At the very north of North America. How to pour in Alberta.

So I drove to Alberta, one of the main trade and transport Canadian provinces. The main thing - here produce oil. However, they do very nature of humanity and at the same time it looks like the pictures in textbooks.

And it came to pass on the oil ... what was going to happen - motorcycle obsoh, ie in the tank ran out of gas))) 70 km searches led to the gas station, which was not working for some much good reason. Another 5 km and beautiful ... I stalled in the middle of the road ... The method of agitation moto I managed to ride another 8 km and rolled in a cute village where gas stations too, but there are lovely aunt on a huge jeep, which stopped and, heeding stories my adventure, thought and said that she now must be somewhere and then she wrangles somewhere else and bring me gasoline ... like, wait worry! While I was there something you doing about 15 minutes, she rushed 3 rolls of barbed dragged and canister with 10 liters of petrol! And that is typical - the money is not taken, like, say, we are so similar to you, Russian ... (in fairness it should be noted that the first stop of a young guy ... he told me that it looks like I need help and ... left) In general, people like people! While I was on the sidelines taking pictures of beauty, one jeep turned around and came back to me, just to find out - whether you need to help ?! 7-8 km circle! Petroliferous region is characterized by tanks, wagons and trains with the same tanks, plants and transfer pump. Nature in Alberta more saturated or something. Those prairie (in French means - meadows) but the colors are bright, the grass is long and the forest began to appear from thin trees. Visit the central historic site of Canada - Battelford. It is here that originated Mounted Police, to this day carrier service. And it is here that began to form settlements in distant 1870h years. The whole history of Canada, in principle, starts from the beginning of the 19th century !!! At the same time, fighting with the Indians, the British and French in different places built different states!

It's a pity the Indians ...
They said - while the sun shines ... until the water flows in rivers ... we live here and this is our land ... what happened ... but that's not enough of them left ... Absolutely! Interestingly, in Alberta there are whole towns have hohlyatsky (Ukrainian) roots. I even drove to the museum - Heritage culture ukraine village. Type woodcut villages of plywood. Hohlyatsky pinned monument sausages, although they look like the photo ... something fell out of King Kong ...)

But the road is full of mototsiklistov- many go with pritsepchikami something and Kudat something going.
Still working children everywhere!
And many Chinese and Indians.
And if those at the gas station or the other, you have to pay to go or say that it is necessary and only then you will be able to refuel on their own .... Is that all compete ??)) The provincial capital - Edmonton, large modern city, is famous the world's largest indoor shopping and entertainment center, 5 blocks! Not interested.