Las Vegas - the island of entertainment, pleasure and ongoing fun in the desert of Nevada.

Weather on the way from Anaheim to Las Vegas

After boring commute from LA, a grand city amazes from the first minute:

Las Vegas is famous not only for its numerous casinos, but also the most unimaginable entertainment, from dancing fountains at the "Bellagio" before the ceremony vrecheniya "porn Oscars".
The most famous water view Cirque du Soleil "O" is being held here (again Hotel "Bellagio"), well, another 6 different programs in other hotels.

Prices are quite reasonable, from $ 80. They say it is the "O" simply unimaginable that -That incredibly delicious, not going in comparison with other programs. The first, which you get when you come to any hotel in Las Vegas, it is no! Not the reception area, and a casino. But this reception still have to search ..

In the area of ​​the casino never hangs hours, no windows and, of course, pointers input-output-toilets are not. All to little man even louder indulge their strastishkam J, complete loss of orientation in time. Went and forgot .. itself.

Everything works, of course, around the clock, all the time the same dim lights, soft such enveloping, smells of cigarette smoke and fragrances, and of money, of course.
From what I've seen, this "one-armed bandits", roulette, poker something with bones. Judging by the squeals, often succeeded where to roll the dice. There are girls who offer drinks zabesplatno only customary to leave a tip.
It is believed that the need to sit down to play for those machines where only someone snatched some money (luckily, it is heard well, the machine produces a characteristic very loud sound of falling coins), because as a "bandit" in the cluster in it a certain critical amount starts to drop parts of moolah, and then maybe more parts. But I learned later, after the trip, so that will test next time. In general, my winnings enough to dine at the elegant "McDonald's", buy souvenirs and two dresses «Ross». Everything is much cheaper than in California, taxes almost the lowest in America.
I think these infernal mechanisms of chance find a vein in any man, even one who himself one never considered.
All the hotels, by the way, are connected by passages , so to say, not to be distracted, do not go out and not ventilated. Well, actually, all the attendant need for pleasure and are located inside hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons.

In hotel rooms do not have balconies and window (at least in our hotel "Monte Carlo") reopened only centimeters by 10 May, the people did not rush after another: "All right, now I just win!"?

Trump almost otgrohal another hotel, this time - gold bar:

Every hotel - themed Palace:
Inside them - a separate world, do not have time to admire and slam the lower jaw. It is impossible to imagine how it is spent. Although it is impossible to imagine how many people are spending ..

Murano glass ceiling

Cezars Palace


Poor man, Garfield -pyanchuga:

From this April a wealthy eccentric launched buses that ply the Las Vegas and save people from the consequences of alcohol abuse are invited to spend a few hours in a comfortable chair-beds, where to put a dropper, give miraculous drugs and eat-drink-sleep. It should be something around $ 200.