Olympic National Park

Olympic Peninsula is located on the Pacific coast of Washington State and stretched from Everett in the north to the south of Aberdeen (native city of Kurt Cobain), its location and the nature of a very resembling Vancouver Island. Of course, the peninsula - is not an island, they said, campgrounds in the United States are equipped with the best Canadian, they said, moreover, they are not something that they do not need to reserve for three months. This post will be a little bit about how the situation is actually a little bit more - about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest (though for us Canadians is, after all, the south-west). On the border of the customs officer looked skeptical loaded under the roof and the roof SUV and asked him, saying where we go. To reply that he was genuinely surprised to Olympic "with it? and where your house on wheels? ". It turns out,
While on the one hand the sun can shine on the other for sure will be watered rain. Waterfalls along the way make the resemblance is even closer.
The most important difference from Hawaii - of course, the temperature difference is one thing when the rinse in + 28 ° C, and quite another - to + 14 ° C. Again, just like in Maui we went all day in the sun and in the evening had to go back to the wet camp.
Even in the dark you done in 3 or 4 camps before we find a free place, but not one but several. In general, the truth say that in America it is not necessary to book in advance camping. However, in the morning it turned out that we are so fortunate mainly because the camp is not working water supply, but this is detail.
Besides, it turned out that the camp is located in the most rainy part peninsulae, but he was also close to the lift on one of the popular attractions - the top of Hurricane Ridge (Hurrican Ridge). Hurricane Ridge
Here at the top - above the rain that whips our tents - nice.
Very soon, however, it becomes apparent that the rain - only there, where we arrived.
Clouds cling to the mountain range and remain on one side of it.
On the other hand, as it turned out, the sun is shining.
If you arrange a picnic here at the top, then in the Disney cartoons from the bushes start to come out one after the other forest dwellers.
Deer, rabbits, birds - table surrounded from all sides.
Only one garbage - while struggling to enjoy their company and lunch from the same bushes climbs my most unloved animals - which is sapiens, homo - and begin to spoil your lunch their phones on sticks.
Black-capped chickadee (black-capped chickadee). Upstairs is very good, but you need to go down - in the rain, to the camp without a shower and toilet. But there is one local trick - at the hot springs resort of Sol Duc. Typically for $ 15 with $ 11 and big with the little man, they allowed in the swimming pool with water from the source and soul! But a few hours before closing they do offer - all for $ 10!
But, for a long time can not continue, so collect belongings and moved from a rainy forest to the beach. Kalaloch Klaylak / kleɪlɒk / - probably the most famous place in the park, and, of course, when we came here on Monday at 10 am, we were told that there is no space, but still screwing in a circle around the camp, one found. Then there were still dozens of the same, passing by and looking for a place - a little-just lucky.
The first thing to do in the camp on the beach - well, things dry after three days in the jungle.
And only then go for a walk along the beach.
117 km of beaches in the region Kleylak - typical picture of the Pacific Northwest, which can be seen in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.
However, to my surprise, in spite of the availability, local beaches were less lived-man. For example, there is no surf, no tours to see whales or sea lions, no coastal cottages for a comfortable admiring the storm.
But in general there is nothing special here. No connection. The nearest shop in the town of Forks (by the way, has become a place where the unfolding action Twilight Saga) - 50km. There is water in the camp and that's good. But the soul - again, no ....
And, if you ask me, it's great.
Because the more likely no, no longer have freedom.
A place where it's all there - it's just a different place, but it is not - it's not Olympic. Especially great here at sunset - again an association with Maui, this time - with the local invariably vanilla golden hour before sunset.
Right between the camping and the beach raskoryachishsya "Tree of Life" - among other things it is even applied guglokarty reviews 4.7 / 5. And I still think - why this camp from the forest floor, enclosed by impenetrable orange ribbon.
Only one wish - that the view of the beach open only to certain places, and these places are usually small, uncomfortable and lack of privacy.
In short, I'm sorry, lawyers American campgrounds but no less popular Canadian Green Point is equipped much better. Ruby Beach Ruby Beach - for those who like to translate names - another attraction of Marseille. Unlike the others, quite monotonous Klaylaka beaches, dotted with the basalt Kekura.
It's Kekura, for example - and all with a brood Kekura ... or ketsyplyat?
Many of them - that the less - densely populated colonies of barnacles (barnacles, English -. Barnacles).
Barnacles barnacles belong to the order, which tend to be locked for a long time in their shells until the water comes back with the tide.
If you look at them when they are covered with water, you can see the thin, like antennae, limbs that protrude from the shell looking for ciliates and radiolarians.
Between rocks in tidal pools - just a sea of ​​green anemones.
In general, there is such kind of rest - walk on the beach, looking into the puddle and learn who lives there.
Quite a good rest, I will tell you honestly.
In short, camping in the United States was not so much better, and the Canadian, if not vice versa. In fact, you can come and find a place without a reservation, but not the fact that it was in the camp, which you have read and that all the praise - probably will have to travel on the county. Well, with the ferry - the same story that we: can not be reserved in advance, but will have a couple of extra hours to stand in line if the crossing time close to the end or the beginning of the work week. Olympique although located on the peninsula, the road to it comes from the south, which for us Northerners - detour for a good 300 extra kilometers. They can be cut off at the ferry, though mad dog hundred of miles is not a hook. By the way, the sun on the beach, too, did not last long - and had to use a 550-horsepower - in the amount of pilot and Durango - to pull the camp roof.