New York

I decided to give you the archive photo report on a New Year's trip to New York, which occurred a few years ago. Unfortunately, I stayed there not too long and had to remove the foam except that with most tourist places. Let neuvidennym much left, but one thing I can say for sure, sunsets in New York City Fabulous!

Acquaintance with the city began with a trip on the tram overhead. It is rare for the North American type of transport (they were only in the 3 cities) kilometer long route runs at 80-meter height above the East River, and if one side is opened rather depressing view of the Roosevelt Island.

That on the other hand, you can admire the dense building Upper Manhattan. A curious sight.

Park Avenue, the elegant street, entering directly into the old skyscraper Helmsley.

What do they mean by that? You have to be stupid to buy their jeans?

Supplier of eggs for the royal family Petrosyan once opened in New York City luxury caviar restaurant. A childhood friend, meticulously studying the menu, said that we will go there next time.

Pedicabs in Central Park. Park struck by its size. Certainly worthy of respect, that in a city with space land prices have managed to keep such a big chunk of nature.

"Wild Strawberries" in the same park. Place the murder of John Lennon. I wonder why everyone thought it was a good place for photographing children?

Ballet in New York took to the streets in an electronic form.

In a live ballet did not go, but instead went to dinner in some elite byurgerushnuyu by then estimated in the Zagato almost the best in town. Photograph there was nothing special and I would happily forgot about that place, if the first time in my life met a gay waiter who just shone its "geystvom." Everything just like in the movies, with a grimace, depraved gait cheap prostitutes and it is quite a respectable restaurant in Manhattan! It's amazing. Well, in a nearby shopping center selling copies of Dali's work at such prices that they could be easily mistaken for the originals. Also, to some extent izvraschenstvo.

Outside, the Columbus monument and one of the world's first intersections with roundabouts.

One of the mandatory points for visiting the area was Dyker Heights. There the locals, completely forgetting about the economy, organize the most complex installation of Christmas in the city, literally pulling their homes completely svetyaschimesya lights. As seen in the previous picture, the problems started even during the day when it began to snow. Indeed, even in the morning warned that the coming snow storm, stay home. I like a man a thousand times deceived meteorolagami not believed and proved in vain. Crept closer to the area, the worse the weather, finally reaching the level of grave situation snowstorm! Participate in pulling the car out of the dam and thoroughly get lost, I felt that mission accomplished, and quickly ran back to the subway. This picture was taken near the house already, there have coped without my help. Weather at the time calmed down a bit, but the overall picture gives an idea.

The next day the sun was shining, that is, nothing reminds of yesterday's storm, except that drifts on the streets. Snow tratuary clean without compromise. Who is not hidden, he is not guilty.

I think New York a better place in the world for fans of viewing platforms. Theoretically, such sites could be organized in every second building in Manhattan and the result would be slightly worse than "platform on the rock." Golf on a rock or Top of the Rock, is an observation deck at the Rockefeller Center. Ever since the construction of the observation between the playground and in the Empire State Building goes unspoken competition - where better to see the New York City? The answer is quite neodnoznacheny, every place has its pros and cons. I have been here and there, and it seemed to me that the view from the "Platform on the rock" interesting. I will try to justify. On tsyuda good view of Central Park.

On the other hand a breathtaking view of e mpayer State Building, and if not for the bright sun could see even lower manhattan

But most importantly, this platform is much more convenient for visitors. If "Empire" I had an hour to stand in endless lines, here in less than 5 minutes and I was on top. Besides myself more comfortable area in the 30s she even represented the deck of the steamer. Now times easier, but nevertheless on 2 levels to breathe more freely than empayerskoy "a barrel of herring", and views of the Upper Manhattan anthill no less interesting than in lower Manhattan.

This is another postcard views of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I did not have time to get on a tour of the Statue of Liberty (the queue was up to the horizon and back, so it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance) so I just sat on the ferry "Staten Island Ferry" and sailed past all the sights on the photographic distance. Of course, the point is not completely closed, but put a little tick. On the river station a pointer to the right men, women left, and where to go to those who need water?

Ellis Island, there was a punitive distribution center for immigrants arriving in the country now are a must to visit the museum.


Statue of a miracle as well.

