At the very north of North America. Inukshuki and Winnie the Pooh.

Today has been visited monument of Winnie the Pooh! Rigid disappointment, the second year!

A place of rest and Winnipeg, concurrently residence Winnie the Pooh

I thought he nashensky, Soviet, and he, see, was born in the Jewish town of Canada ... and even got the name after the city of Winnipeg. Awful
truth, is not it, of course, as when the new year, I learned that Santa Claus something-no !!!
But, you know, are not present ... (

Inukshuki in store

On the road

An important part of Canada's Indian - this Inukshuk, a man of stone, such as the Mongolian About folded neatly and placed in different locations. Someone puts it to mark particularly good place, someone to refer to the way someone like worship of the spirits of the Road.
In general, it is put in takii mestaaaah ... for example, on a rock at a height of 20-30 meters! Size 1-1.5 meters! Well, in general, and I put her to - EVER! And actually it is not so easy to build, difficult to find a proportional stones, had to sweat for about 30 minutes. The size of my 50 inches

This is my!