Excursion in the USA. Boston.

The first part of the twenty-third week of our trip took place in the best city in the US.
Still in the planning stage, we realized that the route and schedule of the expedition got very conditional because of the large number of unknowns. For example, the weather can hasten us somewhere or coming from somewhere to go. Interesting, beautiful places are worth to them to linger and boring can be reached by rewinding. Accumulated road fatigue better take on the nature of the city, and showers are located on the truck stop at certain places on certain roads. In summer it is desirable to go to the northern states, and in the spring and in the fall - on the south. Beautiful roads do not necessarily lead us to interesting places, and interesting places to visit in a better time, when children are in school.
The whole logistics with reservations "we'll see" and "most likely, though ..." multiplied by 48 states on the territory of the size of Germany and twenty total length of the route, according to the rough estimates, it was not up to us to 40,000 kilometers, so we acted simply: shared journey into three parts, sketched out the general directions like "first go down, then right, then up," established the approximate dates "in a month and a half will go back" and went along the way solving all related and emerging issues . Fortunately, access map and information in practically any point on the route.
That is why in the beginning of October, down from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado state capital, Denver, we again sat down to discuss further plans. The essence of the question was as follows: the expedition clearly tightened, a smooth transition from a six-month to one-year, autumn is in full swing, now we have at least a month to go for the plains states, investigating them, to the east, on the road or the mountains or the forest will not grow until Pennsylvania, and arrived in New England in November, we are likely to see a fall in the form of a curtain thinned or completely leafless beauty.
The obvious solution was to go straight to Boston, down through New York and Washington to Norfolk, Virginia, and only then detail come back at missed the central state for the winter in Montana (with hibernation, by the way, was also nothing is clear until recently). Thus, a week later and 3,200 kilometers (traveling slowly) we arrived at the edge of the fall, which in Hawaii I could only dream about.

We visit in Massachusetts.

2. In the vicinity of Boston pumpkins sold in the courtyard of a Methodist church.

3. First of all go to the most famous country campus - Cambridge. The first impression: we're on the youth party of city scale. Persons over forty are less common than those over sixty, but it is immediately evident that Professor Dr.-teacher. The rest of the streets in Cambridge do not differ from the majority culture, cozy east coast towns.

4. Stunning ancient buildings absorbed greenery necessarily mutilated pillars-visual cables - curse America.

5. Appearance of Harvard campus is not that disappointed, but certainly not surprised. Old buildings typical of any university, even in Oregon, at least in North Dakota.

6. This is a case when the filling is more expensive wrapper. On this day, many parents came to my students-children, obviously freshmen. And these young lad and girl drive dads and moms for more new campus for them themselves and struggled making a seasoned look, show what's what. The faces of each and every parent can see how they enjoy, they are proud of their children. One uncle at some point ceased to listen to his daughter, and was just walking with a happy smile and his eyes told me: "In, you see what I have it! Studying here! "

7. A distinctive feature of the autumn Harvard - pegs and ropes to protect the grass from trampling complete. Because the tracks are made here is clearly not for the convenience of pedestrians, but for the sake of symmetry in the drawing. As soon as the rope will be removed, students and many visitors will once again walk on the grass.

8. And visitors here very much. For them, even guided tours of the university, where the guides are the students themselves.

9. Even at Harvard, and in general in Cambridge ... but what's there to hide around Boston - terrible sidewalks of brick. Technology is clearly not from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best of its kind in the world, which is located immediately.

10. Opposite the entrance to Harvard at the bank windows begging a young lad. A former student, or real - we hesitate to clarify.

11. We go down into the subway. Station "Harvard" looks promising.

12. As in all big cities, the subway in the heart of Boston's only subway, and just outside the center - the usual train.

13. People come to the station by car, parked for six dollars a day (the bike seems to be free), and transplanted to the train.

14. The cars, in any direction, a lot of young people. Gradually this fact begins to affect the overall feel of the city: young, intelligent face, laughter and conversation threads cheer up, give a festive color usual routine day.

15. The transitions low ceilings and stuffiness.

16. And in themselves bad plants. Not as scary as in New York, of course, but still not good. Concepts such as "visual perception" and "aesthetics" for some reason, this type of transport do not apply at all.

17. at Cambridge View. A little further on, in the center - Harvard, in the foreground and right - MTU.

