At the very north of North America. The shores of Lake Huron.

It is interesting to move out of the old TransKanadu. Interesting landscapes, and picturesque villages. Crosses many areas ... Indian Reservation ... But they are correctly called the First Nation ...

Indian theme is widely used in the promotion of goods and services.

Lake Huron. Canadian Baikal. Even similar to 90%! Water is transparent to 5 meters !!! Nature literally copy - only an assortment of flora somewhat different. The landscape is identical! Rocks, trees, stones, moss. Well purely Siberia or Finland. In Canada, as in the US, everyone loves to carry a small houses. But on the road a lot of motels and fast food. However, the distances between them are decent, 60-100 km. By the way, along TransKanady virtually no advertising, only shields with pointers to motels, beaches, recreation and refills.

Canadians like Russian, persons. But there are nuances ...
History photos lakes - Huron shore, about 50 meters from the road on the bank of the motel. Beside him 2 cars. On the edge of a building plate - private property, no registration is not to be. I leave around Indian plate and go to the beach on foot 5 meters! Photograph. Runs well dressed in shorts, a Canadian. And cries out to me that it was his, and that can not be photographed. I look and smile watching him. Next, raise the camera to make a couple of shots, but no, not in this place! A guy jumps in front of me and puts his hand over the lens! Laughing and entertained minutes 3 ​​permutations camera))) Make sure that it does not focus strongly traditional, leaving. And this is not England ...

The road through the woods all the time and forests. But 500 km along the lake shore! Here and there are corpses of squirrels and skunks, spreading musky smell tart. But most of all pleased turtle the size of a helmet! They hurried across the road, it seems from the beginning of the summer ... Since I found them on the sidelines again!))

Food for TransKanade.Skorost 110-125, limiting all 90 !!! But I was most overtakes
On the roadside stand table fines - for 110 km a fine of $ 95! But somehow all continue to blame!
The police are not visible at all.