Jacksonville - a city without people

This may seem strange, but for 2.5 years of life in Jacksonville, I wrote very little about this city. This is due to the fact that Jacksonville - is a city of the anthill, where virtually nothing interesting, where decent people are not made ​​to move in no other way, except by car, and where to walk, in fact, can only be in the area beaches. Recently I was, after all, walked through the city center, the so-called downtown, and a few of his take pictures. 1. Since downtown looks from the other side of the river St. Johns.

2. The business center - is just a few modern high buildings and older urban development behind them.

3. Every American city has a main street - Main Street. In this case, part of it extends over the bridge to lift the middle section.

4. It was on a Sunday morning. Quay - a popular place for jogging the few who were lucky (or not) to live in these places. That's just 2 greenish houses - housing.

5. Someone comes out in the morning to get some air and see the river and urbanistichnuyu building on the other side.

6. The bridge is still handsome.


8. Moving to the other side. Parking on weekends in the center is free. During the week we would have to pay here in this parking meters. This modern version accepts coins and credit cards.

9. On the outskirts of downtown found here are rare mechanical devices that accept only coins.

10. embankment on the other side. There is a little more crowded.

11. Center - this is a bad neighborhood. Not a bad course, as the black ghetto, nevertheless. People come here to work in the offices and on the streets trying not to dwell much. On weekdays, there is not much more crowded, perhaps more cars. Just 5-10 blocks to the north and to the west begin quite poor areas.

12. The building is in the form of a pencil with a capital panorama - bank building Bank of America - the tallest in the city.

13. And across the road from this modern buildings of glass and concrete - that's so cute abandoned buildings.

14. Except for me and the homeless on the streets was not a soul (well, a couple of runners met)

15. Basically all I have met here are of this type

16. The old office building is going through hard times, judging by the state of the windows on the upper floors

17. The building where the apartments are rented. Not the best place to live in Jax

18. Another apartment house

19. On the door is written that are available luxury apartments. Oh well...

20. The newly renovated library.

21. Payphones. One lucky, the second not.

22. Clean. Procedure. Emptiness.


24. The building of the theater in Florida. It was built during the boom of the Mediterranean Revival architecture (do not know whether it is possible so to speak in Russian, but in English it sounds like a Mediterranean Revival) in the 1927m year. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

25. On the contrary - a small park with the homeless.

26. In one of the parking lots found interesting street art.


27. Church of St. Johns. I think that is very symbolic: "Religion: DO NOT ENTER".


29. In this area, a lot of churches of all stripes. I counted at least 4 in one small box.

30. Apartment house for the elderly. So some of these houses and they all belong to a church, as the name Cathedral Senior Living, or something like that.

31. Building JEA, the local power company, which supplies water and electricity to homes north of Florida.

32. Backyard downtown. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are seen everywhere.

33. Then a few months ago there was a drive-by-shooting (when it is fired from a passing car and leave), man was shot in the leg.

34. On this bus stop.

35. A few hundred (or even less) m - the third in the list of the five most dangerous places in Jacksonville according to police - street intersection Main and Beaver. There is a large concentration of homeless people and various criminal elements.

36. bomzhik rides

37. House. Based on embedded plywood holes in the windows - the situation is not very much.

38. In spite of this, all pretty clean and tidy. Beautiful mailboxes.

39. Suddenly, among the stone jungle and the oppressive emptiness of downtown showed up here is a restaurant in the building in the old colonial style. Judging by the number of visitors - the place is not bad.

40. And right next to it - that is elegant and has abandoned collapsing building.

41. That's how they look together. It is true that sweet?

42. Pathos old building once belonged to Jacksonville office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Judging by the sign at the door - now the "building of Physicians and Surgeons." Judging by the state of the doors and windows - from local physicians and surgeons is not the best of times.

43. Very close - another park - a place homeless hangouts and other dumb dudes.


45. I will conclude tour of downtown another abandoned building.

46. ​​The beauty of it is necessary to take a closer look.