Los Angeles

Behind visit an old friend and four days exploring the surrounding area of Los Angeles, past the accompaniment of heavy rain and cold weather in California to +12. I do not want to clutter up your tape lengthy introduction, so straight to the point. Beverly Hills Beverly Hills meets the sign, park worthy of the 40th anniversary of the Komsomol.

The statue, standing immediately next to, has driven me into a stupor.

Do not think that I am so sensitive to contemporary art, just the thing I've seen four years ago. In Dublin. Does anyone know what a miracle is so famous that it is put around the world?

On Rodeo Drive, where Richard Gere Julia Roberts wore, more tourists than buyers.

By the way, recklessly think that here go some Rolls-Royce and Ferrari Enzo.

Mulholland Drive - its rightful place, which offers good views of Los Angeles. Only the features of the power supply system of California almost do not allow these kinds wirelessly.

Although it can be 40 minutes tramped through the surrounding hills. Then the order.


Pro has nothing to say, except that the stars are located on both sides of the street, stretching for several kilometers and the percentage of name recognition to them about 15.

To nezamorachivatsya in the future to replace the plates in advance nalepili discs.

And yes, the inscription on the hill.

Not found? Keep larger.

Universal City

This amusement park for healthy kinomanyakov.

Actually, I was looking for here the installation of the crash (say, looks terribly realistic), and then found out that she was at Disneyland. Photo stole from the internet.

When writing this post, I decided to check out whether he Disneyland. It turned out that still in Universal.  For $ 75 you can go there in the middle scall rollercoaster.

And watch a few shows about the same quality. For example, "Water World" - short live version of the film with explosions and watering public water.


skyscrapers and about ten Crazy advertising.

The only attraction - Staples Center, where they show hockey, basketball, and sometimes a Grammy with boxing.

Santa Monica

The most wonderful area of Los Angeles. Perhaps because it's only visit to four days the place where it was warm and dry. The beach here is such that it will certainly have to come back closer to the summer.

Not to say that the ocean is very similar to the ocean, most of the sea, but still nice.

Well, the notorious pier, the old amusement park.

Long Beach

Long Beach was the most strange visits to places. There is a strange sky.

Strange beaches.

Strange people with metal detectors on the sand.

Strange entertainment pensioners.

Strange statues.

Strange cars in the parking lot of the yacht club.

And it is very strange trees.

The main attraction of Long Beach - Queen Mary, once the largest cruise ship in the world.

Under the liner - the Soviet submarine. Will be in Long Beach, do not go. In Kaliningrad, the "Youth" is exactly the same worth.


is said to live here the stars. Ozzy Osbourne, for example. Perhaps to them pleasant to go for a visit. Uninvited here do absolutely nothing.

That's basically all of Los Angeles.