At the very north of North America. The road to the edge of the earth.

I do in Alaska!

And here I am in Alaska! Once our, Russian, earth ...
The first point - Chicken. There is food and gasoline. On the odometer - 237 km without refueling and 160 on the gravel.

Eagles all one expensive hens ...

Location funny and strange at the same time. Isolation from the world and religious. Number of souvenirs as a decent metropolis! T-shirts, badges, badges, postcards and all-all labeled Chicken! The food in the cafe classic American. No pretensions aside - burger, French-Fries, coffee, cola, ketchup. No tea. America ... Neglected food in itself and in the Indian, advancing to the Alaska Highway. Our goal - Firebanks. Just to the north!

Here they forgotten the road, the excitement fuel)) It seems that this trip is held under the motto - and not for us to communicate with local residents to ask for petrol!
To answer your question about the canister! I bought it, I forgot somewhere ....
The second time he did not realized - no luck. Do what you must, and be what will happen. Racing on the legendary Alaska Highway # 2, I keenly scrutinized the flickering scenery, trying to search out food for the Leader. Navigator was hard and it sent me for 200-300 km ...


Refueling, who do not understand

And I see a beautiful plate, among more deciduous forest, she says - to the town of 60. Well, the reserve is only turned on, should hold on to the low-level mode. However, after 60 km I understand that I am here in America and not miles and miles ... (((Stop the car! We are looking for a way out? Here's a place to relax, there is a jeep and a complete family of Canadians papamamadochkisyn. Politely so interested, and if he has a couple of liters of precious drink for old Indian ?! More like in the movies - the guy is so imbued with compassion that 5 minutes lamented and apologized that he had such a case, not in store a single liter of gasoline, but there is a wonderful book that up to a mile describes Alaska XB Read something we can do, but without gasoline have not yet learned to ride ... (book shows charging through 17 miles). Option is not mine, so I decide to knock on the nearest house.

Local entertainment shooting  

Everything is for sale! Vesh good, but how to drive?

Everything that moves

the sun was getting dark ... beautiful setting behind the hills straight ahead ... Rare, very rare car, gives hope that one will not stay ...
And here is the long-awaited house. Knocking. Opens a young guy. Delves. Greatly rejoices that can help present Russian. Reports that now take the car from his father, and after 3 miles there filling it metnet and bring it to me! However, a voice from the back of the house tells him that he will not go anywhere ... I was really upset, but the same voice informs us that the garage has a canister of gasoline, regular. What could be better ?! Just up the road! Talk to the guy, he fills me about 10 liters and happily reports that now I just hold on! I'm trying to find out the price issue. What are you saying !!! - dismisses the guy from the money - it's Alaska, dude, we are here and so little! But from a bottle of vodka and souvenirs refuses. Invites. But I was in the waiting Faerbenkse Misha. I'm going. And after three miles see refueling. By the way, that in the US, Canada, the mass of the gas station, which take only the cards and there are no people! So if the card did not work ... At the gas station I was met by a huge white dog that eats apples! Alaska! Beriberi ?!

People are different ... So shut the gun !!!

Fairly colder. On units 11 heat. It starts to rain ... and I learned from Michael that Faerbenkse nowhere to live ... So as seasonal workers, conference explorers, military exercises, the students ... I still have 100 km, so decide what really anything km 20 -40 I find. On the way across the same old houses of miners and commemorative plaques, about in different ways. What America is nice - you go yourself, you go, you see a sign-pointer, they say, to the place where you can photograph the beautiful and 1- 2 miles, enjoy! And by the way, the place is well chosen! Caring? Calculation? Correct outlook on life?

Zolotomoйщik chahnet before sundukom

Chest true even of those times

Once a house miners

They are like snowshoes

Roadside and not dirty during my trip. Sometimes I lamented - will need an empty bottle or there, a piece of wire, on the sidelines did not get. At the entrance to Faerbenksu a huge database of the US Air Force. Circle plaques and signs - do not stop! Do not take pictures! Do not stand! No parking! And how do you think I did? ) Has flown by! Turning his head the other way, remembering previous experience in Iraq ... Ahead loomed the snow-capped peaks. Knowing that the height of the mountains in Alaska, rarely exceeds 2 km, you know that summer is easy to miss if you're suddenly in the last two days work) Polls showed the local population - the snow falls in October and melts in May and June, but can easily go in August ...

Go to a place where Misha lodges us. Frozen to the bone! But the meeting with a friend, a warm welcome (whiskey, hot pizza and settlement in the student hostel where the corridor walk naked, barely covered with towels students) what could be better in the three-week journey ?!
We College Inn! The room, of course, so-so, but the surroundings and the people! Still love it Russian, whatever you say ... Disappointed just what I forgot to pack Canadian souvenirs there - but it is a tribute to God Roads, as well as a sweater, and charging and gloves ...