At the very north of North America. In the footsteps of the miners.

Then my path lies in Dawson City - the capital zolotobychi Klondike, this is where the Klondike River and found gold in 1876. The first miners brought a gold at $ 700,000, which at that time was fantastic wealth!

There was a meeting place for tribes and aliens

It is here that they taught the Indians as "necessary" to live ... ((

Hut pioneers

On such a vessel began development of the Klondike goldfields

The road is so picturesque that it is boring to describe ... It smelled of autumn and added colors, yellow and red. The forest became more deciduous and river crept closer to the road.

And could jerk directly ... would know ...

Here, at the bottom there is gold !!!

Five fingers - the legendary rapids become an obstacle and the last refuge of souls of many miners ... (((Passed Five fingers - you will have the Klondike!

The quality of the road surface!

The number of cars has fallen sharply, only occasionally flashes track, sometimes pickup house. Cars are small. There has only a special class of tourists. Thrill. Weather fits your mood. The sun went down and suddenly 11 heat ... But earthy green hills around the road give the landscape a hope that after all this summer!

Technique Live!

Places pobyvok, gas stations, food

Beauty Rocks !!! virtually disappeared. It is interesting, but there are many ranch! Bred horses and are very popular horseback riding or horseback, who really, what's nicer)) I even saw riders !!! However, with head (

One of the first settlements, organized by monopoly of the Hudson's Bay

Unpleasantly surprised by the cost of feed for motorcycle - a minimum of 1.45, a maximum of 1.59 per liter !!! Duc, can not refuel, but then the probability of communication, close, bears much grows. About bears. They are! And black and easy walking on the roadside! Pretend that you are not interested in them and they seem to just eat the berries ... Stop and chat did not. It seemed to me that my scent they do not like, especially after the meeting ...)) Evening, spend the night in a motel Klondike lounzh 40 km from the DS. Not because here comes the legendary Dempster highway and not because the hostess is young and friendly, and I am the one and only guest, no ... but because the filling is closed until the morning ((But the evening had a very colorful and enjoyable. I've learned about the local gold mining on the river, about eating miners about the lifestyle of local settlers and simple - to speak in a strange language ...

Nice people at the Klondike

Wonderful mailbox on a godforsaken offices US Post office 

I was here!