At the very north of North America. Indians and airplanes.

First impressions across Canada - the road better traffic management in a multimillion Toronto fantastic, the food is similar to amerikosovsky people thinner in the total mass, the girls prettier, more expensive, less police (IMHO, compared to the US). "Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Take a trip Please to Canada and talk there with responsibility for the road. And here, for some reason, when a similar climate and loading tracks, asphalt everywhere, not only smooth, with markings, the curb (by the way, absolutely no trash), but also uniform colors and shades !!!! For many hundreds of kilometers! Maybe they paint it after put? And teach them patching already! "

We are based ... Canadian Air Force. Here everything is more friendly than in Iraq ...

Village Huron.

Pride and pain of the Canadian land.
The village of Santa Maria de Huron, where the first missionaries learned to Indians ... but they all died from the training later.