Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls (Eng. Niagara Falls) - a complex of waterfalls on the Niagara River, which separates the US state of New York from the Canadian province of Ontario. Niagara Falls - a waterfall "Horseshoe" (Eng. Horseshoe Falls), sometimes also called the Canadian Falls (Eng. Canadian Falls), the American Falls (Eng. American Falls) and waterfall "Veil" (Eng. Bridal Veil Falls). Although the height difference is not very large and waterfalls are very wide, and the volume of water passing through it Niagara Falls - the most powerful in North America.
The waterfall is 53 meters. Foot of the American Falls obscures heap of stones, which is why its apparent height - only 21 meters. The width of the American Falls - 323 meters, the waterfall "Horseshoe" - 792 meters. The volume of falling water reaches 5700 or more m³ / s [1].
The beauty of this miracle of nature attracts many tourists from all over the world, which contributes to the prosperity of the cities located on the banks of the Falls - Niagara Falls (Eng. Niagara Falls), New York, USA Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
The most colorful view of the waterfall is opened with the Canadian shore. A few hundred meters downstream from Niagara Falls through spanned "Rainbow Bridge" (Eng. Rainbow Bridge), open to the movement of passenger cars and pedestrians between the two countries.
Under a waterfall built hydroelectric total capacity to 4.4 gigawatts.

I, like many others, as it turns out, has always seemed that Niagara - Kakko is something big and wild vodovpad somewhere in the dense bush, far from civilization. The fact that he is a great and terrible - yes, but the fact that he is far from cities and so on. - Is complete garbage - Niagrasky waterfall located just poserёd cities between the two countries. Across the beach - Canada.

Here is a bridge connecting the US and Canada. So close - but you can not go :(.

Carries to look at here is a Niagara-American karablik donut :)

And the Canadian side of the same donuts.

Before Posad donuts all give Gnomish blue suits, calculated as I pkazalos at the thickest American aunts (then it was fun to meet people in the Solovki odёzhah there - our people are everywhere !!!!)

So there you go!

Themselves cormorants sit by.

I'll tell you what to wear gnosky suit, going under the Niagara, to put it mildly, unsportsmanlike. Well, yes, fog, water pours. But, damn, AS lyuёt and what kind of water !!! This is very cool because soak !!! :)

That's Horseshoe.

All further Fota did not work - too wet. Sailed back under the bridge.

Wet, but happy :)