Autumn in New York province. Part two.

In the first part I showed the beginning of October. Autumn is the autumn. Nothing that I had not seen before. Then, just for one day, everything changed dramatically around the world and played in such colors that my internal sensor measuring fine hysterically zapikali and died, unable to withstand the load. It turned out that after living 38 years in the world I never knew that such a fall. It turned out that this is not crying the sky underfoot, and loyalty over the Neva, discolored, and absolutely incredible beauty. And it deprives you do not rest, forcing to think about what will happen to the Motherland and to us, and calms, soothes and bestows such colors that I want to draw pictures and write poems. Visually autumn in the Catskill Mountains differ from the fall in St. Petersburg, as the clip of DDT is different from the film about a young man swimming with a tiger in the same boat. It turned out that it was a great time, and so is the charm of the eyes that is the one for her to come to North America.

It is said that on the border with Canada is even more beautiful, but I do not believe it. Nice to be just can not. And if they could, the man in the gray vzroschenny Petersburg marshes with such beauty just can not cope. Awful do not like to split into two positions, but also to overwhelm you with tons of photos is not good. Many can not cope with watching and then whine in the comments. So this time fewer words, but more than pretty pictures. If you have not read the first part, I advise you to start with it. 2. In addition to the representatives of the people speaking Yiddish in Katskillskih mountains you can meet people wielding great and mighty. They mainly live in Brooklyn, in the Catskill Mountains and come to rest.

3. That our balcony. The flag, however, I did not hang, and the owner of the apartment.

4. Yet many Ukrainians. Visually, there are many more than the Russian. The photo Ukrainian Holiday House Xenia.

5. There is even a Ukrainian Catholic Church.

6. Ukrainian road there, but Russian, unfortunately, no.

7. Fog in the mountains.

8. From the outside world it becomes a bit like a horror film. Something like "Shine".

9. Mountains, fog, and all the people there are now about to begin. I do not know why, but I had such experience.

10. The cemetery at the foot of the mountain.

11. Abandoned and overgrown road on the slope. I wonder where it leads?

12. A lot of bridges were destroyed during Hurricane Airen in 2012. New York he then walked, but this area is well got. Many bridges, according to their view, were rebuilt again after the hurricane.

13. Many of the old homes are parked SUV with snow dumps. In winter, they will clean the snow.

14. Abandoned hotel. Very nice, but who is, unfortunately, in poor condition. Mountains, an abandoned hotel, fog ... Well you get the idea :)

15. The power line running through the woods. Interestingly, even the pillars of high-voltage lines (which are they?) Wood.

16. The road, mountain, fog ... all, not anymore.

17. Another incredibly nice and cozy post office in the town of West Kill.

18. Another old tractor. I wonder why they are red?

19. Abandoned German-Hungarian restaurant.

20. On the calendar on 10 October. The surrounding nature has got a fantastic view. There was a feeling that I was on another planet - so unusually bright steel paint around. Photo, unfortunately, does not convey the whole palette. It is possible that here also blame curve hands of the photographer, but he will be the last to blame the equipment.

21. For comparison photos of 21 October, when nearly all the leaves have already circled.

22. I have a few days just rode around the neighborhood enjoying the views.

23. Interestingly, the northern slopes of the mountains were covered with bright colors. Southern also remained green for quite some time. It turned out the journey in the summer and fall back.

24. Fence. A very unusual thing for apsteyta.

25. House with solar panels on the roof. We had electric heating and come by after threw me into shock. In just one month, we paid 382 dollars. And this despite the fact that the street was not much cold and heating, we have included only at night. The landlord said that through the winter he comes to $ 700 a month! I still arrive shocked by this figure.

26. Traditional autumn entertainment eve Halloween stuff. The people selected on the farm for pumpkin. This was in the vicinity of the town of New Paltz.

27. Cut off nothing. You just have to go on the field, select any favorite pumpkin, dip them in the cart and proceed to checkout.

28. Before the cash register has a special trough, where they can be washed, so then do not spoil the vehicle. Then weigh the pumpkin and call rates. The farm gourd sold at 45 cents for 1 pound (453 g.).

29. Colorful dried corn, which is used for decorative purposes. It is much closer in taste to the one that we ate as a child. In American stores this does not sell. The local soft, sweet and cooked just half an hour.

30. Another traditional entertainment in these places - a maze of maize. Pay a certain amount of dollars (I do not remember how much), go inside and look for a way out. To find it, I must say, it was pretty easy. Each has withdrawn the prize - a pumpkin :)

31. Tractors for children. In order for them to climb, and not to ride :)

32. A woman brought to the farm of his owls and told all comers on the life of these birds, periodically spraying of bryzgalki. Owls were, like, not against it, but it looked weird.