18. Our familiarity with Boston starting this quarter. Even here, I realized that this city is likely I would have liked, because he has winding streets and sloping corners.

19. In the alley the memorial to victims of the Holocaust as a huge glass cube, bottom steam heated. The digits on the glass.

20. This number of concentration camp prisoners.

21. crooked streets go to the center. The beauty here is that walking on the sidewalk, instead of empty holes, going to infinity, we always see before us a city.

22. At the heart of Boston at least a lot of young people than in the surrounding university campuses.

23. Crossroads oblique, expensive curves, all twisted, confused, turned. Beauty.

23a. On this topic. "New York - because we want you to know where you are and how much to get. Boston - because you went on ... ".

24. The ancient building of the Capitol. Now here are home to various organizations and restaurants.

25. Modern capitol.

26. In the best traditions of the city in the center of everything Boston competently is a park.

27. I can not believe that urban mothers and kids even more nature than the suburban.

28. I can not believe that is the center of a huge, busy city.

29. I can not believe that you can safely walk through the ancient cemetery with a semi-destroyed tiles in a place where the most expensive land in the city.

30. Broad avenues, shops (hello, San Francisco), the girl says "Today I love myself", purely because the urn (hello, Philadelphia).

31. Red Trees enjoyed particular success in samolyubiteley.

32. At either side of this shop - dozens of kilometers of offices, shops, parking lots, buildings, factories, warehouses, railway stations ...

33. And then silence, ducks swim Ivushki sad. We passed a lot of medium-sized cities, but have never met anything like it. Are furnished embankments, there are small public gardens, there are also large parks, but they are away from the center.

34. This is how the Boston Common park looks from above. Already only for this urban park I would have lived in downtown Boston.

35. The baby will have something to do while my mother ran into the store.

36. Here is a nice walk, not only in the old town, but also in the business center.

37. Here, the beds among the flowers growing cauliflower.

38. roam the streets invisible man.

39. Business people especially do not bother if suddenly wanted to lie down, relax.

40. Boston Center is pleasant not only to the eye, but also the soul. Here there is the concept of "like" when you like something, why, you yourself do not know. Or, you know, but you can not explain. And even scary smoky tourist bus with no windows, which continues to carry people and smoke, instead of become already officially broken, did not spoil our experience.

41. Even strong wind skvozyaschy between buildings - the worst that can be, in my understanding - not vyskvozil of us liking to Boston.

42. Here, neat, comfortable, properly, but without fanaticism.

43. This is a city which is which side you look at it, he still would be nice.

44. The building, from the top floor we overlooked the city, on the wall reads "Come closer, listen to us." The voices of all these people is constantly heard, but so softly that you need to fasten your ear to the hole. The perfect solution.

45. Boston's Apple Store from the top.

46. ​​Inside the famous glass staircase, the invention is very proud of Steve Jobs.

47. Residential areas adjacent to the center, beautiful.

48. Here, too, townhouses, in Chicago or New York, they, too, each in its own way, but together look quite organically, as different children in the same family.

49. And even the ones that are simpler, still good.

50. Boulevard separating the Back Bay area in half - an ideal place for exploring the local residents. Shop, again.

51. All is not well in Boston, of course. And there is a ghetto, and in the center is disgusting to be found. But it is rather an exception or an unfortunate misunderstanding.

52. The rest of the residential Boston is very good.

53. These boards townhouses. Who is easier, the park in the open air car.

54. Who abruptly - in the garage.

55. The area described above.

56. Another prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood, in the photo 34 in the center, to the left of the park.

57. Here, that no building - historical, with a sign and emblem.

58. Patios - sight for sore eyes.

59. There is beauty in any season.

60. These boards of houses. All brick, no plastic siding.

61. With parking here, though difficult, are very tightly.

62. Some of the houses there are no door, only those in European narrow pedestrian streets. Exclusive for America.

63. How can you not enjoy living in a beautiful alley?

64. Evening Boston great.

All of us liked it. However, there is one big problem, but it haunts us in each city - find a public toilet. Frankly, we have zadolbalis with these toilets. But in Boston, we were so good that we forgive him even that. The city, which still need to come, and if possible - to live. Now he is with us in the first place, surpassing Chicago for the second.
65. Go further. From time to time we are concerned about the police, but we quickly disclaim any suspicion their numbers from the opposite bank of the country, a suitcase on the roof, state stickers on the rear window, Hawaiian rights and smiles.