Summer in Chicago

Exactly one year ago, in the first days of June I finished a three-month korpenie over diserom at Caltech, got on a plane and have five hours drinking Guinness with his longtime friend in downtown Chicago. Long had to write about the city (especially promised a friend to share the view from the outside), but somehow did not develop. Internet claiming that Chicago - a city of winds, and the old American movies say that Chicago - a city of gangsters. But as you know, everybody lies. Chicago - a city of skyscrapers, pleasant things, and American flags.

Gangsters here, of course. Traces of crime on every street corner.

But skyscrapers still more than gangsters.

They can climb up and look at the evening city.

It is necessary to climb a skyscraper, as it becomes clear that Chicago - neebicheski big city: if to look gloomy in the distance, it begins to affect the curvature of the earth, and the house has not yet come to an end.

You can still bury among the skyscrapers in a canoe. Quite a fun Saturday.

The river is called to these places unusual - Chicago River. Gadyushnik rare, but runs right through downtown, so that tourists like.

Even here care about the people and try to stick as soon as possible between the skyscrapers green oasis with benches.

Moreover, it is often the local fuck is not needed, but visiting tourists may sfotkatsya.

By the way, the locals are very focused and with great pleasure that say "Schikago" and "Illinois." It is necessary to say "B" in the name of the city or to add "C" to the name of the state, and you look like shit on the provincial. And the rest of Chicagoans - charming little guys.

In Chicago, preserved street shoes cleaners and dinosaurs.

And simultaneous games of chess. Approached, made a move and went on. Watching you French tourist abandoned during play.

Even then honored sponsors. Poles gave money to the embankment, and here immediately naherachili Copernicus Monument, Kosciuszko and God knows who.

Restored Armenian Navy Pier, and the Armenian flag flies at each pole.

But the red lights here are not respected. No cars, and normal.

Each firm in the taxi right to paint their cars in whatever color.

As a result, sometimes a taxi from the police did not tell the difference.

And yet there is water taxi.

With a modern street art in Chicago is also ok. Put the ball silver, all rejoice and call him "Bob."

A perverts with mathematical education looking focus.

Flags somehow very much. Virtually every available column.

Unlike Los Angeles, Chicago has a street beggars. Not because life here is poorer and worse, because then sometimes go on foot, and it makes sense to beg.

In Chicago, there is all that needs to create comfort, comfort, well-being and a happy smile on the face of the inhabitants: fountains, greenery, embankments, parks and beaches.

Only here can not help feeling that Chicago is trying very hard. Trying to be trendy and young, patriotic, free, rich and at the same time a sort of family-measured. So that the visitor as often as possible vostrozhenno exhaled «Wow» and felt a deep sense of regret that he had not had a chance to live in this wonderful place. And this effort more noticeable. On the other hand, and let. Here it's true great. Now I do not understand people who in their right mind traveling to see Los Angeles. Chicago still there.

PS: The University of Chicago is in the south, near Hyde Park. It is located between 56th and conditionally 61st Street. It is absolutely safe area. By 62y can walk safely on the 63rd you can walk in the afternoon, and at night is not recommended on 64th better not to go, even during the day - can rob. 65yu can not go on, there was robbed on almost banker. At 66y and further can already kill, and the larger the number, the greater the likelihood. And these "continue" - to 209y. There lives about 4 million ordinary Chicago residents. Only color they are black.