City of active elderly Sun City

In any guidebook no American city with Flower Dunno and other shorty in any guidebook no city built especially for the elderly. Yes, in general, then, this city is no longer in any country.
Some American children of the last century are now living in their own flower city, relax and have fun. Yes, they have grown old in body, but not aged soul activity in every corner of the Flower of the city.
In the US, a fairy tale come true: there is a unique city of Sun City, built especially for the elderly. And, of course, it is not only lunopark blackjack, but also a complete set of amenities and entertainment.
If you already have 55 years, then you can buy a house in Sun City. If not, then I'm sorry, it is too early. Children under 18 are not even allowed a visit to grandparents not to disturb the peace.
There is no shame in a young 80, learn new skills and lead sedentary lives. Because in Sun City decided not to live out and enjoy life!
Sun City - a city of volunteers, where anyone can choose to work for everyone. Do you want to - sell in the store, you want to - be a fireman. And if well-behaved zarekomenuete you can become a sheriff. A man who has spent a lifetime position, retired guessing crossword puzzles, and has the opportunity to grow and learn new things. 

The most important and expensive - health and medicine in the United States dear. Throughout the city hung advertising of insurance services, providing care when purchasing their insurance.

Like a lifetime ride on a blue motorcycle with a teddy bear in the trunk? It is easy!

Most retirees moves on typewriters course - they are comfortable and with an electric motor, the more golf play here.

Who do not travel by car, the esdit cycling. Yes, yes, ride a bike in 80 years - this is normal.

And here is the grandparents who go swimming with his car to go home.

I already said that on machines moved many courses? The passport certain woman of 15 years more than those for which it looks.

People with disabilities in the United States anytime, anywhere in the first place, and in the more elderly. If the parking lot is usually special places for invavidov 2 dozen, then there is every first 5 row seats are reserved. And no one will ever take special parking, and people with disabilities themselves have special rooms with wheelchair symbol.

If you have something does not suit, then report it to special services. And be sure to decide the issue.

Visitors center is a special place where the surf can get acquainted with the infrastructure of the city. The cost of using the entire infrastructure of Sun City - $ 200 per year

In Sun City built a huge number of reakreatsionnyh centers where senior citizens can exercise at the gym, swim in the pool and visiting clubs and sections. 

Lifts for the disabled in the building above the 1st floor can not be.

 Osustroen decorated and each square meter territorrii city. On the other side of the pond are seen houses in which pensioners live. The cost of the house overlooking the lake is not much more if you do not have a lake under the windows. Prices do not know, but there is in the house a couple of times cheaper apartment in Moscow.

Equipped with gazebo for picnics and outdoor recreation.


Men look not to embarrass, they'll still ogogo!

Each reakreatsionnom center has a swimming pool, and sometimes more than one.

-Free pool and gym time to devote to visiting clubs. Some even finished goods sold for token money.

For board games set aside entire rooms, dividing into male, female and mixed. Elderly ladies, as you know, are very fond of gambling. These play bridge on the money. Rate of 10 cents, of course, symbolic, but otherwise, not a passion.

What's the game?)

Players between the tables of the moneychangers, so you can manage to play at all. Turnout is free!

And this drama club, where there is a rehearsal performances.

The most real emotions like actors.

Do you want to - play Cat Basilio, you want - Sherlock Holmes.

For pension boys stools with school lessons work order dated, and therefore it is necessary to update the furniture in the house. Great room accommodates everything you need for working with wood.

Teacher labor for boys after

And here is the boy who grinds his casket for jewelry girl

Boys playing with cars all my life, that's just the cost of their increases. Some not only play with cars, but also know how to make them from wood for example.

Articles made of wood immediately sold. The more complex the job, the more expensive.

There are plenty of slow-moving games. Grandmother grandparents play against some very intellectual sport, pushing large checkers something like derzharki to the pot. How is it called? The main time to record it, and then the boys will not believe that I lost!

Seniors are very fond of bowling. Each house has a favorite ball, with whom he comes to play.

Almost professionals

Billiards too, as without it. Russian table not all play in the pool.

Met the only player in the pool was Bill. Story about him and his family - on.

This is a normal garage boy and a girl older - the car, golf-car and two bicycles.

And this cat meinkun ie. He lives with Bill and his 78 year old girl.

Bill met his girlfriend through the Internet, they met in California and after a while decided to live together. Then they bought a house in Sun City for six months and live together happily. And Bill, and his girlfriend of 78 years each.

Two brothers-meinkuna live with Bill and his girlfriend.

Kish gives himself to squeeze the owners, and I tried to eat well, or, at least, to bite.

And this is an extremely important building, which is radically different from the Russian counterpart.

Casa del Rio is a real nursing home, where they live infirm grandparents. Each has its own private room, 3 meals a day

Infrastructure allows to move even the most infirm

All doors are automatic. Enough to make the electronic key and the door will open itself.

Those who can move, go there in the dining room.

Immediately pass all events

Than today feed?

Unlimited drinks

Newly renovated, fresh furniture and each private mailbox. 

In the library every day fresh press

Despite his age and physical limitations, old look cheerful.

Residential floor hall looks like a good hotel. There does not stink of urine and the hospital, there is no hint of the fact that behind the doors and grandparents are unable to care for themselves.

A room - as a room suite at the hotel. 

Room for retiree consists of a bathroom, living room and bedroom. Rent rooms, vklchaya meals and service, costs $ 10 

There is a kitchen with everything you need for cooking, separate in each room.

Every death in Sun City is in mourning for the whole city. And since I come to the funeral all the police guarding the house. And watch out for the house and the estate of a deceased up until his relatives not resell.

I was greatly impressed by the extent to Sun City peace of the city. There is not even a mayor, and all employees - pensioners, at least - the volunteers. But the main thing else - even the most decrepit old man feels it necessary to society, no one locks the 4 walls of a dirty hospital. And a feeling that should be so, can not be otherwise. In Russia alone, not at all.

All this is amazing and surprising. Many retirees Sun City look more like the aged children than to have lived difficult lives. They have some youthful enthusiasm and inexhaustible supply of vital energy. What can we say about sprosobnost learn if almost everyone has a computer and the Internet, which are able to use. It all began with the fact that a Jew from Minsk bought the land, did not get to her income and twice the price sold enterprising American who founded Sun Ciry. Now is the central city, around which gradually grow new city for active lifestyles of older people.