Kansas. Visiting a crazy person

Oh, what a love all sorts of unusual people and freaks, Ron Lessman of Kansas has surpassed all of them. I have long wanted to get acquainted with these rednecks and breathe the romance of the American redneck. Ron did not just rednecks, and especially subspecies hillbilly living almost as a hermit on a large farm. The trees, which grow shoes, the house of an old hangar, abandoned school bus and truck from Stonehenge ... The passion for collecting has made ​​his dwelling like a landfill space debris. While at the Museum of Modern Art is also similar. Welcome to visit the most crazy Americans! Ron surprises from the first steps into its territory. Mailbox in the form of a huge fish, and this is a tree full of shoes. To the question "Why" American maliciously smiles and says that this is all that remains of past visitors. Okay, I do not believe it and was not afraid. Who would otherwise have to write a post in the US blogs?

The owner himself looks exactly as it was represented by the imagination. Colorful characters, it will be interesting. Ron often hosts, his fame has spread far beyond the Kansas fans and road trip in America rife. So come to admire outlandish uncle and his garden.

Ron house is really old hangar, which he found, literally, in the garbage. After one of the most famous kazasskih tornado, someone threw debris to the landfill design. The man was not too lazy to drag all this bit by bit, and then collect from the hangar building materials. Our Rhone-all-trades, and home to collect, and painting to do. Mr. Lessman draws on T-shirts. On canvas bored says.

He also had a truly monumental canvases. There is in it something conceptual, do you think? More reason he painted the entire concrete floor of the hangar. And we are constantly accompanied by dogs Ron. How many of them live here, he did not know. Do not think so.

Pictures - is not just scribble as it may seem. This 3D-daub, and wearing special glasses, you really see the three-dimensional image.

In the mind of Ron constantly arise new projects and ideas. Here are the stones in which he gouged his friends house numbers.

Or "new project" - the wall of the lighters. While she is not great, but Down and Out the trouble started. Why is he doing all this? According to the hero reportage to take your mind and hands. Life on the farm, they say, pretty boring.

We go up to the second floor.

There is already a mess behind and putting even more like a house. This territory wife Rona. Marital creative nipped in the bud.

Baskets on the ceiling - a project spouses. Usually it does not actively participate in acts of art, but also does not condemn her husband's inclinations.

I walked by a big country home, and recalled Shop, where nothing is sold. At the end of this trip, I was passing through North Carolina and looked for a visit to George. Maybe I'll write another post about how to change the living museum for three years.

Once it started with this little ugly house. His ancestors Lessmana bought together with the land from the Indians, once the area was part of the reservation. It was an incredibly long time, even in the middle of the 19th century. The house seems to be ever since.

We're going to examine a vast territory of the farm. Ron pinned on his head a cap of this raccoon. Likely to seem even crazier.

Oh no, he was not insane. Rednecks are well aware of its strangeness. Perhaps it is even part of the image. Anyway, Excursion was very interesting!

What he had not only in the garden! Stones like something from nature and pieces of wood, similar to something after the skillful hands of our hero. He grinds all sorts of monsters and movie characters. Everyone has a name or a real prototype. You recognize Alpha from the same series of the nineties? Ron said very much, but I could understand not all, speak and his accent is very specific, and even through the word mat. Well, in a word - the village :)

The story of an old school bus forgotten, but in this very spot, Ron talked about, due to which he lives. His family for one and a half centuries belongs to a huge pond full of fish. Under American law, the owner belongs all that is in its territory. Including fish, trees, animals and even minerals in the ground. Ron did not even need to go fishing, he just sells the right to private owners and fishing small local companies supplying fish to restaurants. Well, growing tomatoes. Everything. Lucky so lucky. Well here is not to get bored?

Boathedge - one of the most ambitious projects mad Ron. From all around he brought the old boat and stuck into the ground so that their noses at the sky.

- And that - says farmer - Stonehenge in England of the stones in Nebraska someone made him a replica of the Cadillac, I'm from the boat here.

This art object created with the visitors. Ron gives every can of paint, you can write something, sign up or leave request. In summer guests especially a lot because there are concerts of country music. Open-air, therefore.

What to do with empty bottles of beer that guests leave behind the festival? Cast Away? Boring!

This bottle tower should be in Russia! Maybe kuturnye will establish communication, set somewhere in Moscow?

It's almost at the end of the tour we dobreli until the very Trakhenzha from which it began my acquaintance with Ron Lessmanom.

The history of the emergence of these staring at the sky old trucks rather banal. It is only then uncle rides a chip and brought here a few more cars.

At first he was just a couple of old cars that are rusting in a corner of his ranch. Somehow came to him by local authorities with a question, and why he does not pay taxes on the transport. What taxes guys? What transport? - Wondered Lessman. It's the same old rusty trucks, they have not to go. Accustomed to his antics, local officials did not panic and said that they are the wheels on the ground, could theoretically drive and the engine no one looked. Sued him in court. Sly the artist immediately figured out how to go around the county finger. Planted a car into the ground the rear wheels. So that their snouts stuck looking at the sky. It's not traffic, bl @, and art! Vykusi!

Oh, and for dessert. House full of bones - the latest craze of our rednecks. Outside, he was "trimmed" old license plate. Learning about my collection of rooms, Ron immediately gave one of them.

Inside a wooden shed (as you might guess) are stored bones and other fossils. Human, it seems not. But Lessman makes enigmatic face and teatralno whispers: What if?

All bones were found them on its territory, once the pond was significantly greater in prehistoric times, says Ron, on the site of all of Kansas was the ocean. Maybe all these bones belong to only cows and horses, but the owner easily shows mammoth teeth and other similar antiquity.

On a visit to a neighbor Harry looked Lessmanam. Forgot to say, in an unusual home-hangar there is even an elevator!

Behind every crazy man is a great woman. Mrs. Lessman looks the exact opposite Ron, moreover, perfectly normal. They have been married for thirty years, and the wife in every way endorses the strange work of his dearest. What child would not play!