At the very north of North America. The goal - Alaska.

Began the journey to Alaska! "Powerful tornado that struck on Thursday evening for a few US states, left without light hundreds of thousands of homes, led to the cancellation or delay of more than 800 flights, said Friday the agency" Bloomberg ". Strong winds uproot trees , rip roofs off houses, demolished cars off the roads, said the US Center for prevention of natural disasters. The wind is accompanied by torrential rains and thunderstorms ...

... According to the Center, as of 19:00 local time (02:00 Moscow time) in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Ohio was interrupted power supply more than 300 thousand. Houses. In New York, the airline canceled 842 flights 162 aircraft were forced to make stopovers.
Reports of casualties and victims have not yet received ". Interfax-Ukraine

got in this action!
I waited until 2:00 subside horizontal rain and wind, hid in a closet in the area Vacation Interstom. Met a nice girl 45 years ... And now, as a result - took off all her hotel, 9 rooms for 3 beds. Total 57 dead raccoons. Feeding the soup from the can, given pechenyushek and tea. She came with her ​​daughter her husband, they broke down the house and a tree fell on a car. It's all fucking! And I also - in a tornado has not got ... Looked like hiding on the side of the wagon and fly trees. A little wet, especially the pants inside out. And even if Indiana that clung about the stone house for the call of nature and food. The male! But before that, after the tornado, I'm stuck on a motorcycle, wet and poryty leaves. Here jeep pulls away from the curb, it is thick and American little girl. And the fat lady hands me through the window of a large towel and proposes to use them! Whether I looked wet and frozen, whether motorcycle fantastically beautiful ....?! ... The real America.

House in Oz

The boundary of the United States and Canada. Niagara.

Niagara Falls Canada 

Great American Falls.

This bark maple !!!

Indians again on the shores of Ontario! Looks cool. Local small Baikal)). 
Pleasant, after the US, the metric system - liters, kilometers to llary ...
and a very nice road name - Queen Elizabeth Way.