40 minutes on the road and you can see the city from the other side. As you can see, the Freedom Tower has not yet had time to dostrot, but the process is already underway.

Classic at the public library, unfortunately, now the central hall is closed for renovation until 2017, but then in 2011, he was still working.

Equally classic "pastrami" (pictured left), a company with "Ruben" ie sandwich with meat, cabbage and cheese at the famous institution, "Katz Delicatessen." Minus 16 dollars, plus the same bunch of unforgettable memories. However, details of the visit Katz I've already talked to the topic of American food.

Place mandatory to visit for all lovers of photography, "Kosher" shop photographic equipment: "B & H Photo". I not once heard an opinion that is the best photo shop in the world. It may well be that it is so! Most Shop like a sort of supermarket of the future. Light indexes to the free counters, electronic goods from the warehouse the call, tape moving from warehouse shelves, cash register products, and five packers Pace, it is generally sur pure water! And why only I was too shy to photograph them?

Times square, neon thing in the world!

Comment here is nothing special, the final victory over common sense advertising.

This skyscraper has long been a hallmark of New York. E mpayer State Building, b yvshee the tallest building in the world, attracts tourists not less than the Statue of Liberty. Barkers-ticket sellers meet you already for several quarters and offer a package of tickets to the 86th floor, at 102 minutes, exhibitions, movies, fast pass, the slow pass, with access to the open space, with no way out ... We have limited 86th floor with a slow rise. And this rise took a little over an hour from one stage we gradually move to the next, it seemed that the queues will not be the end. Moreover, in the neighboring lines for the elevators were the owners of those "fast ticket" so much they did not receive a prize.

Imagine the scene, you stand in another queue, 200 people around you and no, I emphasize, no white man! By the way, a similar picture almost everywhere, as if the whole world decided to visit New York with me! It seems that just about hear the familiar from Soviet films excited cry: "Attention, the city of white!" But it's all the lyrics, and in the meantime we got to the goal.

About comparison Empire State Building and the observation deck at Rockefeller Center, I have already mentioned. ESB lost, but it is possible, spend, I queued for an hour less and my assessment would change.

Views of the city very well.

To be honest, Christmas decorations in New York disappointed. No special markets, in Europe, I have not seen. The couple are not too high rollers, but modestly-store illumination. However, we should not forget that before the Dyker Heights Christmas with his madness, I never reached. Where is the much-touted holiday spirit, attracting each year at this time, hundreds of thousands of tourists? The only bright spot, the famous department store "Macy's".

I already knew that Christmas showcase "Macy's" is a kind of attraction for children, but thought it would be the usual figure, but in large quantities. It turned out that the "trick" is not at all the colorful figures, but the fact that in the windows show presentation with sound and other effects. Children follow the development of the plot from one window to another, and how to present in this puppet theater. Wonderful idea!

The symbol of New York City Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. For some reason it did not make any pictures in the store located there studio NBC, meanwhile Shop remarkable. Before Christmas tree arranged rink and perhaps this is the only ice rink in the world, which I could not fall. Not because I was suddenly revealed in skating skill, just hung out there as lovers ride that was absolutely nowhere to fall.

On the famous Wall street has its own tree on udilenie modest.

Holiday Showcases empty shops. That's all, Merry Christmas, so to speak.

The church "Trinity" in the shadows around her whoppers in my opinion, very atmospheric place.

The famous skyscraper "Iron", really tall and really narrow! The building struck me was not expecting it to be so special. I would like to see what's inside, but just do not do it.

New York, the city of love.

Or at the very least, the city of true friendship

Holiday shopping, that is where the first and last time for the whole trip we heard Russian

Crumpled sphere. Earlier this structure, in the form of a more general course, stood in front of the World Trade Center. Now we put it on the shores of the park, near the eternal flame. Memorial to victims of the tragedy of 9/11 has not yet been built, but it is a worthy monument.

Who thought if he stayed in New York City 3.5 days, 2.5 days in Washington and somewhere the same in Montreal, Quebec. When planning a train today, I probably would have changed this relationship. Do not get me wrong, and Washington and Montreal, I liked scary, but 3 days for such a huge and full of interesting corners of cities like New York, it is inexcusable short term. Time eternal enemy travelers, now also stand before the same problem as in 4 days to cram everything Tokyo, ie I did not learn from their mistakes.