Seven reasons to visit Alaska

I came back from an incredible place. Distant, wild, hidden in Alaska. The northernmost state, where very rarely come from Russia. The border guard questioned my companion why Alaska, because you have the same nature and the same cold. And I have seven reasons why everyone should ever visit Alaska. About them and tell from a large series of reports. Firstly, it is beautiful. The first reason - incredible views 1 Even a "cracker" to the nature and beautiful views, as I was fascinated and impressed by the beauty of these wild places.

2 Who can resist when before his eyes - is it? Fire Fall met with permafrost, glaciers and snow ....

3 I have been to Alaska a week and I'm afraid not lucky with the weather.

4 That rain, the snow, the hail - and this is the beginning of September. Even on cloudy days, views were - for a million dollars!

The second reason - the wildlife

5 Coming you on the highway, and the roadside elk grazing peacefully. Chews grass, not even head raises. He spit on the people and their cars. It - its territory.

6 Wild animals in Alaska, apparently do not feel the danger posed by the person, they do no harm, because the possibility of peaceful existence.

7 I think it was at all possible stroke.

8 In addition to moose, beaver met, and it seems (not sure) is very far away bear. They have to roads not often go, but if you want guaranteed to see bears (including white) - You can book a tour and go to them in the reserve.

9 Local long been accustomed to, and the tourists, of course, makes an impression: the car stopped on the road, people are beginning to run out and take a picture of animals. And those and are happy to pose.

Reason Three - fishing

10 Actually not my topic, but the vast majority (more than half) of tourists coming to Alaska for the sake of fishing. They say she is special.

11 People are hiring small boats or even large industrial vessels (charters) and go fishing in the open sea and numerous bays.

12 So Alaska for Americans - like Astrakhan for the Russians.

Reason for fourth - excellent infrastructure

13 Though it seems that Alaska is "ass of the world", after all this ass is in the US. And here, as in any part of the country are excellent road (as a rule), and the entire road infrastructure.

14 Yes, it is worse with ingredients, eateries and motels along the way to the curb. But both people and machines, virtually none. Sometimes you go two hours, no one is catching up, and not a single car will not get to meet.

15 Thus, in a purely touristic places (such as national parks and the like) - has absolutely everything. Any restaurants, Diner, shops.

16 America - a country comfort. Even in such a wilderness.

17 It looks like a roadside toilet somewhere "in the middle of Nowhere". Needless to say that everything is clean inside, and visitors waiting for the toilet paper?

Reason Five - excellent "zabroshki"

18 In comparison with, say, Chukotka, abandoned places in Alaska, not so much. But those that can be found, you will be very surprised.

19 For example, here is the unfinished hotel in the form of a needle. About other places tell a separate post, they are too delicious. And I love abandoned places.

The reason for sixth - fierce redneck

20 If you are interested in the culture of the American villages, all these rednecks better place simply could not be found, because Alaska - one huge village, the largest in America. Cities there is almost no one redneck.

21 Culture This is so distinctive and bright that it unfairly deprived of attention of the international community. About chotko "gangsta niggaz" know everything, but about rednecks and hillbilly only those who have been in the United States.

22 See, what a beauty!

23 And yet, all this fierce hick living in as close to the Russian conditions. You can see and compare. Here are the Eskimos, Chukchi and other indigenous peoples, as we have in the Chukotka region, we will have to look for: they live in remote villages, where you want to fly to small aircraft: far away, long and expensive.

24 Here is the shop sunk into the soul. A shatilin there was generally not pull out.

25 In this picture everything perfectly, but the start of her study, since canned beaver.

Reason seventh - Russian roots

26 There will never forget who opened Alaska, and who sold it to America. In any museum, and the city will tell you about Russian travelers and explorers who visited the first on this earth. Talk about the Russian-American Company, which controlled the territory. Finally, in Alaska live descendants of Russian settlers, still Orthodox, as well as various branches of the Old Believers. And about those and others, at the time, will be reporting.

Stock up on popcorn and patience - everything is just beginning!