At the very north of North America. The harsh nature.

All further deepen in the Northern Territory.
Yukon. North - everywhere. Varied, but stunted, compared to ours, vegetation (trees thin, low grass))
Mosquitoes are trying to take off my helmet, you only stop to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding. Especially large and persistent.

Even more insistent - deer, elk, bison!
They had not been chasing, so decorously buffalo roam on the road, deer jumping from side to side tude-syudoy, ​​moose peering sternly in coming by car. Goats (in the good sense of the word) just something guzzle directly on roadsides.


Today amused public space in the diner, proudly called -Restaurant. The inscription on the door of the place - Ladies, it is clear - to Babs, but it looks like they are just as harsh as our men in Chelyabinsk, for the inscription over the toilet indicates the need for lifting the toilet seat when writing !!!
Can you imagine !? They not only eggs! In these kanadok with Yukon ...) Living near the road resembles the same life, in an equally harsh places in Russia. Cafe - every 100-150 km, 150-250 km every refueling ... motels, camping - as luck ...

Restaurant in the Yukon

Harsh lunch truckers - $ 15

There are places in Canada, miraculously preserved since 1942, when the track began Alaska.

People as simple as unpretentious - feed on roadsides, eating on the go, fit and wonder cameras, phones, motorcycles, etc.
It is easy to start talking to a couple of sentences, and just as easy to go.

It is necessary to raise a hand on the track (when I again obsoh))), as immediately stopped a couple of cars with questions.
Four little. Many campers and pickup trucks. Police, for 1,500 km, not seen even once!
Navigator (update 2012) shows confidence refueling, which already seems to be just a few years abandoned. You know, the trouble with the remainder in the tank to get up to 210 km on the highway through the 210 km! And at 6 in the heat at night, rest against the boarded-up motel ... and then rush, dodged from deer, even 40-60 km, how they update the maps? !!!! Have a queer idea yukontsev City say ... that the next decent city by 350km - and the lives of 800 people in it! And our something - generally huge, we zdesya 4500 inhabitants!

Unique forest of plates from around the world!

Now there are ours!

Have not seen this most Northern Lights.

In general, if the normal words (as Vasily Ivanovich), then I describe the indescribable beauty! The road is literally slides, twisting, sometimes quite bizarre changing direction, along the banks of rivers and lakes, the water in which the turquoise! All traffic at altitudes from 600 to 1100 meters. These mountains! Even the tops of some covered with snow (note that now the beginning of August!)

Surprised bridges - their coming part is made ​​of metal mesh, as if made ​​of iron boxes for bottles, but without a bottom. Motorcycle on this bridge peremptorily thrown from side to side, not nice in any way ... But put signs warning about the phenomenon. Temperature range corresponds to the northern summer ... Today the temperature rose to 14 degrees, I like a real VRMP, prepared with full force - do not take any warm thermal underwear, warm gloves ... or enjoy nature and riding. Interestingly, while the summer then they happen ?!

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