even a seagull there not prolazit.
The town itself - somehow became my most vivid memories.
All the matter in the combination of sea mist, making the way through it, the sun, the bright facades line strung along almost the only street of wooden houses, slowly moving traffic and bright rusty rails.
This is where I most feel the atmosphere of Oregon - if ever played a game Life is Strange, I do not know a place more similar to the town.
Garibaldi Garibaldi - great a city to drive past without stopping. The only attraction here - the remains of the old sawmill pipe. Rumor has it the tallest building on the coast of Oregon. I liked the fact it that reminded Lukyaninovskie tower from the novel Draft.
Something like a regional center, which includes all the above mentioned places. There could be a day milkshake in stylized 50s diner - Dutch Mill - and yank back to Portland.
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