33. Barn in classic colors. Red it because once the red pigment added to the paint which was the cheapest. The first settlers barns are not painted at all. Then to save the buildings began to cover the wood with linseed oil, which protects it from decay. So that the oil dried up, and quickly absorb it added milk and lime juice. To protect the timber from a mold in a solution of a conventional rust added. The result was a color from orange to a muddy red color. When the commencement of commercial production of paint, the red pigment was the cheapest. Farmers have been rather poor, and people painted their farm building in an inexpensive and practical red. Now it is done only as a tradition.


35. The inscription of cultural tourists left on a rock.

36. Always thought that in such places go only on pickup trucks, but selling here and there on the sides of the car talking about something else. Really a lot of pick-up, they are in almost every home, but there is still something for his wife or for the soul.

37. House with a trailer.

38. Perhaps no tree in the world, does not become such a beautiful fall as maple.

39. Someone called a girl named Kim on the edge of the plateau (that was in the first part) and asked her in such an original way, she will marry him. I hope Kim said yes.

40. On the shore of the lake.

41. It is not always possible to enjoy nature to the fullest. Fences may not be, but these are signs that tell that you can not go any further - private property.

42. Somebody's beauty. You can watch. Can not touch it.

43. Arriving in the day in a large number of Indians are actively ignored the ban and go where they please.

44. In the last (as it seemed) a warm autumn weekend in the mountains come in large numbers from the crowds of New York. At the waterfall was not crowded, and forced all the roadside parked cars. Plates "no parking" did not confused.

45. As long as people enjoy the murmur of water, the local police obilechivala all violators.

46. ​​Pumpkins at the local farmer's market. Do these to life in America is not seen.

47. Pumpkin for me has always been something of a round and orange. Type this.

48. But it turned out that they are very, very different.

49. All you need in order to spend the winter in the village: cubic meters of wood and cart with potatoes :)

50. drove past the showroom Ji-MCG. Could not stop.

51. The sale, of course, solid pickups.

52. Around such beauty that can make pictures for calendars.

53. Trees are like burnt wind.

54. The House of a local resident. All that was built in the beginning of the last century - unimaginably beautiful. All modern - incredibly sad. Where did the beauty?

55. The ski slopes.

56. Even the familiar childhood yellow paint here any more.

57. Abandoned. In the comments to the previous post we wrote that many houses were damaged during Hurricane Airen, and their owners have not been able to carry out the necessary repairs (no money), so the houses abandoned or mothballed.

58. Probably so. But the wooden house is such a thing, which would collapse without supervision.

59. Any even small leakage, if not eliminate it in time, can cause such damage to the house, that the recovery will not be subject to it. and running such homes very much. All this, sooner or later turn into a heap of rotten planks.

60. The same abandoned house. The track is already overgrown, and the car is covered with a thick layer of dust.

61. And it is quite valid barn.

62. American Kirovets.

63. When the ends stock photo captions begin to become "captain obvious". Road to the golden forest.

64. Enjoy the colors of autumn.

65. Farm.

66. Road sign and hay.

67 auto parts store. It is necessary to hoot, to come to the owner, who lives in the house next door.

68. River, where the usual kind of fish that do not catch. So anyway, locals say.

69. Once I saw a pointer on the roadside and decided to fold.

70. SKAZKA led me to DRUZHBA - RESORT, wherein the organic Connect CONDITIONS American life and something familiar family that we will leave the ocean ... (it's on their website, including Kapslok). I have read this description, there would not have gone :)

71. Autumn colors.


73. Abandoned hotel.


75. In the woods came across the abandoned children's cemetery.

76. As I have already mentioned, almost every house is a pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle.

77. The barn converted into a house.

78. On the shore of the lake.

79. Horses. Or horses? How to correct?

80. The trailer with motorcycles.

81. Abandoned hangar. Here it happens when you do not mend the roof.

82. Unfortunately, I have not turned out to be in the right place at the right time. Therefore, most photos are made under very bad light, which just spoils everything. There must have been incredibly nice, and some turned blue.

83. On the other hand would be a reason to return next year. Points of something I already know.

84. Finally I want to say that the Catskill Mountains is one of the most beautiful places in relative proximity to New York City. And if you have not been there yet, then I highly recommend a trip. Especially in the fall. Many come back on their bikes and old cars, just to explore the area and enjoy the views.

About the Catskill Mountains I have almost everything. Will a small but important favor - tell about a place called Woodstock, where they live a very, very unusual people. I am sure that the name you've heard somewhere :) There is so cool that I wanted to move there to live. Unfortunately (or fortunately) did not work. 85. To write to you and see you on the air.