Fishing for the Los Angeles-based

Do you like fishing? A paid? I - not really. But I could not not check as do Americans. Let's look at what the city fishermen live in California. I invite you to check out fishing that occurs regularly with a berth in Los Angeles and which brings together local hardworking cascading half-day out of the city to surrender to the beloved and return home in the evening with their catch.

Every day, twice a day from the outskirts of Los Angeles into the ocean goes fishing boat which brings together 40-50 people who fish and who simply escape from the city. For information on these fishing trips we have found in the internet. Looking right at the marina dock. Here is the label seems to point to the fact that we need.

A handful of comrades around the dock like the fishermen waiting vessel. So we tochnyak here.

And, indeed, at a specified time on a plate suitable boat to which flock all lying on the grass near the dock los anzhelosyane.

At the entrance to the board have to pay $ 60. Of these, $ 15 you pay for a one-day fishing license (!!!), $ 35 for their actual stay on board, and $ 10 for rent fishing rods and bait.

The people at odds over the deck, engage in any place

Some can finally open a beer. On the boat are not acting city laws. Thump in the open can.

Some, by the way, get on the boat is not used for fishing. The fact that on board the ship officially operate slightly different laws. Allowed booze, gambling and so on. The captain even have the formal authority to register their marriage on board. I mean between a man and a woman:-) In general, some passengers sit on the boat only to without violating US laws quietly playing cards for money.

Another topic gambling on board the boat - tote on the largest fish caught. Everyone who wants to pay $ 5 for their participation and at the end of fishing is measured by its fish with the other participants. To catch the biggest fish break the bank.

Crew pulls out onto the deck and prepares rolling gear

Go out into the ocean, away from the coast. The captain has his "special places" where he will lead the boat.

By the way, pitching boat sickly. It is impossible to walk straight. A good test for vestibular apparatus. They came to the first fishing spot. Cast anchor. Fish will be here.

Throws rods. The main thing is not to get confused line. Op-na! Here it is, Fish of my dreams! Asked the neighbor what it's called. He said that they called it Rock fish.

Pull grams per 300. It is barbed. You can easily cut yourself on her arm. Therefore, it helps to remove the man from the crew. He walks with a pair of pliers and remove the fish with your hook.

Immediately hang pelicans thieves. They are trying to steal from careless fishermen catch.

If someone pulls the fish slowly, then it eats pelican caught fish formed into bags. Each fisherman his sack. My Bag # 39.

But this bait fishermen pushed onto the hooks. This giblets small fishes and squid. Stink terribly. Cut off a piece, planted on the hook, he went back to the board.

If biting at the current position is lost, the captain gives the command to remove the rod and the lead ship to other fishing spots.

On the new "fish clearing" the captain announces over the loud speaker recommended depth catching and throwing an anchor. Again, old fishing rods fill up in the sea.

When fishing comes to an end, the people of removes the rod, takes your bags and catch begins to measure. Sailor hangs on fish scales and determine a heavier.

In place of the losing fish is hung next, etc.

The result is determined by the heaviest fish over the past fishing. The winner receives a prize from the tote.

It's time to go back to the shore. Some narybachilis enough.

As long as the boat goes to the shore, the crew can clean your catch. One fish - one dollar. By the choice of a fisherman or just gutting him fish or cut and give only the fillet.

And right there parasite

Which do not feed bread - give steal fish from the table.

However, in the end it gets all the yummy, they are waiting for the arrival of the fishing boats.

And I gets my fish fillets. Neighbor on the board said that it is enough to throw in a pan with butter for 5 minutes, and it turns out yummy. Try ...

So, as usual, to make a summary: 

  • I absolutely calmly refer to fishing, and got this output by accident. But what I've seen, very much. There is a desire to go on a fishing trip more.
  • The cost of semi-days fishing in the ocean 60 $ = 1800 rubles. If this report is read anyone else had experience of paid fishing in Moscow or MO, share, pliz, how much it costs us (in the sense in Moscow).
  • Uncle fisherman, udivshy next to the board, seeing that I am a full kettle in fishing tried every possible way to help me in this matter - advice and actions. Even though I'm from the language barrier sometimes categorically did not understand what he meant, he patiently continued to help me. Then we parted with a berth as the best drugany:-)
  • In general, if you have a free day in Los Angeles, I advise!